Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Taurus New Moon April 22, 2020: New Rhythms and Revisiting Friends

New Moon in Taurus tonight at 7:26 pm Pacific Daylight Time, April 22, 2020. Taurus season, the time when the spring rush settles, and the energies stabilize. Many of us on quarantine for about a month now, some longer and some shorter, with the new life rhythms it is easy to feel as if the days blend together, not much different from one another. As a part-time astrologer my day time job in the tech industry has been experiencing a wave of new work, and that view I am aware of many people who have jobs that have furloughed and they are having to shift their focus to something new and viable in this new reality.

We likely have at least a month in my state before we see any movement on our local community businesses opening up.  It is a unique year and the beginning of a decade. A new article that was published today reveals there were two deaths in California that were a few weeks ahead of the known first US death from the virus after an autopsy was performed, both had died at home in the same county on February 17th.  The themes of death are a thick cloud that is likely to go for many more months this year. Last year in my class on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction I shared the strong symbolism of death, economies of scarcity and other hints at what we are experiencing, I had thought in my interpretation of the symbolism we may be at war with another country.  Well, we have frontlines, they just look very different than I imagined them to be, they are in hospitals and government offices as they work to manage the crisis and all the ripple effects that come with this unwelcomed and invasive virus.  It really is bringing us into a collective group consciousness that is unmistakable and may change our collective behaviors for a few years. The astrology ahead gives me hope, but we are several months before I would feel like I might relax into the new reality.  This new moon has some surprises this month and I will tell you why.

The moon meets the sun in Taurus a begins anew at 3 degrees 24 minutes, forming a conjunction by three-degree orb to the planet of shocks and surprises, Uranus at 6 degrees 24 minutes. All three moon, Sun, and Uranus square the planet of limits and restrictions, Saturn in Aquarius at 1 degree 41 minutes. This combination is hard energy and packs a punch because that is Uranus, ready to liberate something or it sets a collective group into action around scarcity, or an unexpected dip in some needed resources (Taurus). The moon makes the conjunction with Uranus just after 11:25 pm tonight. It can be an unexpected breakdown of a process that seemed otherwise stable too. Systems with interruptions or disruptions are high probabilities for this coming new lunar month. Earthquakes are also possible with these fixed signs of earth and air with the suddenness of Uranus and the “the time is due” of pressing Saturn.  Saturn is also beginning the slow down to move to station retrograde on May 11th. That is the amplification of the Saturn energy now and throughout May building toward the full moon on May 7th.  The coming full moon will also be in Scorpio. A time of intensity, where transformation takes us deeper, with emotions raw and surfacing with the facts of the reality we are living and adjusting day by day. Two days before the full moon on May 5th the lunar nodes leave Cancer and Capricorn and shift into mutable signs of Gemini (North Node) and Sagittarius (South Node).  This change is very significant and will reveal dynamic and fluid changes around travel (Sagittarius) and higher education as we’ve known it in the past.  We will likely see more online education formats, but a mix with the universities in locations which will slowly over-time reformat how their physical campuses will adjust to the reality of social distancing for at least a year, maybe two. While Jupiter is transiting Capricorn, through the end of this year we will see announcements continue about readjusting what was the reality of campus life.  The risks will be high for some time until we have a proven and tested vaccine available.  Additionally, Jupiter ruled Sagittarius adjustments may be publishing and churches that will also go through another transformation. With the lunar north node shifting to Gemini there will be a shift in our need for facts. Opinions will not register with us the same when the lunar nodes shift.

Venus and Mars are in a near trine in the same air element, Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius at 15 and 16 degrees.  However, they never perfect this trine, as Venus is nearing her station of 21 degrees that happens on May 13th. Mars pushes beyond her reach before the trine is perfected since Venus is slowing from our earthly perception.  Venus is in the sign of Gemini for several months from April 3rd through August 7th before she moves into the sign of Cancer. While Venus is retrograde there will be revisions of our friendships. We may reach out to friends we’ve not connected within some time and a new reality of relating will come to light. The connections are transitioning and settling into a new reality, it may be revisiting with fondness and a sense of nostalgia too. Some connections both friendship and romantic will go through reflection at this time for what is now surfacing.  There will be new feelings, new needs expressed and relationships adjusting to new tempos, new loving words of appreciation, new ways to share love, and connection. Venus is our planet that symbolism reflected in life is our social planet too. Consider the adjustments we have been making for a month and the new patterns and habits forming, Venus is how we know we are worthy of love in all ways. The moon is the feeling nature we feel we need to express. This month there is a higher need across all souls to connect, to socialize in ways that help us feel connected.  Humans, even those who like solitude, are feelers and connectors in general.  Venus the next few months takes us through an adjustment.  Tune into your heart to know what feels right for you during this unique time in history, who comes to mind?  Is there a creative way that you may reach out, connect, share a story, art, or a letter?

Neptune in Pisces at 20 degrees squares Venus. Illusions are falling like spring raindrops. As we are with ourselves now the face, we have shown the world is fading some and the reality is there to be seen by those closest to us. Some in public positions may show up for us in new ways that we might be surprised, celebrity without the constructs of cameras and scripts tip over and personality with hard edges gets revealed at times of crisis too. It is a sobering time for the reality of the hard work, the sacrifices, the changes we collectively are going through for a few months.

The retrogrades are upon us. First is Pluto in Capricorn stations retrograde at 24 degrees 59 minutes of Capricorn on April 25th. Then Saturn stations retrograde at 1 degree 57 minutes of Aquarius on May 11th. Then Venus stations retrograde at 21 degrees 50 minutes of Gemini. Then Jupiter stations retrograde at 27 degrees 14 minutes of Capricorn on May 14th.  A few months of introspection for us all.  The potential for going backward before a real move forward in many areas of life.  My wisdom for this moment is patience with the process. Consider this period of time the breathing time, the inhaling and exhaling that you sit with all the things of the present moment. Take a pulse on your inner world, know what you are grieving with the greatest of clarity.  This is the time to review, let things fall away that are in the ebb and flow of life heading back out into the great big blue.  We are in a deep process of transfiguration.  We are changing in deep ways and deep waves. Inhale. Pause. Exhale. Being with it all.  Trust in the divine flow, the Creator, Source is intelligent and I trust that unnamable with all my heart. That is the new moon Taurus. Simple. Return to the simplicity of life wherever you can depending on the role your soul is playing at this game of life. May this new moon bless you with simplicity and grace. Namaste. Bless this moment.