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UP the Mountain Saturn Return in Capricorn – Part One Owen

Twenty seven years ago a child was born in Naples, Florida, at three thirty-seven in the afternoon.  A child whose life began in a female body, but in time gender would be a puzzling piece into self-awareness and would take a deep journey of transformation.  Owen was born on October 27th, 1990, to a mother whose beliefs were spiritual (though she tuned into the shamanic heart of life) and a father who was unable to interact with others in a healthy way. As a young child, Owen did not feel connected to the body that held their spirit.  Their identification was pulled toward a more masculine frame of reference but not certain as a whole on gender.  The seed of Owen’s life held incredible power within that would put Owen on the deepest Plutonic journey with the feminine, the masculine, gender, identity and finding courage to know their value in the world.  This journey would entail great suffering being on the edges of what is expected in the development of a human being.  Owen’s moon in Aquarius square to Pluto in Scorpio within a two degree orb from 12th to the 9th house speaks of the pressure within Owen around loneliness and reaches into the deepest fathoms of Owen’s need to examine personal truth.  This awareness and experience included immense suffering in the process of understanding themselves in the world.

Owen’s birth chart speaks clearly to the intense struggle Owen would go through in this life.  Sun in Scorpio at 4 degrees 7 minutes, Mercury in Scorpio at 7 degrees 47 minutes, Pluto in Scorpio at 17 degrees 9 minutes and Venus are square the nodal axis exact at 2 degrees 54 minutes.  The south node in Leo in the 5th within a degree of the 6th house and North Node in Aquarius at 2 degrees 33 minutes (stationed direct) points to Owen’s destiny transforming the ego through Aquarian life themes in the 11th that are looking into 12th house.  Owen’s chart reflects a life with strong potentials for experiences around health and illness and mental health. Owen will work from an individual focused perspective that blooms towards working with others in some capacity to support the well-being of others through groups and associations for mankind.

Skipped steps to continue Owen’s soul evolution are around themes of the wounded feminine with Venus in Scorpio in the 8th house, which appears in feelings of being unlovable, deep criticism (such as emotional abuse), identity and self-security issues, as well as perception and understanding values going through a deep underworld journey of transformation. With the lunar nodes in the 5th and 11th houses we learn of challenges for Owen in developing friendships in childhood.  Owen noted experiences in childhood that were filled with tension and was unsure of how to interact with their peers and often being defensive Owen notes, “I was just really messed up.”   Owen did spend time alone as a child often, but also had the support of their mother, though Owen’s parents were not able to find common ground and this was stressful for Owen too.  Owen found home life quite isolating. Though Owen’s mother did not immediately understand Owen’s need for change and identification as non-binary, there was love for Owen to be as they understood themselves to be.  There is a deep, intense growth in the early life for Owen and even right up through Saturn return into maturity on Owen’s skipped steps of Venus, Sun and Mercury in Scorpio.  Their soul was absolutely determined to push Owen into the deepest places to transform in this incarnation.

The South Node of the moon in Leo with Jupiter at 11 degrees 50 minutes within 9 degrees of the South Node is symbolic of a soul that had an abundance of time in the spotlight in a prior incarnation for their work, and also perhaps with the Jupiter in the 6th house having some connection to an illness or medical issue that provided a way for the ego to have an audience.  The Sun as the ruler of Leo in the 8th house in Scorpio symbolically may have been an illness where Owen’s soul experienced a close connection with death and thoughts of death.  Owen’s consciousness may have gripped the feeling they were unlovable, which is amplified with that past life’s story potential. These themes then carried forward to be worked on again this life, with Venus in Scorpio along with the Sun, Mercury and Pluto.  The betrayals and mistrust of others Owen has experienced have been powerful and deep within Owen’s psyche.   The Jupiter in Leo is driving again for re-experiencing that dramatic self-expression in the sixth house of health and illness, daily work, and habits.  Sixth house is also a place of service to others.  Service in an expression of selflessness can be a tool for Owen to align with their Jupiter in Leo expression in maturity.  Owen’s family has a history of service in civil duty and military service and Owen feels this is a role that is has strong potential in their life, given past lives and karmic paths.  The Leo within the sixth house gives Owen a pleasant awareness and understanding of the service themes and the feeling of pride of duty.

Pluto in Scorpio in the 9th house for Owen is symbolic of their distrust with truth and religious dogma.  Though widely square the nodal axis at 15 degrees away, Pluto is still part of the growth dynamic for Owen related to natural laws, personal truth, higher education and their life experiences relentlessly examining these themes in order to grow their consciousness, given the weight of Pluto in its own sign of Scorpio.  Owen may find learning or working behind the scenes a remedy to transform past life blocks within Scorpio-type subjects such as psychology, depth psychology, occult, tarot, astrology, surgery, death and even the nightmares of life that are disasters, terminal diseases, and coming face to face with lost souls with malefic intentions. Life is demanding that Owen change their prior understanding and experience of Pluto in the 9th house in Scorpio.  Owen’s Venus, Sun and Mercury are all in the mix as the block that came before this life and that is now required to experience and move through this incarnation in order to continue their evolution toward the North Node in Aquarius, which will hold a sense of acceptance, peace and even love they have yet experienced.  Their Aquarius Moon in the 12th house is helpful in this soul work, as Owen tunes into the collective in solitude.  Perhaps even quiet creations through meditation and inner work on the shadow material that needs to be addressed to resolve for Owen will offer them peace in time.  We all understand cause and effect, even if done in solitude. Owen’s changing truth and perception that they gain within meditation or creative works is important for Owen’s soul growth.  Words of affirmation spoken to the self and loving words written within their personal journals can make a difference not only for Owen but for the collective consciousness.

