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UP the Mountain Saturn Return in Capricorn – Part One Lauren

When Lauren was born, December 19, 1990, six planets were in Capricorn and the north node as well.  Beginning her life at 4:36 pm EST in Camden, New Jersey, her beginnings framed her life within achievements in work, through relationships, and around other people’s values and resources.  Her stellium in Capricorn has four planets in the 7th house and two planets with the north node in the 8th house.   Gemini rising sets Lauren’s Ascendant angle at 28 degrees 29 minutes, with her Sun in Sagittarius opposite at 27 degrees 43 minutes andjust a little over a degree to her angle.  Mercury, her chart ruler, is in Capricorn in her 7th house at 7 degrees 38 minutes retrograde.    Lauren’s experience with the Capricorn stellium will be focused on her relationship with others, her partner, as well as managers in her work; and if she has clients in her work, this would also speak to the themes of experience with them as well.  Lauren’s Moon part of her Capricorn stellium helps us understand her emotional disposition.  More importantly it is key in her evolution as it rules her South Node in Cancer, and yet conjunct the North Node in Capricorn.  Here’s what Steven Forrest says about the south node ruler conjunct the north node:

If there is a planet aligned with the north node, we have met it once already while exploring the karmic pattern – that same planet is of course opposing the south node.  There, it represented something troublesome, insurmountable or unattainable.  Now, in this new north node context, we see that same planet linked positively to the person’s present evolutionary intentions. [She] is trying to integrate the higher elements of that planetary energy into [herself].*p69 Yesterday’s Sky 

We will clearly see and understand this scenario as we learn more about Lauren’s life experience.

Lauren’s south node in Cancer is in her natal second house, clearly depicting her evolution of her soul around values, possessions and self-security, as well as her relationship with money.  Her North Node in Capricorn informs us that her soul is learning about values of other’s and their possessions and even the relationship with shared resources with her partner and her understanding of her comfort in that space of shared resources.  With her moon, the south node ruler, conjunct within a degree of her North Node in Capricorn and the North Node ruler Saturn within three degrees of her Moon, we see the connection to the “higher elements” in process in her intention to integrate this consciously this life.   If her Moon were more closely tied to the south node or even a skipped step we would see her having entanglement of possessions and similarly be throwing her backwards to give her experiences to awaken to her value system and her sense of self feeling insecure.

Lauren shares that the reverse is true for her–she has zero lust for possessions and actually sees possessions as a burden to living her life with greater freedom.  She also shares that her relationship with her mother was strained when growing up (ruler of south node, Moon in Capricorn opposite south node) with that parental authority to restrict her freedom (Sun in Sagittarius / Ascendant in Gemini) being tough to live with (Mercury in Capricorn/traditional rules), although she also saw her mother dealing with issues around depression and mood that were connected to her mother’s mother.  Lauren is conscious that her mother’s emotional instability at times has been handed down from her own mother, and she is more aware of it now as an adult.  Her mother has since desired a relationship with Lauren, but she (her mother) seems to be confused about how to re-engage the relationship between them. Lauren notes that her dad, while physically available to her while growing up, was a hard worker.  His life and conversations with her were always about work.  She is evolving her former perception with her dad and does not let the way they connect annoy her as it did when she was younger.  She understands her dad is doing what he knows and shows he cares by being a good provider.

All the relationships in Lauren’s life are teaching her about the Capricorn archetype. She’s learning what it is to be a responsible person, to work diligently, have consistency and respect for others, especially those in authority.  She worked at her first job for eight years as a young adolescent and into her twenties.

