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Full Moon in Gemini – December 11, 2019: Bless the Listeners that Help Us

Full moon NASA credit Jeff Williams 2019


Wednesday, December 11, 2019, at 9:12:30 pm PST we have a full moon in Gemini.  The sign of communications, thinking, perception and our quest for the facts.  At 19 degrees 51 minutes, the full moon lights us up seeking opportunities to socialize, share all the curious details of our day and connect.  Mercury the ruler of Gemini just entered the sign of Sagittarius on Monday, December 9th.   The conversations may be more around travels to far off places or the recent news that is happening somewhere in the world and not just the local community focus.  Mercury is the ruler and with his transit, in Sagittarius, there is a back and forth showing the mutable nature of the Gemini and Sagittarius polarity.  With the Sun in Sagittarius there is an optimism with a dose of reality now that Jupiter is moving through Capricorn.  Nonetheless, the conversations are sure to be lively and filled with some level of optimism as it is the essence of the light. Perhaps friendly conversations over a meal or a drink elevate our moods and we find a piece of joy in our simple real-world connections.  Gemini is also a sign of great dualism the examination of this or that.  Your conversations may reflect this go-between and look at the dual nature of something.  Everything from security to risk, optimism with pessimism and clear logical sense and what is more gut-based intuitive knowing.  The full moon in Gemini reflects our curiosity and playful nature of exploring the nature of life.

With Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and the south node of the moon in Capricorn there is a heavy pull of real-world responsibility even in this full moon.  Who among us is pondering the importance of a free press?  Or how we exchange facts and information for the better of our communities and our knowledge?  Are you a student right now?  How does the full moon in Gemini illuminate all the details of your studies to develop your consciousness of what is factual, the details used in supporting a thesis or argument?  This full moon reminds me of all the winter exams I used to take in college at this time of year.  This may be the week of exams for millions of students prior to the holiday and I cannot help but think how a full moon in Gemini helps the students who have done the work to put it all together for the finish line of the semester.  The volume of planets and points in Capricorn has a heaviness of responsibility and burden to it.  Practical and responsible are key words we will all be focused on for many months and late into next year.  What is a bonus in all this earth is Jupiter in Capricorn is applying to a lovely trine with Uranus in Taurus.  This trine is a one-time connection and on Sunday it is exact.  Use the energy for an opening for a breakthrough.  Taurus seeks simplicity.  Perhaps this is an open time for achieving a breakthrough in something you are desiring to make and bring to life. Those who take the time to brainstorm while adding discipline to do the work will see the fruit of their labor, but it will be a long road to the top. Be sure to keep moments to enjoy your friends and those you care about with quality time sharing your stories, and this full moon supports exactly that.

The Saturn and Pluto conjunction is about one month away, the most significant final phase of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is what 2020 is all about.  The balsamic phase, for these two, but also for the balsamic phase as well.  It is the closing page of a long chapter.  In this planetary phase, the focus is on the closing, it hints at the future, but the endings come first before the new phase.  Here is a snippet of the balsamic phase for those who are continuing to increase their knowledge of astrology:

Astrologer Ðena DeCastro wrote in her recent article, “Saturn and Pluto are winding down a 30-plus cycle in 2019 as they prepare to come together for their exact conjunction in January of 2020. We are now in the equivalent of the “Balsamic” Moon phase of the cycle between these two planets. The Balsamic phase is about endings and clearing the way for the new.

 Old structures are ready to die, and new ones are coming–but not yet. This is a liminal time, wherein we are still invited to do the inner work before our outer world achievements can fully blossom.

