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Up the Mountain Saturn Return in Capricorn – Part One Jaime

Actor Kevin Conroy said, “Everyone is handed adversity in life. No one’s journey is easy. It’s how they handle it that makes people unique.”  Often times we don’t realize in our youth that hard life lessons, rising up to stress and challenges with sheer determination, and striving for a higher quality of life are actually quite powerful fuel for exponential soul growth.  When Jaime was born on December 13, 1989, in Seattle, he signed up for soul lessons and big spiritual lessons such as forgiveness, discernment, and unconditional love within his immediate family.  Jaime’s mother had given birth to a boy that did not survive birth before giving birth to Jaime’s older brother and sister.  A couple years later, Jaime joined his family and a couple years later another brother joined the family. His father left when Jaime was a very young child.  Jaime’s primary family relationship was with his brothers and sisters and his mother in his young childhood.

Jaime’s birth moment had Aries rising on the eastern horizon at 13 degrees 15 minutes.  His Sun and vital energy of life is also in fire in Sagittarius at 21 degrees 50 minutes in his 9th house, which lets the world know he may have spiritual interests and even the desire for understanding life from the perspective of natural laws.  He may also one day find hidden talents in sales or as an entrepreneur.  However, Jaime’s Moon in Cancer in his 4th house conjunct his natal Jupiter tells us his family relationships are significant in his soul’s evolution.  Jupiter at 7 degrees 37 minutes is retrograde at his birth, nestled next to his natal Moon at 8 degrees 00 minutes Cancer, and Chiron retrograde at 15 degrees 01 minute, which shadethe early family experiences with a deep wounding that may be where Jaime will find his own gold in his life as he matures.

Pluto in Scorpio at 16 degrees 30 minutes in Jaime’s 8th house signifies death, isolation, and the taboo.  Pluto is in a new phase with Mars in Scorpio at 26 degrees 59 minutes.  Pluto is square the moon’s nodes in his natal chart and as his primary soul focus is a skipped stepped.* His South Node in Leo in the 5th house at 17 degrees 55 minutes and North Node in Aquarius in the 11this where we begin to peel the onion on what Jaime’s soul is working on towards in his Aquarian North Node.  Though his Leo South Node in the 5thhouse relates to his creative self, his ego is framed within the context of his spiritual beliefs and religious philosophy as his Sun in Sagittarius rules his Leo South Node.  Jaime’s South Node in Leo (ruled by Sagittarius Sun) may also tie in higher education (Sagittarius) or the law.  Jaime did get a higher education for graphic design and illustration, which is the current work he’s doing in his professional life.

Diving into what the intense Scorpio Pluto transformation experience is in his life, we come to the subject of his brothers.  Both Jaime’s older and younger brothers have been incarcerated for choices related to drugs and lifestyles that have them isolated (9th house) in prison and paying the price of these choices with their freedom (Sagittarius).  His older brother has been incarcerated for near 8 years.  Jaime’s younger brother has also been troubled with life choices and the law going in and out of jail. Jaime’s experience with his brothers and having a challenging early family environment is how he’s learned to steer clear of troublein his own life.  His experience is not without suffering, however; he would prefer to have his brothers making better choices for their lives and to have some kind of meaningful relationship with them.  As it is now, their relationship is strained and has strict boundaries defined by their prison term.  Jaime has a delicate balance of well-defined boundaries by allowing his brothers to live their lives as they choose, even if it means they will not have a close relationship due totheir personal choices. With Pluto in Scorpio and with Mars in Scorpio, a lot of the signature of Mars is playing out through Jaime’s relationship with his brothers.  This may also indicate parts of Jaime’s own psyche that are not easily seen by others except those very close to him.  Mars in Scorpio has strong sexualityand raw emotion connected to it and could be violent if provoked, especially in close proximity to Pluto in Scorpio. It may include nightmares, anger, or deep fears, as well.  Jaime’s own Scorpio energy will need an outlet to which he can consciously align the archetypal energy, such as deep research into psychology, astrology or tarot or taboo subjects that will offer him deep transformation of his experiences.  Eighth house is the house where we really know someone intimately, not necessarily as a lover or a spouse, but in that we know someone so well we knowhow they think and how they feel, and Jaime may feel and think this about his brothers.