Lauren recalls a significant shift in her life around age 15.  I asked her, “What happened when you were fifteen years old that changed how you showed up in the world?”  Her ruling planet, Mercury, by progression went from retrograde to station direct around age fifteen.  Aligned with this, she went from being a very shy person to becoming a person that was more outspoken and outgoing, which felt like something just switch on overnight.  She really noticed this change in herself, and it was very dynamic. She wanted to go out with her friends, and it was not an easy transformation for her family as she changed.  She had always wondered if she had anything to say, and in this time of her life she realized she absolutely had something to say.  Mercury rules her Ascendant, which is the mask she wears for the world as her identity.  Her Mercury also rules her 4th house with Virgo on the IC at 5 degrees 16 minutes.  She also observed a change in her family’s discernment of her outgoing personality at this time.  The exact direct station in secondary progression for her natal Mercury occurred on September 22, 2005, at 23 degrees Sagittarius 42 minutes (inside her sixth house). Secondary progressed Mercury returns to its exact natal location on December 5, 2022.  Another interesting observation is that with Virgo ruling Lauren’s 4th house of home, family and heritage it is the place where she feels she has witnessed the burden of possessions that her mother has acquired over time and fills the family’s basement. Having her mother’s value with possessions as an example, she learned this important fact for her own consideration of material goods.  It strongly highlights her south node and north node in Cancer and Capricorn with Moon and Saturn conjunct the north node.

At the end of 2016, around her birthday, Lauren had a serious urge to get out of Ohio and decided to travel down to Florida.  A month later she decided to move down there.  She found a job working for a small family-owned naturopathic skin care company managed by a female entrepreneur.  Lauren thought she would be staying in Florida, but as hurricane season hit and with some challenges her boyfriend (soon to be fiancé) was going through, she decided to resign from her position at this company to head back to Ohio. Lauren’s boss in Florida was often condescending about the millennial generation and their work ethic.  This boss was meticulous, and Lauren found her sometimes difficult to communicate with, even as Lauren worked to prove her ability and tried to be responsible. Lauren observed her boss’ judgment about others and her demanding personality, though to Lauren she was nurturing to her when she was sick.  Even though she was an intense person to work for, Lauren felt she had a good relationship with her.

It was clear to Lauren, even though not directly said, that she would be missed when she left the business in Florida. However, Lauren’s boss seemed to play an important role for Lauren’s early understanding of work in her twenties after college. Lauren got to see how others had deemed her boss as difficult to please, yet Lauren could also see her from a different perspective. Lauren does note that she has grown a thick skin over time, so demanding people do not affect her as they may others, and she has actually found that she learns quite a bit from these individuals in her life. Lauren learned a lot from her boss’ both positive and negative management styles, and she found those lessons useful as we discussed her north node in Capricorn.   North Node in Capricorn is the way in which Lauren liberates herself, so every lesson around management, achieving big goals, responsible action, and leadership are important for her to integrate as she becomes her own authority.

Lauren’s fiancé’s mother was another significant woman in Lauren’s life.  When his mother got ill, Lauren found how she reacted sometimes challenging.  It was heartbreaking to see her struggle, and this is when Lauren began to distance herself from her fiancé’s mother with greater boundaries for her own well-being. It was important for Lauren to support her fiancé in the challenging times of his mother’s illness as her condition continued to decline. Overall it was a difficult time for them.

We see Lauren’s Moon in the eighth house in Capricorn in the symbolism of her partner’s mother and again in the fact that her fiancé’smother died in 2017 and left her partner an inheritance which included her home.  Lauren and her fiancé had the experience of his mother passing just as Saturn entered into Capricorn.  They were dealing with the big decisions surrounding this new home ownership and inheritance as well as dealing with values of others who come over to the house and disturbed their peace of mind and simplicity due to their visitors’ poor eating habits and too much television consumption, both negatives for Lauren and her partner.  As we discussed Lauren’s reading, she had a few things she was pondering, including staying in the Ohio area now with the possible life direction with her fiancé, the connection to the inherited home, and with seeking a job for her career in Communications in the local market.  She had a feeling of general frustration but also viewed this change as an opportunity.  We discussed dates of transiting Mercury going over her sun and into Capricorn and that new ideas would come to her as Mercury came out from behind her natal sun in the transit.  We discussed meeting with her career services department at her college to at least get an idea what was available in the local market, if indeed that was to be her direction.  She was feeling confident that she had this resource to use for her job search.  I noted that when Mercury entered Capricorn on January 12th she would probably have new information on her career or onto her nodal story in some way, as Mercury rules her Ascendant and sets the tone for identity. The transit during Mercury retrograde had been quite significant for her, but new information and insight was coming.

