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UP the Mountain Saturn in Capricorn Return – Magalie Part Two

Magalie has seen her life expand exponentially in the past two years during her Saturn return.  The last time I spoke with Magalie she was moving her mother from Joliette to Montreal to live with her following her retirement from her dentistry practice.  In 2018, Magalie reconnected with Sam, who she’s known for about 11 years, but she sees him only about once a year.  Magalie and Sam have had different relationships over the years, including just a platonic friendship.  They met again in the spring of 2018, as they do about the same time each year at the same event, however, this year proved to be different for their relationship status.  This time they were both open and single.  They reconnected and this time there was something new between them.  Magalie felt that they just flowed together, easily communicating and spending more time together.  In a brief period, their relationship bloomed quickly into a committed relationship.

Later that year, even though Sam had his own apartment, they found themselves together at Magalie’s home more often than not and soon decided to live together, so Sam moved in with Magalie in early 2019.  Magalie’s home was now bustling with her new relationship with Sam and her mother’s move to live with her in Montreal as well.   It is a happy home with each person enjoying the comforts of shared company, and the young couple is saving money as well.  Magalie’s relationship with Sam has inspired her interest in her professional life as well.  She recently (2019) received a promotion to a supervisor/manager role at work.  Magalie notes that her relationship with Sam has made her more interested in her professional life and in working harder to create success professionally.  Last year brought an opportunity for Magalie to travel, which she had not done since she was a child.  Themes of a committed relationship, work success, home life, and travel are the focus for Magalie the last two years.  With exact dates for some events, we can review her Saturn return in Capricorn relative to these experiences.

The first chart below is for the transit of May 5, 2018, when Magalie reconnected with her friend Sam and sparked a new romantic relationship.  In the transit chart for the day she reconnected with Sam, there are a few important transits to note.  First, her 7th house ruler Jupiter is in Scorpio making a conjunction to her natal Pluto in Scorpio, which is happening in her 3rd house of communications, perceptions and local environment; but perhaps more significantly, Jupiter rules her fourth house of family and home.  Jupiter also is the co-ruler of her 7th house with Pisces on her Descendant.  Second, Venus the planet of relationships and love is applying to her Midheaven.  Sun in Taurus is applying to her natal moon in Taurus the very day they reconnect, while the transiting moon and Pluto are conjunct her natal Saturn in Capricorn in her 5th house of pleasures and love affairs. Transiting Mars in Capricorn had just passed over her Venus too as if a cosmic wink to lovers united.  Additionally, Saturn in transit had made a conjunction to Uranus but was in retrograde nearing the second conjunction on that day. This second conjunction surprises them both in how quickly their relationship switched to something more serious over that month.  Transiting Uranus was at the critical degree of Aries nearing the re-entry into the sign of Taurus.  The energetic pulse of Uranus leaving Aries would have been quite electric! Transiting Neptune in Pisces was about 4 degrees away from her 7th house cusp, which may have intensified the feeling of romance and even heightened the romantic illusion. Understandably, she felt drawn to Sam, but not necessarily with the fullest clarity of why now compared to other times they connected in a friendly, platonic way.  This time inspired something new and invited them both to explore what is between them.

It was a good thing for Magalie she and Sam had been friends for more than a decade before they reconnected and entered a committed relationship.  Magalie noted how it was important for her that she had known him for such a long time.  The transiting Moon in Capricorn conjunct her own Mercury in Capricorn added with the Sun transiting her own moon in Taurus that day made for easy connection and conversations that felt grounded and real. The time knowing each other was a stabilizing foundation of their connection.  Additionally, the Sun is within 2 degrees of opposing Magalie’s Pluto in Scorpio.  There would have been a vibe of sensuality that was undeniable and that lit the sparks of their connection.  Pluto has that effect, as well as Mars. In about three years we’ll see a significant change for Magalie in how she thinks and what she identifies as family. You can see this by the sun’s Solar Arc is exact on her natal Moon (family/travel) and opposing her Pluto (transformation).  Sometimes only upon reflection (about a year or two after the transformation) can we gauge how significant the change really is.  In the moment they met with new eyes, Pluto is in a trine (easy flow) from Capricorn to her Virgo Ascendant.  The earth element is grounding and appreciates simplicity, but those with a dominant amount of earth know what is right for them and what they need.  Sometimes things work out in the flow of life and it is easy to see it because it makes the most sense.

The question for others reading Magalie’s story may be what is the challenge of her Saturn return?  How does Saturn present as a challenge or growth for her?  Most of us go through layers of growth, and for Magalie, another story of her experience may reveal how she pushed herself to grow.  On the exact day of her Saturn return, she received a promotion at her work.  First, it is important to consider that she asked for the promotion for the work she had done, and it was granted to her.  For Magalie, her Capricorn stellium and Saturn do make an easier flow of experience in a trine to her Ascendant.  She is a worker by nature, and when she does the work and then asks for the recognition it will be granted.  It is important to know that her identity is supported through the earth element.  Saturn asks for you to step up to the responsibility.  Saturn favorably trines her Ascendant in earth (Virgo/Capricorn), so it would be something that she could do, and it would be something that may come naturally to her as well. The trine aspect is one of being supported.  The square aspect would present challenges to overcome and work through with various degrees of tension, depending on the planets and signs involved.  Opposition aspects are more about managing the two archetypes or two distinct polarities, or they’re about something that doesn’t work and may separate.  Often the challenges of a period reflect the opposition aspect of two or more planets in the transit chart that will depend on additional factors. These additional factors are the condition or strength of the ruling planets of the signs these planets are transiting.  The ruling planets of the signs carry the archetypal themes in life events, if they are angular, they are more powerful and prominently expressed, then the outcome is a higher probability of an actual break or an actual separation. If the planets are in cardinal signs no matter their house position, they also are dynamic and expressed changes that happen in quickly and create something new that we redirect ourselves in the experiences of life.  When you are unconscious of these archetypes it feels as if life is happening to you when it is troubling.  When it is shaped of your directed desire and you are consciously focusing your free will, you are aligned with the archetypes in the transits and with your natal promise seeded in your birth chart. When you study astrology, you consider early in your studies the question, is life free will or highly fated and you will set down parameters for what you think and believe through your observation.

