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Up the Mountain Saturn Return in Capricorn – Aubrey Part One

Becoming an adult may feel like someone pushed the fast-forward button on one’s soul in time.  Life isn’t always a predictable line — it can throw us around the curves more than once.  One might wonder the same about Aubrey, born moments before the summer solstice on June 20th in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, in the year 1990.  Just before midnight at 11:56 pm CDT, Aubrey claimed her life and fate with her chosen family.  Her father and mother would bring her five sisters and two brothers into her life and into a family that was lighthearted, fun, and playful.  Aubrey’s 4th house of home and family is ruled by Gemini, with her Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Gemini, adding to the fluidity of change of her family life.  Her Sun at the anaretic degree, or as it is sometimes called the degree of fate, is at 29 degrees and 34 minutes Gemini.  Her Sun at this 29th degree of Gemini is gathering information her soul dearly needs for her to understand herself in a larger context.  Gemini is also the sign for understanding duality and with her Sun, Moon, and Mercury, and in Gemini she’s getting a close-up view of the duality in her vital solar self, her person, her mind, thoughts and perceptions, as well as her subconscious mind symbolized by her moon.

Her Moon in the 3rd house at 7 degrees 19 minutes is out of bounds (+25 degrees 58 minutes) with Mercury at 16 degrees 12 minutes conjunct her 4th house cusp at 16 degrees 34 minutes.  An out of bounds planet behaves with a higher degree of wildness or erratic behavior, it’s far more extreme within the context of the sign it is located. Her moon in Gemini is also the apex of a yod, also called a Hand of God aspect, with Juno in Scorpio and Uranus in Capricorn in sextile.  Juno is a dwarf planet that symbolizes an outer union with others (such as marriage) as well as relationship renewal and regeneration. * (Asteroid Goddesses p.38-39)   Juno in the 9th house is about seeking meaning and truth through her relationships, and in Scorpio there will be an emphasis on intimacy and raw emotional depth. Aubrey’s most important relationships will be connected to her philosophy of life, ideas, and potentially foreign connections.  With Juno in a sextile aspect to natal Uranus, these relationships will likely be quite unconventional.  Her family takes on a strong Mercurial presence in mutable air with the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Gemini in the 3rd and 4th house.  Her own life is strongly connected to her early life perceptions, habitual thinking, and dialog with those in her family.

One last view to consider regarding Aubrey’s Moon is to look at the Sabian Symbol for deeper meaning.  We look at 8 Gemini for this symbol, which suggests the following image, “Aroused strikers surround a factory.” Diving a bit into Lynda Hill’s thoughts on this symbol gives us some clues of the imagery for deeper insights.  She says the symbol shows that one may need to stand up for her rights, or perhaps for others’ rights, and that the situation may call for support from compatriots, but that one could become separated from the general situation and may have difficulty finding creative solutions that satisfy everyone.  The goal is to seek equilibrium, and sometimes by withdrawing from a situation one will see how important they are in that situation.  Ultimately, it’s about bargaining to find more equitable solutions, demanding better rights and conditions, taking action, or refusing to act.  It is important for Aubrey to know when to say no. Caution is needed to avoid being obsessed with what is wanted, refusing compromises, protesting everything, or not noticing one’s rewards or greedy behavior. *(Lynda Hill website sabiansymbols.com) Considering this symbol, I would ask Aubrey about how she experiences her Gemini Moon in her life as a symbol and if the above image and meaning of the Sabian symbol for the degree of her moon translates to her personal feeling about life, family, and perhaps even her automatic or unconscious thought on life in general or about having to fight for the right to be present and coming up with creative solutions when it is required.  It may be something also that will reflect for Aubrey in her life as it unfolds.  The symbols hold true for the life, not just a small fragment of life. Aubrey may well be the tough negotiator at the table for future work she does; only time will tell.  Since Mercury rules the sign of Gemini, I also want to look at the Sabian Symbol for 17 Gemini, which suggests, “the head of a robust youth changes into that of a mature thinker.” This symbol is about growing up and taking charge, being in control, and that there is only so much we can do with youthful force.  Mature thinking is preferred as is using one’s intellect and being able to accept the consequences of one’s actions.  This thinking promotes a more serious tone to life and allows mature wisdom to come through as one’s mindset changes and grows. This Sabian symbol notes cautions against becoming old and losing innocence or clinging to the illusions of childhood, or becoming someone who desires to be forever young. *(Lynda Hill – The Sabian Oracle 360 Degrees of Wisdom) With this Sabian symbol for Mercury we get a deeper insight into not only how she is working towards this in her evolution, but also some insight into her South Node in Leo, because her Sun (which rules Leo) is at 29 degrees Gemini.

