Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Full Moon in Gemini – November 22, 2018 at 9:39 pm PST. Have Faith in the Long View!

Yesterday we had the full moon in Gemini at 9:39 pm PST, just a day after the Sun entered fiery Sagittarius.  I spent the bulk of the day cooking for my family as did many millions across the United States celebrating Thanksgiving Day. Today I’ve relaxed, walked in the rain, took a nap and started a batch of sourdough starter to eventually make sourdough bread, inspired by my astrology friend Michael Bartlett.  Sometimes we are inspired by our friends to try new adventures, mine just happens to be trying my baking skills with making sourdough bread. Your new adventure may be mountain climbing, surfing, painting or perhaps knitting.  I think this idea of being inspired by friends to try something new in a call to adventure really brings together the archetypes so eloquently in my mind.  Sun in Sagittarius, full of optimism and generosity with the moon in Gemini connecting our feeling emotional nature with more mental, talkative ­­­­­and playful if not dangerously curious. For anyone whose Sun is in a fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) the Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius on November 22nd at 1:01 am PST would most definitely been a bit of a booster after the month in watery Scorpio.

Mars now in Pisces though squares this Gemini moon at 4 degrees 32 minutes, not far from Mars is Neptune slowing down significantly in retrograde which will soon go direct again after being retrograde since June 18th at 16 degrees 30 minutes Pisces.  Neptune really dissolves the boundaries, the barriers to the unconscious, the collective.  Mars in Pisces may show up as the wayward warrior who becomes confused, disoriented and just runs out of steam to actualize his free will with Neptune’s influence even if 9 degrees away.  Being near a standstill in the sky at the moment of the full moon Neptune has more potency.  Perhaps this holiday was even better for completely spacing out, napping with lucid dreams or for watching movies. Neptune in Pisces aligns with those quite well.

Uranus in Aries retrograde still at 29 Aries 23’ minutes at the moment of the full moon still opposite Venus, now out of retrograde, moving back through Libra at 26 degrees 8 minutes still will be on for exciting or at least disruptive energy, going to be exact again on December 1.  There’s a strong chance that relationships will have a balancing act to manage from now until a few days past the exact opposition.  The most significant combination in this full moon moment is Uranus and Venus opposing each other Aries and Libra as the nodes of the moon recently entered the signs of Cancer and Capricorn create a grand cardinal cross.  Significantly dynamic and potent for things to manifest swiftly!  Anyone with late cardinal degree planets or angles will truly have dynamic experiences this next week or so.  It’s wise to have plans and back-up plans for quick changing circumstances.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius at 10 degrees is about to connect with Jupiter and then the Sun before heading back into Scorpio.  This Mercury retrograde is full of confusion and space out potential as he started his journey when square exact to Neptune.  What have you found about your focus this past week?  How have your travel plans gone?  What unexpected insights or inspirations did you download or upload?  While Mercury is retrograde this time consider your inner pulse of inspiration, how much input from the external world influences your choices?  How much inner world inspiration seems to come “out of the blue”?  Makes you wonder about the big blue out there, doesn’t it?  That’s Neptune. Wonder. Magic. Mystical. Imaginative.

It’s probably a blessing in this moment to have Saturn moving forward in Capricorn to keep us grounded a bit towards some goal, otherwise we might just find ourselves completely useless to the world that needs things done, like the dishes, laundry, bills being paid and so forth.  Saturn at 7 degrees Capricorn exact at this new moon in Gemini is applying to a sextile with Neptune, so there still is a chance for inspiration to fold into what is becoming form with this Saturn.  What will you mold in this energy?

Venus is also approaching an inconjunct with Chiron in Pisces.  Chiron at 28 degrees 1 minute in Pisces is also retrograde.  The aspect of the inconjunct (150 degrees) is one that is tension filled and where the two energies are not in agreement.  It’s one of being off center, missing the other’s point of view an aspect of discord.  This highlights for me that relationships that have been painful in past situations can highlight that with time spent together again (of course during the holiday this is a strong potential for some people), something triggering it like (Uranus in Aries – one who wants to be liberated) or something that is confusing, disorienting where we find ourselves completely frustrated (Mars Pisces) and the inability to really express it so we may keep quiet not to cause any more issue, but the wound (in Pisces) connected to Chiron may feel like the remembering of the suffering without an opportunity or space to address it, express it allowing more to surface in the conscious mind for deepening our love, it’s not the best moment for it.  The symbolism of course manifests in a myriad of ways for all of us. This is just one example.  Everyone has different planetary positions, different angles and perspectives from life experienced.  We collectively will see stories where women or young women may play these archetypal moments in their lives and you may also notice it in your own life taking another shape, yet still fitting within the symbolism and picking up the themes of your own nativity in the transiting moment.  Noticing these moments brings astrology alive for you and you will continue to see it as you study and deepen your knowledge of it.

