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Virgo New Moon – Sunday, September 9th at just after 11:01 am PDT. A Piece of Heaven Made at Home


image credit:  Flowers in Her Hair Embroidery Pattern 

New moon in Virgo this Sunday just past 11:01 am PDT at 17 degrees and opposite dreamy Neptune in Pisces currently retrograde at 15 degrees 1 minute.   With Neptune opposite this new moon of Virgo it can be a period of disillusionment and confusion, but also may be a period where artistic endeavors and creativity may be expressed with intricately worked details that amaze our imagination.  For those on the west coast this new moon in Virgo is in the 10th house and visible, while Neptune is tucked away at the bottom of the chart in 4th house.  Whenever Neptune and even more so in Pisces is at the bottom of the chart I always wonder about water and issues of too much water in the home.  Though the 4th house cusp is Aquarius (ruled by Uranus and Saturn) that just stationed direct on September 7th and then in a trine aspect (120 degrees) with Uranus in Taurus at 2 degrees 07 minutes retrograde there could be an unexpected change in an area thought to be stable.  It remains a potential that water related incidents could come online during this month for those that may have similar alignments of water elements to the 4th house in their own charts.  However these energies may show up in a plethora of ways, though an ideal would be imagination put to good use with creative works outwardly expressed that may need a critical eye to detail to be created.  Think of amazing lace, embroidery, paintings, drawings, sewing fashionable clothing, sculpture in all types of materials from steel, clay, granite or marble and gorgeous woodwork that is intricately carved.  All these make me think of the skilled artisans with an abundant level of Virgo archetype.  The fifth house is ruled by Neptune, (co-ruled by Jupiter) which is at 18 degrees 26 minutes in the first house in Scorpio continuing the deep dredge that continues to bring something up for us to understand or speak to.  Jupiter in Scorpio is in the 1st house, angular for west coast (US) folks so it has a lot more power relating to the new moon with the sun in the 10th house, also angular and powerful.   Jupiter is sextile to the new moon and also sextile to Pluto in Capricorn at 18 degrees 51 minutes.  Pluto is trine to the Virgo new moon which may boost the durability of what is created.  It may also symbolize how this month may have some new insights about the systems of our collective and how the power of communication influences us and our perceptions.  Notice Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, it’s rather heavy contentious pair here.  Mars is at 29 degrees Capricorn 45 minutes moving steadily forward since stationing direct on August 27th, squaring off with Venus that is just tipped into Scorpio.

“For me using embroidery as a medium is a very personal choice. I feel connected to my mom, my grandmothers and great-grandmother when I embroider.” – Jessica Merle, Embroidery Artist 

The grounded energy of the Virgo Moon, Sun, Mercury and Pluto help support the tangled energy of Mars in Capricorn (exalted) and Venus in Scorpio at zero degrees 15 minutes.  Venus in Scorpio is not her most powerful position; Scorpio Venus is passionate, sensually and emotionally raw and entangled and lacks the staying power that Mars has in Capricorn.  Mars has the upper hand so to speak in this square (from traditional astrology perspective).  Venus also gets an opposition with Uranus in Taurus at 2 degrees 7 minutes retrograde with adds to challenges she faces within all of us at this time.  The unpredictable factor of Uranus puts added stress on the feminine Venus in this new moon.  Relationships in general may be more delicate and the shadow is potentially ready to surface for some in the mix at this time.  Venus is also going to spend extra time in Scorpio as she sets to go retrograde on October 5th at 10 degrees 50 minutes and will transit back to 25 degrees 15 minutes Libra before finally stationing direct again on November 16th.  It will be good to keep your head on straight and to understand what feelings may be stirred and prodded and what emotions come; they are your clue to where you may need some soulful attention and a good time to do some housekeeping on your own inner landscape.  Be careful with your inner critic, Mercury in Virgo does well but the shadow side is one where you could tip over the limit into the space of being too hard on yourself and others.  As Mercury is the messenger and after his time hidden by the light of the sun once he re-emerges into view he often brings new information for us to integrate.  Time and again I’ve notice that new information changes the dynamics of our understanding of something and it often comes when Mercury has moved passed the sun and into visibility again.  It cannot be known until then, so you really cannot know it until you’re in it.  Perhaps you are or will be in training or new coursework during this lunar month.  What is illuminated for you now that wasn’t visible before this new moon?  Keep your pencil sharp as more will come to fold into your creations.  It is good to take a moment to be grounded and assess exactly where you’ve been (reflection) and then take note of new thoughts or perceptions that come now.  You may have made some shifts with several planets retrograde through this summer, but it takes your conscious effort to actually integrate the new awareness into life.  Ritual is a fantastic way to do this.  Perhaps personal projects, work, home, art, healing old wounds, or whatever you’ve been focused on shifted and you are still absorbing it fully and getting ideas or feeling the new light in the way your breath is about the “next thing” you may be moving towards with this new insight and progress.  Venus is stepping up for her retrograde, so there is more to discover around your values and relationships and your own personal worth.

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”  – Warren Buffett (Virgo/Aug 30, 1930)

Virgo symbolizes not only service, but discernment as well as making something that supports others in a meaningful way.  Consider the efforts within your family that keep the household running, meals cooked, laundry cleaned and folded, your home clean and tidy as well now consider who sets the tone for the routine of the household.  How much is done and not seen or appreciated because it is routine?  What happens in your home when that key person is taken ill or off emotionally?  Is the entire family unit then off routine?  Virgo is flowing, mutable and feminine.  Virgo is crafty, humble and skilled.  I think of mothers first who do so much work behind the scenes and now we can include many men and fathers who are also taking on the role that once was primarily mothers.  I’m not speaking of the “provider” action of responsibility here.  I am speaking of the person who with their energy, their connection to flow and organization keeps the routine moving and the daily life falls into a loving rhythm and creates the home vibe that all the family is held in that loving space.   Perhaps this is learned from their mothers and grandmothers or maybe they had to figure it out on their own.  These “keepers of the hearth and home” are also the healers, many with just their simple presence bring us back into the rhythm of life and we rise again to tackle life’s responsibilities.  You have friends that may bring this to you too when they are with you in your home or you in theirs.  The adults of the home either mother or father are key to our own development in life around the daily necessities of life and what we need to know for taking care of home life.  We’ve learned how to sort laundry, what temp to wash it in and mastered the recipes that fill our memories and become our own traditions around our tables.  Virgo is earthy and loving and knows what needs to be done for the whole.  An out of balance of Virgo in an individual is hard as the inner critic can be brutal for souls that stumble on self-confidence a level measure of humility and their own  worthiness.  How perfect that it is between the glowing fire of Leo (self expression) and the sociable air of Libra (harmony/justice).  Be sure to hug and share words of love and appreciation for the “keeper” of your home and loving the part of you that participates in routine of life with skill and beauty.  The little world you live every day prospers with the love shared from the hands of our loves and friends that truly are artisans of life and it flows from the heart of Virgo.  Namaste. Bless this moment.

"Flowers in Her Hair" Embroidery Pattern (PDF)

image:  Jessica Merle artist- Elephant Hawk Moth embroidery