Jaime’s South Node in Leo has a talent for creativity he may bring into this life.  He has talent he is already using in his work as an illustrator, but it is also a channel for his evolution as he takes on projects that may have some benefit for his community or for some future-minded associations or groups.  Jaime is evolving towards a more Aquarian creative force. His talents can be used to help others feel connected to life in unique ways that Jaime knows well from personal experience.  Even the more challenging subject of incarceration, in the themes of souls in isolation, may be one that he could be creative with and use to help the larger world community in some creative, artistic way.  As Steven Forrest writes in his Book of Pluto, “Ultimately, Pluto in Scorpio is about generating consciousness of the dark. And no form of consciousness is in and of itself ever evil. As always, the Shadow of Pluto in Scorpio is at its core a distortion of a positive principle. Emotional courage, psychological understanding, a willingness to face our own hurts and also to recognize the hurt we have done to others – these are the saving graves of this intense, brooding energy.” p.174

Apart from his brothers, Jaime’s mother is and will continue to be someone that is influencing Jaime’s evolutionary expansion.  During the time Jaime was in his mother’s household he was exposed to the inhibiting influence of alcoholism and saw how it depletes a person spiritually, mentally and physically.  As others who have had similar experience, an example is often provided of what not to do as a mature adult.  Jaime’s mother’sneed for escapism in an otherwise difficult life may have been great and the cost of that desire to escape profound, beyond just the impact of the substance abuse.   Chiron in Cancer (within a wide conjunction to Jaime’s moon and Jupiter) reflects the deepest wound.  Within his own family woundsand his need for security and a safe home environment, Jaime may work diligently to create his own safe place, and he may also offer what he creates to others that also are seeking the same for their home.  When Jaime realizes this in his own life, he will also be tapping into his Pluto in Scorpio as it is the transformation at the deepest level of his life and emotional being.  Uranus is opposite his I.C. (nadir) within 2 degrees of his natal Jupiter, indicating the chance for disruption that may come in various forms.  This will be something Jaime will have to work on diligently to ease his mind on that archetype of chaos that is conjunct his MC.  Jaime may benefit from a career in technology with new ideas and breakthroughs and find equilibrium in managingsuch unexpected energetic bursts or sudden changes.  Having a plan for what he would do in different scenarios would be beneficial and perhaps live by the mantra to expect the unexpected.  Leadership (Saturn) in technology often deals with this kind of situation and makes contingencies for way we operate daily.  Jaime’s daily life at both work and home would benefit from the same.

Jaime’s experience with his father is very limited.  His parents separated when he was three years old, but they were in great tension for at least a year or more prior to the actual split.  We can see this in Jaime’s Solar Arc of Uranus to exact opposite Jupiter in Cancer (3 years) as well as when Jupiter was conjunct the Moon within his first year.  His primary models of masculine authority growing up were from his teachers, principals, and those in the community.   His learning about personal authority will have come from a person not close to him in his home life, and he met challenges at times learning about this from a distant perspective.  This experience lacking a present and loving father figure has framed Jaime’s ideas about how things are in society and how one finds support from others near them in their community to meet one’s needs.  The need does not always get filled and can be a road block in the maturing process of life as he learns his about his own personal authority and learns to trust it.  He is learning there are two sides to everything.

Mercury is in Capricorn at 9 degrees 17 minutes and 4 degrees from the Midheaven.  Neptune in Capricorn is 11 degrees 20 minutes, which brings art and imaginationtopractical matters, such as business that he may leverage in the course of his career.  He may also struggle on occasion with Neptune’s dissolving boundaries and bringing confusion to any direction he may take.  Saturn in Capricorn is 2 degrees away at 13 Capricorn 29 minutes, which indicatesthatduring his Saturn return, he is likely to lock into work that he may be doing for decades.  In his reading, he shared his desire to add more to his career, but he was not yet sure what that would be.  For Jaime, meditation will always be a key to getting new ideas, and perhaps his meditation is even more helpful for his acceptance of life as it comes.  Neptune symbolizes practical imagination, like bringing a piece of the divine into form and in his 10th house of public persona. With his creative talent, Jaime may find other channels where he can grow and create in different work environments and types of business.  These channels may come later this year when Saturn in transit conjuncts his natal Saturn exact.  Before that time, he currently has Saturn transiting over his natal Uranus, which may bring new insights into work or even the need to move for work.  In April when Saturn goes retrograde, he is likely to have new information as Saturn comes to his Mercury and sits there for most of April and May, within a degree.  Steven Forrest says in his Book of Neptune, “Always remember to include self-love in the Neptunian formula; that is absolutely critical. Neptune is love; that includes the unified field of loving the self and loving everything else, which equates with not resisting everything else – and that includes not resisting the nature of the self.”  Rituals, like daily meditation, allow Jaime to be authentic to his being. Jaime’s daily work in creative illustration may be a meditative process; it depends on his intention for that expression. Neptune in Capricorn can have experiences around disillusionment, and Jaime’s task is to step back and discern these moments with a hard reality check and to acknowledge them.

