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Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius – June 5, 2020: Voices Uniting For Change and Justice

photo credit: Blackkango via Dreamstime

Full Moon, eclipse, Friday, June 5, 2020, at 12:12 pm PDT, a unique time indeed.  We entered eclipse season at the last new moon, which has made the history books and we are just in the beginning, we’ve yet to reach the summer solstice eclipse which is perhaps more pivotal. Astrologer and mystics alike have been writing about the archetypes of 2020 that have shared the caution and warning related to authority figures and the people in strife for many months. Of course, the planetary configurations do not compel, they simply let us know we are part of the whole.  Life events tumble together in synchronicity, what is happening in the heavens is also happening within us.   Some of us participate at various levels, but those who are aware of the archetypes understand the larger themes at work, at play, activated, however, you language it. Personally, I live a three-hour drive from a major metropolitan area.  My experience is less in the thick of things than those who live in the cities. Not that we don’t have the archetypes at play here, we do, it is just a smaller scale. I share that detail of my personal experience because it always is the filter from my writing perspective.

There are so many events it is hard to address each and every one, however, they all are involved in the themes we as a collective in the United States must address, work to heal, find a peaceful resolution with, as we are invited by the Universe and the greater forces into a collective underworld journey.  We are in a deep dive into ourselves, Pluto is the planetary archetype that queues up your underworld journey, other planets get involved based on how they participate – this year absolutely Saturn (moving between Capricorn and Aquarius) themes of authoritarian power and its misuse, but also includes the need to be responsible with social distancing in public in the midst of a pandemic (covid19).  Other planets involved symbolically as archetypes are Jupiter, Mercury, Ceres, and Mars.

Jupiter is the planet known for expansion.  So in the sign of Capricorn Jupiter plays the role of the expanded reach of authority. The scene being made bigger. The executive reach. Jupiter in traditional astrology is in its fall, so Jupiter does not have much of its own power to soften the hardness of the other archetypal themes, though it is helping in some ways for support for doing the hard work that is upon so many people right now in important roles of responsibility.  Jupiter was in its own domicile of Sagittarius when coronavirus appeared in Wuhan, but Neptune Pisces is part of the symbolism of the spread.  Jupiter in Capricorn has a more serious tone overall and the mood is less optimistic. Jupiter and Pluto make three conjunctions this year and they are the following act after the biggest conjunction of the decade with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on January 12, 2020.  The transits of Jupiter and Pluto going back and forth over that same degree in Capricorn really drill into our collective consciousness the power structures and authority abuses, for those who are responsible and ethical authority figures it is likely to be the most challenging period of time in your career.  The public trust has reached the boiling point (hello Mars) and it has boiled over.  I support the Black Lives Matter and offer support through ACLU donations which help demand justice and legally supports that in our reality. It is a challenging moment.  I have a family member who is a police officer in the state of Washington. I care about them deeply and know they have to face a lot of danger in their role every day.  I’m sure it is challenging; I do not lessen the importance of their job.  We do have a system that is failing the collective diversity of our nation, that is true.  We have many individuals (not all) in the system that are operating with values that are not aligned with a higher mind, higher intention for collective peace.  We have a need for deep training and education to address it at every level.  The root is deep, it will take much effort to change our collective experience to diminish racism, it happens through fair justice in our courts of law. Law is a Sagittarius, Jupiter ruled thing from astrology, so it is not well at this moment, just being “revealed”.  Are we there yet?  God knows and the answer and it is “hell no”, long road to heal.  Too many times the system has failed the souls in our collective that are brown and black skin.  I am also deeply aware of many friends who deal with racism every day of the lives in some form.  I have a brother-in-law that I worry about often who understands this personally as a black man in the United States. I know him as a gentle and generous soul, but those who don’t know him may project their fears and distrust and unconscious racism upon him and that puts him at risk.  I pray we realize great change. I desire a world where everyone is safe, has access to resources and support in the system for justice, for living in a community, to raise their families, to pray in the ways that celebrate their individual souls and who are known and respected for what they create and celebrate in living.  We are in the growing pains again, very long labor, towards that vision, offered many years ago by Martin Luther King, Jr.  I am hopeful as people revolt against the injustice and demand to be heard.  It is the United States in an evolutionary spiral, we have some steps back to take before we can open ourselves up to a new horizon. We only heal that which we can acknowledge with the full light upon it.

What’s next with the eclipses over this next month?  First, we have the lunar eclipse on June 5th around 12:12 pm PDT.  The moon receiving the shadow of the earth, visible in Asia, Europe, Australia, and parts of Africa.  Eclipses always heighten the energy, so with three eclipses, in a row, it will be a uniquely loud and active few months, both energetically and truly in the lived experience of many.  Mutable signs (Sagittarius/Gemini directly and Virgo/Pisces at the square) in the middle degrees 5-8 degrees either side of 15 degrees will experience more change than usual, especially those with Jupiter ruled as with Jupiter in Capricorn (deeply involved in change and loss) as well as the south node in Sagittarius there is an out-breath now taking place, before an in-breath.  And we all need a cleansing in-breath. Mars is square with Neptune (making it that much more sneaky and harder to get a handle on it) which is very disruptive and emotionally it brings up the material of wounds, along with Pluto on the authoritarian and systems side.  A perfect storm.  Be mindful as best you can. In crisis, sometimes it is small steps to get to the other side of a scary time.  This moment has great importance in the long term for our collective integrity, we must act to change it, as we manage our woundedness. This full moon eclipse, as others show a lot of the building events prior to the actual eclipse.  With Mars square this eclipse, it will have a very difficult passage for us all as the moon wanes prior to the next new moon, which is the solar eclipse at zero degrees Cancer.  Even in my local community, I am concerned about how matters will unfold as Mars will be angular to the eclipse from the 7th house.  The eclipse will be midday tomorrow.

Uranus is in Taurus, square widely to Saturn, but still within orb.  Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus are retrograde, soon Mercury will be retrograde and then Uranus too.  It is a busy year for inner reflection and contemplation.  Much will be enacted in the collective for us to learn for deeper understanding and compassion.  Everyone on some level is and will be evaluating their values.  Some will come to new realizations about what they value. Some will have experiences that bring them to their knees.  Spirit knows you are infinite. Your physical life is valuable and precious and a vehicle for your evolution.  If you are reading anything on astrology that speaks to the archetypes of this moment you are indeed closer to understanding the importance of your soul within the bigger picture. We are here together. Crisis moments invoke deeper thinking for many people, and there’s a new idea that emerges in that awareness.  As a cautionary note to all, the astrology symbolism is clear we are not at that deepest point of the crisis on our values, on our identity as a collective nation.  We have several months to go.

How are you participating in changing the collective diversity of justice?  That is the only question that seems to be right in the bullseye in this moment.  My prayers are hopeful and actively asking the Universe, my guides to help me better understand, offer compassion, and support our collective diversity and heartfelt inclusion in all of life so our communities may truly flourish in love.