Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Winter Solstice – December 21, 2018 2:23 PM PST – Dynamic Moments with Emotional Depth


Friday, December 21, 2018 at 2:23 pm Pacific Time (5:23 pm EST) marks the winter solstice bringing us into the new season as the sun enters Capricorn. The sun joins Saturn, Pluto and the south node of the moon in Capricorn.  The nodal axis at 26 degrees 57 minutes Capricorn/Cancer is getting a jolt from Uranus in Aries still retrograde at 28 degrees 43 minutes.  Uranus will station direct in the first week of January.  This aspect from Uranus to the lunar nodes in the winter solstice chart is probably the most volatile and will be unpredictable for life events through the season until we reach the spring equinox.  Cardinal signs are always dynamic with significant events happening and life showing sharp stops and starts.  The moon in Gemini at 18 degrees 58 minutes, moving towards a full moon tomorrow amplifies the changeable nature of the season we are starting and the Ascendant, at least on the west coast is in Gemini at 2 degrees 2 minutes marking a very dynamic few months ahead.  Mercury is transiting Sagittarius and leaving a conjunction with Jupiter.  Mercury at 9 degrees 50 minutes and Jupiter at 9 degrees 37 minutes Sagittarius.  Jupiter in his own sign is amplified and located in the house of others and relationships in this winter solstice chart. Communications may be livelier around subjects of international relations or borders and religion.  Mercury in Sagittarius is outside the comfort zone of usual logical Mercury, it will be more intuitive, gut level type of communications that we might need to consider in the next few months.  Mercury in Sagittarius is in detriment and tends to be more scattered in contrast to a strong focused Mercury.  Neptune at 13 degrees Pisces 54 minutes is complicating the focus as well at an orb of just about 4 degrees to Mercury and Jupiter.  Both Mercury and Jupiter will have less potency as Neptune dissolves the boundaries of whatever he touches by aspect.  The moon is widely square to Neptune bringing in some potentials for confusing and tying in that to the Mercury and Jupiter though too wide of an orb for true opposition, it is applying to them but Neptune brings them together being there is a wide pull in Neptune’s strength as an outer planet to make things foggy or quite the illusion we all are trying to wake up from at this time.  For anyone traveling it does not bode well for timeliness and things going according to tight schedules and plans for the next week or longer.  This combination of Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune square is also a perfect cocktail mix for binging on everything from movies, entertainment and flirtatiousness, romance and love affairs.  Or you may find yourself confused by spiritual or religious symbols and signs.  Meditation is potent too, being mindful may be the best medicine you could give yourself when things seem out of balance and without a clear direction.  When the moon reaches Cancer for the full moon on Saturday, December 22nd at 9:39 pm PST (12:39 am EST on December 23rd) the shift from mental to emotional energy will provide a bit better flow for the connection to Neptune in watery Pisces and what may come from imagination and fantasy for our emotional well-being.  It will be easier to read the matters we are dealing with from similar element and the emotional connections.  It may be concerning for some as anyone who struggles with boundaries will find this combination a challenge above all else to keep others from crossing them.  This combination speaks being taken over by confusion in communications and thus the boundary that may have been put in place is easily broken or overwhelmed.  Mars in Pisces at 23 degrees 12 minutes is applying to conjunction with Chiron the wounded healer located at 28 Pisces 58 minutes.  Warriors may need assistance right now from authorities that engage them in service.  Venus is at 14 degrees 5 minutes of Scorpio just past a trine with Neptune.  Venus in Scorpio is a bit obsessive and touches into deep entanglement.  It would be easy to fall into jealous thinking, but may find solace soon in an emotional intensity with Mars in the coming days as she moves to a trine with him in Pisces.  Take your date to the movies it will be either a dramatic intense emotional rollercoaster or a playful watery adventure, either way, Venus in Scorpio loves the time to be close afterwards and the content of the movies can bring some interesting inner world conversations to the table.  It is bound to be sensual in more ways than one.

Saturn in Capricorn continues forward and keeps us on task to take care of our responsibilities even when we’re tired from holiday hustle.  Making slow and steady progress on something we care about keeps us focused in the chaos.   Pluto and the south node are dancing close together at this winter solstice chart, only 6 degrees and 41 minutes of separation, close enough to already be showing us some interesting events that are truly going to be changing structures in our society that will really be changing in ways we cannot even fully understand at this point.  It takes time to see the full picture of the dynamic of Pluto’s indelible touch.  I’m certain politics for us in the United States is one of these themes, it just goes so much deeper than any of us figure in this moment, it’s still in the earlier phase of unfolding.  So patience, self-care and keeping yourself centered in light of the daily news reel is worth your energy. The full moon in Cancer on December 22nd will be potent in that it is in its own domicile and will bring a sense of home and self-security forward for us all.  Many of us traveling or at home with family will feel either good or challenging depending on the state of your safe zone at home being solid and nurtured.  Not everyone has a home that feels safe and solid, so then the moment is more emotional and reminds us clearly what and where we don’t feel secure.  It is also at 0 degrees 49 minutes, on the Aries Point that brings another level of intensity to the full moon moment.  Bless the hospitals and ER’s, they are likely to have a busy night shift.  Before we end the year Mars moves into Aries on December 31st at 6:20 PM PST back into his domicile which will feel good for anyone who is ruled by a fire sign.  Mars can also jump into something without thinking in Aries, so this New Year’s Eve watch out for your friends who tend to forget what’s good for the group.  This winter solstice is full of potentials for imaginative play and it has yield signs if you understand the symbolism.   Spending your time to relax, be at ease and play can be the boost you give yourself now to carry you through whatever your heart is working to achieve.  May you find peace in yourself by giving it to yourself, so you’ll be able to dip into your inner well when you need it.  Bless this moment. Namaste.