 Saturn is about facing reality, taking responsibility for what is ours, and setting boundaries. Saturn is particularly strong in its own sign right now, its energy further heightened by its connection to Pluto (the Great Intensifier)”  You can read Dena’s article here. http://www.denadecastro.com/post/the-saturn-pluto-conjunction-clearing-blocks-to-our-power

Many of us have something in our lives that we are closing and some are ready to push through an enormous transformational year which will be restructuring something that is more aligned with what is the true reality and more practical and agile than it has been.  What part of your life is this transformation taking place?  Wherever Capricorn is at 22 degrees plus about 10 degrees either side that give you insight into where you’ll feel the impulse or where you are responding to change that is ready to be birthed that will manifest as something real world too, that’s the nature of the cardinal sign of Capricorn.  Something in the material world is forever changing until the next time these two come together (Saturn/Pluto). Consider what your deepest soul gets in this opportunity?  You may feel like you are going through the grind of the hardest job you’ve ever had, but it is an opportunity that your soul considered to be keen for your own evolutionary growth.  So here we are.  The light of this full moon — use it for ideas and meditating on what is ending and what is coming so your higher self is guiding you.

If you are spiritually minded asking for guidance from angelic helpers, animal guides and ancestors is a good time to hear the whispered messages.  Mercury is heading toward the sun and can deliver some amazing messages as he joins the sun on January 9-10, 2020. By the time Mercury enters Aquarius on January 16th (just over a month), you may be surprised at all the intuitive messages you get.   Mercury is intimately involved in the Saturn Pluto conjunction.  On the exact moment of the conjunction, Mercury is less than one degree ahead of them, having picked up speed he will be key to the new phase.  Mercury will be operating within the realm of Saturn so the messages that we get are practical and time-based and may take time to make them real, but they will undoubtedly carry keys to what direction we go, what we need to consider in the new phase and what needs to be considered in our long-range plan for what we want for the new decade.  When Mercury reaches Aquarius the practical planning and perspective of what needs to consider shifts into brainstorming, into future ideas that we might just get a glimpse of at the end of January.  Open the gates of communication now, this present moment so you will have set the stage for a better reception from the wisdom that is there waiting to be shared.  You may find this wisdom in experienced elders and you may find it in the dreams that surface that come from ancestors.  It is all there for you, just ask.

So this is a great week for asking questions, journaling, and listening.  Dreams may be filled with images for you to ponder on something that is ready for your conscious attention to let it flow into your being and embody new understanding.  Have you already experienced a few dreams this week as we’ve been building toward this full moon? Neptune squares the full moon in Gemini so that will be something that requires patience, talking with a trusted friend about your dreams can help you get to the core theme of why your inner self is giving it to you now.  Mars in Scorpio at 15 degrees is in flow with Neptune, so our desire nature has an open window. Music and exercise can keep your mind in good balance.  Keep up your routine if you have one and if you do not yet have one, find a reason to dance in front of your cat or dog, it will make you both feel good.  Neptune will be at 15 degrees 59 minutes of Pisces, spot on my mean north node in Pisces.  This has been a week of dreams and I’ve already been contacting trusted friends to have conversations, so I have support in unraveling the images and themes which are guiding me in what is ready for my consciousness to understand and work with now.  It really has been illuminating so far.  Trusted friends are the listeners when we need to talk through the messages and images.  The a-ha moments come in the conversation, the dialog for many will be how the clarity drops in.  So, be available, share your ears, good listening is a most awesome gift!!  And thank you to those of you who have been my beloved listeners this week so far.  Big hugs!

I enjoy sharing my astrological insights on the new moon and full moons and other key moments I can that may be helpful in your life.  Thank you for letting e share with you and reading.  The next new moon is an eclipse, very important and powerful moment as it is happening on the winter solstice.  It may feel impressionably dark for some as Capricorn energy on a dark moon that blocks the light, just writing that makes it feel cold more than usual. Many will feel the solstice with great melancholy, especially happening the day after Christmas.  Be mindful of this and be ready within yourself.  Those who carry strong inner lights will need to show them and share them.  I will write more on the winter solstice total solar eclipse the week prior.  As with all eclipses, the week prior is highly dynamic with the themes coming before the actual moment and for several weeks after the actual eclipse.  Inner lights shine bright, the world will be looking to you.  Bless this moment. Namaste.

One final message, each year there is fundraising for Wikipedia for supporting one of the top used websites in the world for facts and information.  As part of this full moon in Gemini maybe you can support them with a small donation of $5-$10 this year.  It is a great way to collectively appreciate how we share facts and information.

In gratitude, have a blessed full moon.

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Image: Enrique Meseguer