Aubrey’s mother became very ill with colon cancer when Aubrey was about 10 years old. She shared that it was challenging that her mother had been very sick on and off for over eight years before she died when Aubrey was 18 years old.  The Solar Arc Pluto in Scorpio is ten degrees towards the exact opposition of Aubrey’s natal Venus, and because she was born in June the Solar Arc moves slightly slower.  The timing of her mother’s illness becomes fully into view with cancer when Aubrey is over 10 years old. March 2, 2001 (1:23 pm) is the date when Solar Arc Pluto is exact to Aubrey’s natal (opposite) Venus in Taurus.  Since Aubrey’s Venus is in her third house, I first wondered if she had a sister that had become ill or that had a traumatic experience in her life.  With a concentration of planets in Gemini and Mercury in Gemini I did not immediately pick up the symbolism of her mother’s illness through her moon in Gemini placement or with her 4th house cusp as Gemini, too. The moon is trine to the North Node and sextile to the south node.  Her Jupiter is in Cancer with Chiron conjunct within a degree in the 5th house, so there was potential to see a wound of family or mother in this other aspect and both Jupiter and Chiron are opposite Uranus in Capricorn widely by about 9 degrees.  It was harder to pinpoint Aubrey’s mother symbolism in the chart from my direct consideration of the moon.  Through observation and asking Aubrey about her life experiences I was able to pinpoint where the reflection of her mother’s illness was in her natal chart. I knew there was something that may have influenced her beliefs, perhaps a religious experience, with Pluto square her lunar nodes, but it did not directly show to the moon itself in her natal chart. There is an inconjunct (150 degree aspect) from Aubrey’s moon to the planet of chaos, Uranus, located at 7 degrees Capricorn 56 minutes and is retrograde, and Uranus also is widely conjunct Neptune in Capricorn at 13 degrees and 34 minutes retrograde.  Neptune opposite Chiron and Jupiter in Cancer does have connection to loss of self-security through something related to the family and possibly the mother, since they are in the sign of Cancer.  The natal chart will often have repeating themes, and sometimes we can easily see them in the life, but it is far better to learn about the reality by asking clarifying questions.  Jeffrey Wolf Green often taught the importance of observation and correlation, and here this kind of interaction is definitely required.

Aubrey shared that her family was religious, but her family had moved further away from religion over time.  On her own she continued going to church and was serious in her religious interests for a few years when she was 14 years old (Saturn opposition would have been when Saturn was in Cancer by transit) and then it faded away in her late adolescence.  She did not have a negative experience that drew her away; religion just became less of a priority for her and began to fade into the background. She notes that she doubted her full commitment and then felt guilty and wondered why she would feel guilty for this thinking.  We can see by observation that not all transitions are as hard and difficult as we might expect; sometimes issues fade away as we are drawn to other avenues of life that call for our focused attention.  I would say that Aubrey’s soul was finishing old business related to this context of religion from the experience of her prior lives, and the effect was more subtle with her awareness of the feeling of guilt and wondering why she would feel that way. Aubrey is still learning and growing, and as she grows and new experiences come to her, she directs her attention where her next evolutionary step would be, and in each transition there will be clues to new insights into how she perceives and thinks, which will connect her more to her inner world and her moon in Gemini.  Her soul seems to be curious and at the same time wants to know the why of her feeling nature. She realizes in reflection the Gemini nature of her family and how there was a definite gap in their communications.  Even though a lot of things were discussed and she loves who they are and they have been a very warm family, she notes the communication was lighter and really never went to any great depths or into anything highly controversial.  Aubrey is learning more about astrology to further understand herself and is gaining new insights about how decisions and choices she has made for herself are mapped in reflection to her natal chart in transits, progressions, and solar arcs, like keys that unlock her conscious awareness into a larger more encompassing view.

