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When Lightning Meets Earth – Wake Up Earthlings– Uranus ingress to Taurus May 15, 2018

This coming week on May 15, 2018 we all experience the Uranus ingress into Taurus and it’s initial pulse is not something I know exactly, that’s just Uranus who likes surprises that jolt you and your consciousness, but it is the biggest moment I think happening in our cosmic dance within our solar system this year.  As Uranus enters Taurus it will begin it’s roll through the 30 degrees of Taurus that goes through 2025 when it will eventually leave and head into Gemini.

Do you remember March 11, 2011? Remember the earthquakes, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster?  Well that’s the Uranus ingress to Aries version.  Do you recall what was happening in your life at that time?  Maybe there was something very specific that changed your entire life experience.  Following Uranus’ transits through the signs and houses of your natal chart offer a massive amount of insight and awareness into your soul’s breakthroughs (or breakdowns) but it often is the portal to a higher understanding of yourself in that area of your life.  I’ll have more on this in Part II.  This week we’ve all been stunned and awed by the volcanic activity and eruptions happening on Hawaii (big island) and the return of Pele. We are reminded of Gaia and her wondrous power we fondly refer to as Mother Nature.  That is just the beginnings, the prelude for what we will experience with Uranus in Taurus.  Uranus is a transpersonal planet, something we experience collectively as it acts as a liberator from what has been formed or shaped and needs an overhaul or absolute release from structures that no longer serve.  We also have experiences with the energy on a more personal level relative to where it is in your natal chart and how it aspects while in transit to your planets and angles. You have seen Uranus in Aries as a fighting for social justice, activist, liberator, sudden events (all sorts), individuals speaking up, even warriors (both domestic and foreign) being highlighted, as well as an increase in driving change into systems that are failing us (this also comes from Pluto’s transit through Capricorn, but both planets squared off in the heavens seven times to begin the process of change in all of us across the planet).  Uranus in Aries was the bursting forth of collective change for the individual, pioneers (especially science and tech) and the struggle with violence around the globe, but really here in the USA and how we relate to personal fire arms, but more on that later.  Mars will be squaring the Uranus in Taurus ingress from Aquarius a day later.  It’s going to get very interesting and things will be shaking metaphorically all over the place.

Uranus Taurus is going to be the revolution and it will be in a few noticeable areas, one is land – we will and are already seeing more seismic activity, volcano in Hawaii, earthquakes are also high probabilities, and maybe even more around damaged land from fracking.  I think we will be working with these instabilities in certain places on earth, but maybe more so during the next seven years.  We’ll likely need to consider not just climate change and erratic weather cycles, but also how that impacts our crops we grow to feed ourselves.  Food and how we grow are food are Taurus things and there will be adjustments either from new technology we use to help us produce a higher quality product but also in how we get it from farm to table.  Uranus isthe “new frontier” seed planet and something we can bring in to better our living and but also in being friendlier with our environment; it is up to us to use the technology wisely. Some things need less tech and less human interference and that too will be something we will be challenged to consider in our relationship to earth our home.

Taurus, ruled by Venus, is also the sign we understand our money, our currency and how we manage our money over time.  All areas of finance will be touched by Uranus’ transit through Taurus.  It will change forever money, new currencies, new images we choose for our dollars such as Harriet Tubman on the twenty-dollar bill and so forth.  Probably the most significant change we could see is the increase in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and how that changes our exchanges for goods and services. There are also going to be plenty of surprises we’ve not yet considered because Uranus bears that as part of it symbolism, the unknown and really it truly is unknown until the moment is divinely ripe. From an astrologer’s perspective I’d say that it is when the aspect is exact and for a short period of time being in orb for other triggers too, such as Moon and Mercury doing their parts in the dance.  Income and any public matters related to income that have been prominent in the news such as minimum wages will likely during this time achieve new breakthroughs.  There may be legal battles that ensue but there would be upward movement for the collectivetowards fairness in wages (*note that Pluto still is working on the old world thinking as it moves through Capricorn).   Labor unions may find a surge of new energy to continueto ensure quality, fair practices and wages too. How we relate to our possessions, especially Americans and the stuff we accumulate in a consumer-focused society is also up for change.  Did you know that the self-storage industry is valued at $38 BILLION dollars?  No kidding!  This Uranus in Taurus transit makes me wonder if collectively we start letting go of such idealism on the accumulation of stuff and perhaps we move towards sharing with our neighbors more on more things we don’t all need as often.

