Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Libra – September 28, 2019: Commited Relationships and Social Justice Fair Play

September 28, 2019, 11:26 am PDT we have a New Moon in Libra at 5 degrees 20 minutes.  The focus is about balance, but Libra is also an archetype that is about relationships and social justice.  How the archetypes reveal themselves to each of us is our unique expression.  The three main aspects at this new moon include Venus, the ruler of Libra square Saturn and the south node in Capricorn (exact just a four minutes prior to the new moon) and north node in Cancer gives us a hard boulder to work through related to how we act with others and responsibilities (Saturn), Mercury is square to Pluto so revealing types of communications.  Venus with Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn in a square is a very demanding time for those in relationships, but also how many may feel related to expectations and limits or very hard realities they are facing in their relationships.  This will also be experienced as a highly stressed fight for justice, and it has the revealing being demanded with Pluto in Capricorn about to station direct again October 2nd for those of us in the Pacific time zone.

Saturn is in his power and dominates the aspect with Venus, even though she has a lot of power right now too considering the new moon and the Sun also in Libra.  Many things that have been hidden for some time (Saturn/Capricorn) can come to light during this month.  And an additional aspect of this new moon and Sun in Libra is opposite Chiron which I will share a few thoughts on as well.  In a nutshell, we have a lot of very dynamic energy (Cardinal signs) and things will happen very quickly or stop very quickly too, it depends on who is doing the driving (literally and metaphorically).  Uranus in Taurus is in a trine widely at 6 degrees with Saturn at 13 degrees Capricorn, so there is an opening for having a new method or a breakthrough to come to us too especially connecting our sensuality and what we value and commitments (Saturn) in relationships.

First, Venus as the ruler of the New Moon in Libra is important as she is ahead of the Sun in Libra, and within her own sign she has more power.  However, Venus is in a square aspect with Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn brings the challenge to the Venus. Sometimes we say “the buck stops here,” in this chart, Saturn is the one saying it and Venus has to maneuver a way through because she cares about what is right and balanced.  This one aspect tells us that Venus is at high tension with the systems or authority.  She may find herself in hot water for wanting to party and socialize more than she wants to be at work the next day.  There will be consequences for lack of responsibility if one chooses late night with friends over work priorities.  She may be the one saying quite poised her Libra fashion that whatever the authority is of the moment is operating out of bounds and that it isn’t fair or just.  Saturn, as authority, or older ideas cannot see the truth from her point of view.  It is like, “business is what matters”, but the authority cannot see that no business matters more than being morally conscious of what the real cost is.  Have you ever thought deeply about the real cost of anything?  How fair is it? To the resources we consume, the labor needed to create it and then how easily is the resource that made it renewable?  How does it work within the ecosystem of natural law?  Or does it have a very expensive overall cost, not just to your pocketbook but to LIFE?  Perhaps this new moon will compel you to ponder such big questions and also our systems of law, which tend to show up a lot more in our collective world when Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto who is also in Capricorn transforming what the system of society (which are our laws, governments, agencies, that our society operates within).  Keep in mind the tension of this moment (this month) may urge many of us into some specific action that speaks for how we participate in the larger circle of life.  Are you marching the streets for something you believe in deeply?  Are you sharing your resources for something you want to help create change?  These kinds of activities are within the archetype of Libra, fairness, justice, when viewed from the larger stage of life.  At the personal level, micro-level if you will, we align consciously or unconsciously with the patterns of planetary movements in the heavens.  “As above so below, so below as above.”  This month you may weigh with a discerning eye for your needs how you are balanced in relationships with others, or where you need to step up to give more for some and withdrawing with others as there is a flow of giving and receiving.  The more aware of the “scale” within close relationship you are in the better you are with your boundaries.  Writing these words reminds me of what author Brene Brown had written or said about the strongest most vulnerable people she learned of during her research were absolutely the strongest with setting boundaries.  So, coming full circle here, how does setting strict boundaries make you a better partner? How more loving are you able to be when there is a hardline on what you will and will not do or accept in relationship? This month I suspect these are some powerful questions to ponder for yourself in any kind of relationship you have. I hope you find that love is worth the work to really engage with the deepest respect by setting the stage for love to bloom through your open heart.  May you calibrate your relationships with the deepest of respect and love and your world bloom because you had the courage to know when to say no.  Big hugs to all this month! Namaste. Bless this moment.