The second transit chart shows the day Magalie’s mother moved to Quebec at Magalie’s request and to get her to the city to enjoy life. Transiting Saturn in Capricorn was retrograde and reapplying to Magalie’s Mars in Capricorn in her 4th house of family.  Interestingly, Mars rules Aries the sign of the 8th house, too, which concerns shared resources.  Mars co-rules her third house (Scorpio) as well and is symbolic for communications, perception, and other people’s values.  Both mother and daughter are sharing this home and are benefiting from being closer together.  There is a closeness and intimacy with Scorpio in her third house and the shared local environment, which is reflected in Magalie’s local community and her desire to share the space with her mother.  A shared comfort is also the expression with Magalie’s moon in Taurus in her 8th house, although Magalie’s moon is so close to her 9th house that much of her family, inner security, and emotional experiences connect to 9th house themes (personal truth/beliefs/travel/higher education) as well.  Transiting Jupiter and Moon in Scorpio with Pluto as the midpoint of their transiting positions is an important part of this moment for Magalie.  The pull of family into the shared space is magnetic and transformational for both mother and daughter. A shared space with her mother is valuable to Magalie, since her mother is someone she deeply trusts and enjoys having very close in her adult life.

The chart for Magalie’s travels abroad to Portugal in the last chart reveal the 9th house themes again.  On November 10, 2019, Magalie and Sam took off to Europe on their first big vacation.  Venus is the ruler of Magalie’s 9th house of long-distance travel.  Venus in Magalie’s natal chart is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn.  Notice that transiting Pluto was transiting Magalie’s natal Venus at the time she was taking this vacation with Sam.  This trip was a new experience for Magalie as she had not traveled for many years since traveling with her parents during her childhood.  Pluto in the transit chart shows her desire for long distance travel and the magnitude of how it was deeply significant.  Mercury in Scorpio is with the Sun conjunct her natal Pluto again.  A pattern of the sextile when planets pass over Magalie’s natal Pluto and create a sextile to several of her Capricorn stellium planets, such as Mercury, Saturn and Venus, which shows in this event as well.  These three planets rule her Ascendant, which is her midheaven (10th house).  Mercury and Venus rule her 9th house and 2nd house, and Saturn rules her 5th and 6th houses.  Both Venus and Jupiter were in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius when they traveled overseas on vacation, so there was extra emphasis with Jupiter in Sagittarius supporting her as well as her 9th house ruler Venus in the sign that is symbolic for long-distance travel.

As I was writing Magalie’s Part Two story, I learned that just a few days prior to Magalie’s birthday on February 2nd she was in a car accident on January 31, 2020.  The car was severely damaged, but she did not receive any injuries in the accident.  In the chart for the accident there is more than one indicator of the accident potential.  The midpoint of transiting Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn are exactly on her natal Mercury in Capricorn, which is symbolic for cars, and with Mercury conjunct Saturn there is the potential for an accident.  Mercury in the sign of Aquarius and in her 6th house is also a clue for the potential for an accident (Saturn rules Aquarius). The 6th house in Traditional Astrology is where accidents are symbolized as well.  Additionally, Uranus in Taurus was on the transiting midheaven (MC) of the chart in the exact moment.  The transiting Ascendant of the moment of the accident also had come to her south node in Leo in the 12th house.  Jupiter is also the ruler of Pisces and in transit it had come to Neptune in Capricorn, with transiting Neptune conjunct the Descendant, and Jupiter being opposite her own Ascendant indicates potential confusion or not seeing the other person in the accident.  The other person just as much could not see her with Neptune there or was confused in the moment.  The other driver would not see her since the ruling planet of Magalie’s Ascendant was by transit in the 6th house, which is in aversion to the 7th house symbolic of the other driver in this event.  Mars is also very angular in the transit chart applying hard to square her Ascendant and Descendant axis and opposite her own Midheaven, too.  It is a blessing she was not injured.

Overall, Magalie has had several experiences that have highlighted the role Saturn in Capricorn in her Saturn return plays as active archetypal themes in her life.  These various experiences highlight both positive and negative experiences a person may go through during the Saturn return.  I think it is also valuable to see how Magalie and those in this series I’ve been writing have experienced the Capricorn stellium at this key development cycle of their lives.  Uranus and Neptune are playing a significant role in the way everyone is experiencing the Saturn in Capricorn return experience within this group.  Even though Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21st, Saturn returns to Capricorn in early July and will finish the Capricorn themes before the final entry into Aquarius in December 2020.  We may hear of additional Saturn return experiences and deeper understanding and gained wisdom from the experiences from each of the participants in this group study.  Magalie is revealing to herself and loved ones her new self-awareness and maturity.  She has new found insight that she carries forward in how she manages herself personally, professional and how she acts, based on what she desires to experience in her life.