Whatever house Taurus is in your natal chart will have this bolt of dynamic change, an area of your life that is divinely ready for new considerations, breakthroughs and if you’re not pushing the edge for a breakthrough it can also come in the form of a breakdown that then perhaps is followed by the breakthrough, it all depends on where you’re at in this changing universe and our collective.


All soil, earth-based businesses from farming, excavation, mining (though Scorpio is in opposition) and fuel companies that often damage the earth will go through dynamic change and certainly will do battle (most often legally) with those seeking to balance with our relationship to earth and how we manage the resources we consume.   Corporate interests for profit and the balance of our consumption and how those practices hurt our earth.  There will be new insights from science that we become aware of from long term studies around earth-based sciences that may impact us because the new information will be breaking through old fixed ideas and old information.  Taurus is fixed energy and while Uranus moves through Taurus it will conjunct each degree and a fusion will take place along the way in the sign, however all the other fixed signs Scorpio (opposite), and Aquarius and Leo square will all be experiencing a tension by square or opposition while Uranus moves through Taurus. So, each will experience change from a different angle of perspective, either the tension but within the same axis is Scorpio (diseases, life/death, taxes related to incomes, investments, shared resources) are the other side of Taurus.  Aquarius is technology, activism, and humanitarian collective groups as well as intelligence and Leo is the stage, the self-expression of individual, play, creativity and children will have the square influence which is challenge but also significant stress depending on one’s access and ability to allow the flow.  Where there are significant blocks in consciousness is when it gets dirty, unpleasant and downright messy.  Personally, I wonder about how the Uranus ingress to Taurus lights up the unconscious of Scorpio for the collective.  That one makes me a bit concerned as a human but as an astrologer I’m hopeful that those who have been awakened and taking on the hard work of inner healing that then show up for others as healers is part of this regeneration of who we are collectively.  It’s a hard and exhausting job ahead and for the next few years we have Saturn in Capricorn helping us with the heavy lifting and showing up to just do it.  Not everyone is okay to call on a therapist when they need help when the unconscious is knocking on them to get conscious and thus we have negative unresolved trauma that ends up in the world projected from wounds that need attention.  I’ve pondered this thought of wake-up calls across so many I know and have come to know since 2009, just after Pluto entered Capricorn.  The waves continue to bring more to the shore with big questions and handfuls of tissues from the intensity of emotion.I’m there with thousands of others, having gone through levels of consciousness expansion since my Saturn return, but truly the most significant since 2009 to now.  Think about how much you’ve traversed in understanding yourself in that short period of time?!

Taurus likes things simple, uncomplicated really and beautiful.  It brings me to my next thought on this transit for Uranus.  I’ve felt it in my own little space here on planet earth at home.  I’ve had a resurge to make my home more beautiful and have new thoughts bursting on colors, plants and flowers that I want to include around my home.  It may be the same for others.  It may surface also around personal beauty and attention towards the body.  Taurus in a deeper sense is our values. We equate that in our modern world with money, income, possessions, wealth or even beauty.  However, going another level deeper we really will see a dynamic change in our values.  What we valued prior to this collectively will be different as it completes the cycle over the next seven years, and each nation will have it slightly different relative to their country’s relationship with Taurus in their country of origin.  Values are what shape us, what drives us forward into new life and new forms of relating in our world.  These are things that we believe are most important to us and how we live.  Values give us our priorities.


I love this quote on values by Mahatma Gandhi,

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

If you’ve never taken the time to identify your top 5 or 10 personal values, you may find it an excellent exercise in centering yourself and to continue growing with this clarity.  Knowing your values sets you on a path where true north is for you and it will simplify your life in all you do.  Uranus in Taurus is the time that you may shift in what you value and that will shift your behaviors, decisions and what you align with to experience.  It’s divine time for waking up to a refined you with deeper wisdom and appreciation for life.  Blessings to all at this defining moment.  Namaste.  Be a blessing.