There is a coming conjunction with the Sun and Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius that be exact on Sunday, November 25th at 10:25 PM PST.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so this will be a bigger moment where religion, the teacher, the philosopher, higher education, long distance travel or perhaps an attorney and the law will be magnified and intensified for you.  What are you planning for this week, that day, the week after?  We are currently in the applying stage of this unique moment.  We only experience Jupiter in Sagittarius once every 11 ½ to 12 years approximately, but often the Sun is ahead of Jupiter in Sagittarius so they do not always come to a conjunction each cycle we have Jupiter enter Sagittarius.  The last time Jupiter in Sagittarius was conjunct the sun was December 18th, 1995 at 26 degrees 30 minutes.  The Sun was ahead of Jupiter’s entry into Sagittarius when the ingress of Jupiter in Sagittarius took place so the conjunction didn’t happen that cycle.   What was going on for you in mid-December 1995?  This time both the Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius will be in a square aspect with Mars in Pisces, applying so it will be growing in its intensity.  This can be a challenge for the Mars energy to play out its free will, as Jupiter co-rules Pisces so its like Mars is in Jupiter’s house, Mars would be his guest and must play by Jupiter’s rules as the guest (that’s the easiest way my teacher Demetra George explained it).  So imagine free will (Mars) having to choose and act according to a higher lord a higher will, a higher authority.  The warrior working/existing within the bounds of the jovial philosopher or generous teacher. It may hold some clues relating to this conjunction.  What house in your chart is Sagittarius?  What is your own Jupiter sign?  This will tell you the essence and where in your life this magnified moment will take place.  I’d love to hear your personal experiences on this one!   If you want to know this for yourself, you can create your own chart at astro.com.  If you live in the Tri-Cities in southeastern Washington, you can come to my beginner’s astrology class on December 8th at 10:00 am PST at The Lotus of the Moon in Richland.   Sagittarius is higher learning and astrology falls in that bucket.

Pluto is still moving through Capricorn now at 19 degrees 26 minutes.  The south node of the moon moving towards Pluto, eventually connecting to release some energy collectively for us all in wherever Capricorn is in our charts. The south node of the move meets exact with Pluto at 23 degrees 03 minutes of Capricorn on April 4, 2018.  For anyone with planets or angles at this degree or within 3 degrees of this degree in Capricorn or Cancer will be intensely significant and if planets or degrees at Aries/Libra within 3 degrees will also have an immensely significant experience unfolding related to their life story unfolding.  It will alter their understanding of the life experience so deeply it will be very much a “before the moment” and “after the moment” that will ring loudly in the personal life.   For individuals living and citizens of the United States, it will be the second house of values going through significant change, this also money, its value and movable assets. It will be a couple months before it reaches a conjunction, but I wanted to point this out now as it will be very significant for us all.  I do wonder how it will be changing, Pluto is about transformation, but it is not what we think it is.  It often goes deeper than we imagine.  Saturn is within orb of the conjunction too on April 4th Saturn is at 20 degrees exact in Capricorn, so within a tight significant orb to the conjunction.  What’s the authority under transformation?  What’s the system we know as our structure of society losing or releasing?  I think it’s important while the Sun and Jupiter are in Sagittarius to take a moment to look into the future, take the long-view. What optimism we now hold may be important for that moment of change?  What level of faith will we be called to hold space for collectively?  At that moment we will have a balsamic moon in Aries at 8 degrees 19 minutes and Sun will be 14 degrees Aries and 43 minutes.  Collectively what can we imagine as a powerful potential for collective change, but we are asked to let go of old ways of thinking?

My prayer and my faith (especially with Jupiter in Sagittarius) is we really become aware of the value of each other, the potential of the love we give and how that creates the highest loving change for everyone.  It can be personal or collective experiences that open hearts to this awareness.  We really begin to see and experience the power of our collective goodwill.  However, this includes the idea we have to embrace forgiveness to make it real.  We have to have an open mind that something we’ve not been able to imagine in recent months or years has the potential to be a truth experienced by millions collectively.  Even I cannot imagine what this combination holds.  It’s Capricorn being turned upside down with the south node of release, the north node in Cancer (while Moon is in that moment in Aries) a moon that demands being seen, heard if not being first.  Saturn in Capricorn there to bring something into form at least he beginnings of what it is 10 more degrees of Capricorn for Saturn after that moment) so there’s a concreteness about the moment too.

In true Sagittarian spirit I ask you to consider what you desire in the future.  What risks are you willing to take in your routine of life to reach that idea you imagine?  What do you hope for?  How do you feel your optimism now?  Perhaps knowing what themes ignite your optimism will provide you clues to that truth for you and the risks you’re willing to take in the adventure of your life?  What do you want to say you lived when long into your golden years in retrospect? A life well lived comes from such spirited imaginings that call you into your own adventure!  Dream big and take some risks you may find yourself joyful and smiling with a new appreciation for life!  Bless this moment. Namaste.