Mercury is our perception, our speech, and our logical mind sifting through information that we deem important.  Mercury in Capricorn at the apex of the chart on the Midheavenis also symbolic of Jaime’s brothers in his life, as Mercury rules the 3rd house of siblings and communication as well as his 6th house of daily habits, work, and nutrition coupled with health matters.  His brothers and other siblings may continue to play a prominent place in his life as he matures, and their lives will change again when they return to collective society after their incarceration.  Jaime’s Mercury may symbolize an urge to read and explore many different ideas, and it shows his capacity for matters of business.  With Capricorn in his 10th house, Jaime has a professional focus that allows him to separate professional life from personal life, but not without some tension for what he desires and who may need his undivided attention.  Uranus in Capricorn is a liberator from forms and old traditions.  Jaime, byfollowing his heart, will push against traditional standards and carve out new ways of doing his work.  Right now, during his Saturn return over the next couple of years, Jaime will be redefining this for himself.

Jaime’s natal Venus is prominent in the 10th house rising to his Midheaven at the time of his birth at 2 degrees 4 minutes.  While Jaime is not in a committed relationship at this moment that can always change.  He is learning a great deal about love and committed relationships through his Venus.  Most recently he did have a two year relationship with someone he met through one of his work projects.  He learned so much about himself in this relationship and came to understand that he was more feeling than he originally thought he could be, and he realized that he wasn’t as logical or detached as he originally perceived himself.  One of his biggest hopes for himself is to overcome the things that are holding him back from fully connecting with another person and to be vulnerable and present and less selfish than he has been in the past.  The first part of realizing a desire is recognizing where he is and where he wants to grow.  Venus is also Jaime’s creative illustration career is symbolized by his Venus, along with his way of building rapport, feeling loved, and discovering who he is attracted to in life.  His Aquarian Venus is eccentric and in the element of fixed air modality. Venus in Aquarius has a flair for aesthetics, especially in technology and off-beat high fashion.  She rules his house of income, money, and values of his 2nd house as well as his serious relationships via Libra ruling his 7th house.  When Venus is doing well in transit, Jaime has an easier time with these themes.  This year there will be two key transits that Jaime will be watching closely, as Uranus, planet of chaos, liberator and sudden events, enters the sign of Taurus (his 2nd house) and will square by sign and degree his natal Venus in Aquarius.  In addition, the very next day Mars will enter Aquarius May 17th and will conjunct his natal Venus.  This will bring a challenge he will need to maneuver through either with his relationships or with his work, ormaybe both. The transit can impact his earning potential or present a heated exchange related to money.  Either way he’ll want to be mindful of the dynamics that have his heart and personal values on the line. When Uranus and Mars move to these signs by transit, they will activate his career (Uranus natal position is on the MC), his public persona, and perhaps even things he has kept secret (Mars in 8th) that may be part of a heart-to-heart discussion with someone in his close circle. Maturity is imperative during the course of his Saturn return, and it all depends on his response to the issue that arises.  When planets are activating parts of our chart by transit, we can see all the houses that the planets affect in our natal chart, but the planets that aspect them get activated as well.  April and May are very important months professionally and personally for Jaime.  Hopefully, with a forward glance through this experience with astrology, he will find himself more prepared to handle whatever comes his way.

In 2019 Uranus will be in Taurus and will be opposite Pluto and Mars in Scorpio in Jaime’s 8th house, Jaime’s brothers will be in the process of their release.  It will be a new era for all of them, and it will be interesting to see how they reconnect their relationship. Mars squaring Uranus in May will also bring stress for Jaime’sself-identity as he works through money matters, values, and thecreative endeavors of his career.  Mars rules Jaime’s 1st house of self-identity and vitality.

When closing Jaime’s reading, I asked him (as I had his peers in this group) his thoughts on the term “millennial” and what that meant to him.  He says those who conceive the word negatively are over-thinking it and have wrongly judged the generation.  He also noted that he really does not give the term that much meaning in life, as it really doesn’t mean anything substantial to him.  He delicately discussed howthe lessons he learned from his mother were more centered on what not to do when struggling with inner demons through alcohol and drugs.  He let me know that he has more compassion for her, now that he is able to observe her from a distance, and he knows that life has been hard for her.  Now that he feels more grounded on his own, he is able feeldeeper compassion.

In Part Two later this summer we’ll see what life curves Jaime will be navigating with Saturn transiting his natal Uranus (opposite Jupiter and Moon) and then how Mars coming to a conjunction with Jaime’s natal Venus while squaring transiting Uranus ingress in Taurus will manifest in his life.  What exactly happens next is in the context of Jaime’s life choices and is truly determined by his free will and his response to life as it unfolds.