There are two additional key transits that Lauren has moved through in the past three years. First, Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, which would be the beginning of a long journey of dramatic transformation for Lauren in her relationships, and then later, as Pluto goes into her 8th house, her understanding at a deeper level other people’s values and work relationships may take her into an underworld journey as well. Saturn return in Capricorn is also imperative for her in the period of her Saturn return through 2020.  Saturn also just spent three years in transit in Sagittarius, moving through Lauren’s 6th house of work, co-worker relationships, and service to others.  Additionally, Saturn during the period of the transit in Sagittarius was in opposition to her Ascendant in Gemini, where she would have had a “reality” check on working in Florida (working somewhere far from her home) at the end of that cycle and it would have felt like a struggle for her sense of identity as she was trying to figure out her professional work life.  Saturn crossed over her natal Sun December 1, 2017, and opposed her Ascendant on December 7th and 8th, 2017.  Life called her back to Ohio with her committed relationship and family, and with the hurricane issues in Florida, it seemed the right decision for her.

Additional insight and awareness into Lauren’s natal chart is found in her Mars in Taurus.  Mars was retrograde when Lauren was born.  Fourteen days after her birth Mars stationed direct at 27 degrees 45 minutes of Taurus.  We can see this in her early history as a teenager where her courage to show up in life had turned on like a switch and then Mercury went direct later the next year when her shyness had ebbed away and she had found her voice.  With Mars in the 12th house, a 120 degree trine (flow) with her North Node in Capricorn supports her integration of Capricorn around shared resources.  The anxiety around possessions (Taurus) can be tied to the symbolism of Mars in Taurus in the 12th and her Mars retrograde at birth.  In time the frustration may lessen in her maturity around possessions and values, her own and others.  Of course Mars is tied to Lauren’s orientation to action and how she expresses herself outwardly in the world.  She may prefer behind-the-scenes work in her profession.  Mars takes on added importance in about two years when Mars Solar Arc to her Ascendant, though first it will oppose her Sun.

Lauren’s Jupiter in Leo has moved by Solar Arc to Virgo, her fourth house, which is square to her Gemini Ascendant and Sagittarius Sun. She will have to work on her balance between home and things she has for her home with the urge for the adventure and travels she desires.  She also needs to explore creating a home base and work situation that makes sense for her chosen degree in Communications.  Perhaps a job with travel as part of the work would bring a balance between the two desires and give her something to build as her own. She learned a respectable work ethic from her parents, she appreciates her mother’s love of plants and animals, and she feels fortunate that she had pets as a child.  Currently her pet cat Luna is one of her life’s joys, and she loves her dearly.  Lauren’s father being very active and involved with a passion for travel she holds dear to her heart as well.  Work has been her parents’ life, but she wants to have balance and know that work is not everything to life and integrate that balance into her living.  Lauren acknowledges the different perception her generation has with working a full-time job and not taking on loads of debt and how challenging it is to find a job.  She thinks older generations do not recognize the hard reality her generation is faced with now.  She thinks we are coming into an era where things need to be reinvented and rebuilt for greater efficiency.

Lauren wishes she could travel a lot more; it’s one of her deep passions.  She has backpacked for two months and moved to Florida and back, but she desires more.  In the coming three years, while Saturn transits Capricorn, is there a way for Lauren to make travel happen?  Will it manifest for her in her work?  With Communications as her degree, there are opportunities out there to blend the two together, and we’ll see if she manages that dream into reality.

While preparing this Part One for Lauren she shared some recent news:

I remember during the reading you mentioned that I was going to get a clear idea about what I need to do next around January 12th (thinking about a job at that time). I realized the more I thought and planned on staying here in Ohio, the more stressed, unhappy and lost I felt! I told my fiancé these feelings and he responded with ‘ok, where should we go next?!’ Once I felt that we weren’t going to stay here, I knew exactly what to do. I went back to my old job, told them I wanted to work a few months and save up, and they welcomed me back with open arms and told me I can work whatever shifts I want!”Lauren also notes, “I didn’t find career services very helpful, besides that it showed me there really wasn’t anything here for me. In the one video you shared they mentioned that Saturn could be a fortress around you or a prison. I went from feeling like I was in a prison to feeling like I can do anything with this fortress around me!

In Part Two for Lauren we will see where her life leads her next, what choices she makes in her career in Communications, and where they may go from Ohio.  In the blink of an eye clarity comes for big decisions that create your life, Capricorn is part of the reality of making adult decisions.