Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Welcome Spring! Aries ingress today!

spring meadow 2

Today is the first day of spring here in the northern hemisphere, where the day and night are in equilibrium, a moment of balance. The vernal equinox is the moment as the sun enters the sign of Aries. This moment occurred at 3:28:35 am Pacific Daylight Time. The chart of the Aries ingress is an important chart for the weeks and months ahead until the summer solstice. In the chart for the ingress to Aries several planets are in Aries at this moment Venus retrograde at 8 degrees 01′, Mercury at 12 degrees 44′, Eris at 22 degrees 55′, and Uranus 23 degrees 04. With several planets in Aries at this moment it brings additional power and energy to the rushing in of spring! We may have some internal focus on values at this moment with Venus in Aries heading back into Pisces. The Moon and Saturn are conjunct in this Aries ingress chart at 27 degrees Sagittarius. The moon symbolizes “the people” or “women” and nurturing and Saturn symbolizing authority, duties, limits, boundaries and karma, also in a fire sign so it trines the fire sign of Aries. How may these archetypes be heating up in the coming months? Will women find their inner warrior for challenges they face with authorities? Or rise to the occasion with a new found drive to create something more stable and long term?

The Moon and Saturn sit at the degree of the Galactic Center of our Universe, tuning our psyches to cosmic awareness of the importance of self nurturing, natural laws and your own authority. Neptune in Pisces, it’s own sign is sextile to Ceres the mother, the one who nurtures us with her grains for the bread we eat, in Taurus an earth sign. The symbolism wakes up to our connection to the cosmic mother in all of us, it reminds me how important it is for each us to care for each other as well, with the knowing we are connected in a divine symphony. It is up to us to open our hearts with compassion, kindness is one of the easiest ways we can show tender loving care. Jupiter in Libra is also retrograde opposite of Uranus and Eris in Aries stimulating the tension for social justice and how we collectively fight for individual rights and freedoms we cherish. Pluto in Capricorn is in a T-square in Capricorn with a strong arm coming from the collective systems we’ve created that are fighting hard to remain. Change is absolute for Pluto, transiting in Capricorn is the monumental change of our systems and infrastructure as we’ve known it going through a paradigm shift. It’s not a time to be silent for what you care about in your world, it’s a time to speak up, show up and engage in the conversation for the changes you desire. Aries is ruled by Mars, planet of action, movement, the pioneer, the entrepreneur and the warrior and the courageous act.

Mars in Taurus is like the plow in the dirt, not moving fast but with steady purpose and endurance. Mars prefers moving at his pace, so the energy of Taurus is a like having the foot on the brake when he wants to go fast. Perhaps if we look at the themes in front of us now it is important to register the need for endurance, pacing oneself for the long haul for what we envision for ourselves. Have a blessed spring, it’s been a long winter! Namaste.