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Venus and Uranus go retrograde July 25 and 26, 2015


Venus is stationing to turn retrograde tomorrow at 2:28 am PDT (5:28 EDT). Venus is currently in Virgo within the first degree and will begin her retrograde back into Leo on July 25th. Venus as a personal planet is symbolic of our love, our romantic relationships, luxury, things we value, income and the arts. When Venus moves retrograde it is a turn of the cosmic energies to the inner realms of ourselves. We explore what it is we value, we examine the relationships we are in and how are needs are met and how we experience what we value. We ask ourselves once more, “Is this important to my growth or my heart or am I being true to who I am now or what I once thought and have outgrown?” Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, which rule things such as fashion, beauty, social graces and partnerships and even marriage. Taurus rules landscapes, art scenes, valuables (income) and material possessions our wealth and riches or our assets.

Where is your natal Venus in your birthchart? Where Venus is focused in your nativity you’ll see these themes present in some space of life (at home or with family 4th house, with children or creative expression of self 5th house, and so on). Venus is the symbol of where and how we attract others into our lives and our own feminine expression (yes that includes men who may enjoy art, or beautiful women in their life and spend money)! Venus in retrograde is the opportunity to re-explore our values and fine tuning what we may appreciate in a partner and similar re-assessing actions. Some people may see changes in their income, as the re-assess what they value in what they do to earn money. Some folks may re-assess what makes their relationship harmonious, what ways are you growing with your partner and what has become routine or unbalanced? Significant money spent during a Venus retrograde may be reconsidered once Venus is direct again, and possible thought of as over extending of what you initially intended. It’s a time to re-evaluate, but best to take the action as Venus goes direct. One can over indulge during a Venus retrograde, so use caution and mindfulness with your buying choices and decisions until after September 6th when Venus goes direct.

I personally have a sweet tooth and I’ve learned it’s the best timme to try to break the habit of sweet cravings. Retrograde in the sign of Leo will highlight beauty, image, creative expression of feminine. Anything in the beauty industry is going to be prominent and loud and proud (like Leo). We may see interesting creations, maybe even significant changes in hairstyles of famous Leo personalities. We may see news on creative children being highlighted as well. Though Venus goes direct on September 6th at 14 degrees she is not fully through the shadow of the retrograde (back to 0 Virgo) until October 9th.

The last few retrogrades of Venus were May 15th through June 27th of 2012, October 8th through November 18th of 2010 and March 6th through April 19th of 2009. Looking back what changes may have occured in your life during these time periods? Did you change your income level? Did you buy something significant? Did you change a relationship or experience the change from a partner leaving or loss? Observing our life patterns gives us insight into our inner world and what unfolds in our lives helps us better understand our connection to the cosmos, our interplay with the whole.

Uranus moving retrograde in Aries is happening on July 26th, which is a day after Venus turns retrograde. This will be significant as well, as Uranus is the rebellious energy or the innovator or eccentric energy. It will take the external energy and turn it inward for change that we wish to make in our lives. It will re-emphasize our inner focus until near Christmas of this year when it turns forward again. It’s turning retrograde at the 20 degrees of Aries. Recently in the last few days has been squaring Mars in Cancer, which may have brought tenion and heightened emotions or a noticeable restlessness into our awareness. With Uranus in Aries square Mars in Cancer the energies are cardinal and have potential for accidents. It’s a time to be observant and aware! Have you experience sudden events or an intense restlessness? Have you experienced sudden emotional bursts from family or friends? The inner world of each of us will experience these transits in the themes of the houses they are placed in our birth charts our own nativity, for how they interact with our birth chart is key to how we experience the energy. If you want to learn more about your transits and birth chart schedule a reading today with me at onesagesview.com. The insights you become aware of will be beneficial for navigating your intentions and choices consciously!