Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Full Moon in Taurus, Wednesday October 24, 2018 at 9:45 am PDT – Dance with Falling Leaves

Wednesday morning, October 24, 2018 around 9:45 am PDT we have a full moon in Taurus. This full moon is going to be a bit of a roller coaster with unexpected twists and turns being that Uranus is conjunct this full moon.  The ruler of Taurus, Venus, is still retrograde in Scorpio at 4 degrees applying to the Sun in Scorpio and the moon as well.  In Scorpio Venus is intense, powerful, not shy about getting what she wants, though in that effort she may come on too strong for some folks.  I think many astrologers who do not follow, or study evolutionary astrology might miss the importance of the lunar nodes squaring this full moon in Taurus, which brings it even greater significance in it’s dynamic and amount of fixed energy.  The lunar nodes are ending the transit through the fix signs of Leo (North Node) and Aquarius (South Node).  There are 4 planets in Scorpio at this full moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter and if you live on the west coast of the US the Ascendant at the moment of the full moon is also in Scorpio.

Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio at 17 degrees of Aquarius, in a square aspect to Mercury at 21 Scorpio.  This is challenging energy between Mars and Mercury.  Mars is in fixed air, Mercury in fixed water so an intense interchange between one’s ideas and actions taken and one’s perceptions and communications of what’s been said or done, or rather what hasn’t been said but is alluded to would be strong Scorpio type themes. We have a few stories in the news right now that we could see the Mercury and Mars dynamic.  Fixed ideas and deep feelings, with anger, frustration about them, not having the full story frustrating and even scaring some people.  This full moon moment can bring new revelations on recent events as well as shedding more light into the dark that was there prior.  What we become aware of in this new light may be a bit scary about the dark side of human nature.  Mars comes into the picture again considering our own courage to face it and deal with it humanely.  If you wished on a star, it may be your wish includes a deep dive into your soul -understanding yourself in a relationship with another in an intimate relationship, but it could also be your feelings about collective ideas that stir you.  Tipping into anger or despair is easy in this kind of mix, so better to give yourself some space to be still, artistic or thoughtful in study.  Scorpio is great energy for deep research and this combination with Uranus could offer a breakthrough with new insight.  Maybe you have turned your attention to something less complicated and intense, so you are decorating the hell out of your front yard and door stoop with goblins, jack-o-lanterns and skeletons.  Hope for good weather as the wind may come and mess with your decorations with the instability in the air.

Scorpio likes the in-depth knowing with another person, the intimacy that is enduring and long-lasting, through thick and thin and often is a sexual connection too, but not always.  This full moon while unstable with the Uranus in the mix does have the planet Saturn in Capricorn at four degrees 22 minutes which is trine to the moon and Uranus in Taurus, but also sextile to the Sun and Venus in Scorpio.  It offers some grounded perspective, maturity and reason in an otherwise soup of change.  It can be the energy that brings whatever comes up over the next few days into logic and reason, perhaps after an initial burst of emotion through new awareness and experience.  For the souls with planets in the early degrees of fixed signs they will experience this full moon intensity with more vigor and emotional intensity than those who do not.

Neptune is in Pisces adding even more watery influence to the Scorpio planets.  The earthy Moon, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus have grounded solidity to them, but there is the unexpected Uranus impulse to consider as well.  It makes me wonder about the earth, a lot of water and earth that is moving because of too much water or that’s experiencing fluctuations that make it unstable and one might say behaving like fluid. It is a powerful mix for concentration that may be fruitful if spent in meditation and prayer.  Chiron, the wounded healer,  continues its retrograde through Pisces at 28 degrees.  Chiron in a trine aspect with Jupiter in Scorpio (conjunct the Ascendant for most on the west coast US) is also an opportunity to reaching new depths while in service with others that may be moving along a journey of healing.  There is the connection or awareness to a bigger picture, participating within it and from that new awareness souls can feel more at ease that they find the support they need to heal.  I think that has beautiful potential for so many.

The Scorpio themes of decay and transformation are readily upon us as the leaves that have changed color begin their return to the earth, grass fades and the process of decomposition begins.  It all has an earthy, wet smell about it even here in the high desert of West Richland.  Scorpio, a water sign is feminine and it makes me think of the matter folding back into itself after its completed its cycle.  This full moon may urge you into your own purging of sorts from things that have served their time with you and you move on to release it.  Even small personal actions such as cleaning out anything in your home to let go of things that are aged, no longer useful is an act in alignment with this energy flowing in this full moon. Finding what has stood the test of time, but maybe you’ve not remembered in a while will bring you satisfaction in reclaiming it and using it again too.  I hope you find treasures you’ve forgotten and that remind you of something valuable, but mostly I hope you find the treasure that is always within you, through thick and thin and knows you are worthy and loved beyond measure.  Happy full moon in Taurus enjoy the fall air and changing scenery.  Namaste. Bless this moment.