Aubrey says she has been close to her father.  She shared that he is a Capricorn sun, very responsible, and kept things in the family going during the challenge of her mother’s illness.  Even though Aubrey’s entire family shows their youthful and playful way of being, she learned a lot from her father in how he managed life during such a challenging time.  Her mom, an Aries sun, was the one who went after life with tenacity and vigor and showed Aubrey many things.  Her mother was a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) and she encouraged Aubrey and her sister to also work in the medical field, and both are pursuing higher education in nursing.  Aubrey declared she’s quite interested in the jobs that no one else wants in nursing.  As Aubrey shared this desire, I could see a bit of her Mars in Aries coming through with her competitive spirit shining.   Aubrey’s Mars is at 15 degrees Aries 7 minutes in her 2nd house of values, possessions, money, and income.  It is the point of a T-square with Jupiter in Cancer at 17 degree 8 minutes from 5th house to the 11th house Neptune in Capricorn at 13 degrees 34 minutes retrograde.  Her Mars is likely to color her career negotiations at different intervals.  It makes me wonder how her values will come into sharp focus as she enters the professional work world in the coming years as an adult.  Neptune in Capricorn is symbolic of practical imagination, a strong disillusionment of friendships, or working with groups that are operating for those collective systems we all must navigate, including those centered on healthcare.  Her Saturn in Capricorn at 23 degrees 40 minutes in its own sign speaks to authority and leadership, but in retrograde it has a different twist on how it operates for Aubrey.  She may see this as examples of misguided leadership that she will observe in her professional life, and in turn she may likely speak up about it and call her own authority into action.  Her Saturn is 10 degrees from her North Node in Aquarius, which is within minutes of the 12th house, which could be related to leadership within hospitals (a 12th house place symbol).  Aubrey will have important life experiences that others may not have when they enter their professional lives as nurses.  Having lived through her mother’s cancer battle and then death, she will have learned something that cannot really be taught.  Such lessons only come through firsthand experience, and with those lessons she will have a deeper value of the fragility of life and respect for people dealing with similar challenges.

Chiron in Cancer is Aubrey’s deep original wound, which in the 5th house is connected to self-expression, creativity, children, and play.  This gives us insight into a place of pain in her inner world that will likely exist her entire life, but as she turns to it, acknowledges it, and sits in thoughtful reflection, she may bring to others the very gift she finds difficult to give her own inner child.  Melanie Reinhart, in her book Chiron and the Healing Journey, says this of Jupiter-Chiron aspects: “with Chiron-Jupiter we may have an astonishing ability to bounce back from illnesses, personal tragedies and crises of faith. Where Chiron-Jupiter aspects are found we tend to overdo things and to experience the extraordinary, as we are very alive to the archetypal level of life, but may also be prone to excess and fanaticism.” Perhaps in Aubrey’s career as a nurse she will bring a deeper healing to those lives she touches because she has this archetypal combination wired in from birth.  Her sun in Gemini rules her 6th house of work and daily habits and as the ruler of her south node in the 5th it provides a bit more insight to how she may be perceived by her co-workers and to other working relationships.  Her thoughts and views on matters will be sought and will be key to influencing others with the information she has gleaned in her studies and personal experience.  Aubrey acknowledges that earlier on she had poor people skills, but given the job she has now she has expanded her ability to be open and talk with people.  Her Pisces Ascendant gives some indication of how others perceive her in the world, perhaps at first shy or a bit of a chameleon that fades into the environment in her earlier years.  Her life will call her out more as she matures and finds her voice, which has Mars in Aries 2nd house built for where she finds her courage to be empowered.

When I asked Aubrey what “millennial” meant to her, she responded that the millennial generation is blamed for this and that, even though she noted she felt like she has come into herself.  She realized some of her skills later in life and it took a little longer for her to come into this knowing of herself.  She says she, and likely others, needed more time to come into this knowing, and she believes that people should be given a chance.  She has learned so much from her parents. Her father never showed parts of himself, and he was always put together and able to function no matter what was going on (which spoke well to his Capricorn sun).  Her mother taught her to say what she means to say, which is a quality Aubrey highly values (notice her mother’s Aries sun).  With five sisters and two brothers Aubrey has learned the importance of both of these attributes in her life experience.

We will check in with Aubrey this summer to see what new experiences are flowing in her life as she ventures through her Saturn return.  As a nursing student, perhaps she’ll have new insights into Capricorn through Saturn transiting her natal Uranus in March before Saturn turns retrograde at 9 degrees Capricorn on April 19th.  Will she meet an unexpected influence related to her chosen career? We’ll find out!