Owen’s natal chart not only has the demanding work of the skipped steps from Venus, Sun and Mercury and even Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th and 9th houses, but also a significant Yod (Hand of God) signature from Pluto in Scorpio in the 9th and Saturn in Capricorn in the 11th house with an apex point of Mars at 14 degrees 12 minutes retrograde at birth.  Owen’s Mars goes direct in their secondary progressions several years in the future when Owen is 61 years old. Mars is in Gemini and retrograde as the apex of a Yod, where both Saturn and Pluto are seeking to integrate.  This challenging Yod for Owen shows up in various experiences when Mars is a trigger in transit (accidental falls, respiratory issues).  But looking at this Yod broadly, we can see how the deep transformation (Pluto/Scorpio) is seeking integration into form (Saturn/Capricorn), not only in the masculine and free-will action understanding of Mars, but in having courage also, and all that in the duality of Gemini.  With Mercury the ruler of Gemini within the skipped step, we see Owen has had past life experiences where there were duality issues in this context, potentially experienced within the family.  But in the past life it is where they became stuck and have to work it out again this life which will take enormous courage on Owen’s part to align with a form that resonates for their soul. This is Owen’s evolution in personal truth we observe that works for this integration.

Owen has made huge strides in evolving through really intense fixed sign aspects. Owen was well into the long journey into their twenties before coming aware that not being female was explored by others. Owen acknowledges themselves as non-binary in their gender identification and has taken significant steps towards that effort with a surgery in July, 2015.   Owen shared their childhood experiences with objectivity, although some are issues that still affect Owen’s mental health and finding support is an active part of their life.  There is acceptance for the non-binary gender role that Owen is in during this life and that it has been a deep and often challenging transformation into self-identity. Owen’s surgery in 2015 did have some complications that led to respiratory issues that required an ambulance ride to the hospital for treatment.  Owen’s significant changes happened during the time when transiting Saturn was at the end of Scorpio near 29 degrees before the ingress into Sagittarius two months later and also during a time when Pluto was transiting in Capricorn around 14 degrees. Life had been brewing these dynamic changes for Owen over 23 years until Owen decided it was the right time to fully acknowledge their true self identity with this surgery.  Owen’s transgender journey is one so many people have not accepted as a way the soul is evolving, and what’s amazing to see in learning about Owen (and a potential healing validation for Owen) is that this decision for deep transformation around gender clearly shows up in their transits and Solar Arcs at the time that it happened.  We can see the Mars and duality of Gemini as the point for the masculine expression being highlighted in this dynamic.  So although Owen is non-binary recognition of their gender, an outward mask of the masculine in general appearance is the framed context for Owen.  Mercury as part of the skipped step is symbolic of the dynamic change around gender, as one aspect of Mercury in Scorpio takes on in their perception, thought and speech.

Owen’s Saturn at 19 degrees 40 minutes in the 11th house is the focus for Owen’s Saturn return.  In the coming three years there will be a maturing for Owen around 11th house themes, such as friendships, participation in groups, clubs or associations, and for something they care about in society or personal interest.  Their North Node in Aquarius is at the edge of their 12th, but inside the 11th house, so Owen may come to new awareness with friendships that they make now related to who they are now rather than who they used to be. There’s still a strong sense that Owen will prefer solitude to the group dynamic.   Jupiter in Leo will seek attention for some work, although Owen will have to manage the huge desire for aggrandized egoist accolades but may find opportunity to serve others in some way that puts their creative presence out in the world in an objective way that serves some purpose that is a value to mankind.

Owen’s Ascendant at zero degrees 42 minutes in Pisces speaks to their fluidity in self identity, a mask they wear for the world.  The ruler of Pisces is Neptune in Capricorn 11th and traditional ruler Jupiter in Leo in the 6th once again speaks to Owen bearing a mask that is chameleon-like in nature.  The planets Neptune and Jupiter are inconjunct each other, by sign, and within a degree of exact.  An inconjunct aspect in astrology is two distinctly different energies trying to integrate, but there is a tension of discordant energy.  I suspect this is the feeling Owen has felt often in putting themselves out in the world.  It’s never been an easy experience and often disappointing in disillusionment.  Uranus in Capricorn is at 6 degrees 22 minutes of Capricorn in Owen’s 10th house and relates to a Uranian type of individual that is here in this life to break through old ideas about what would be traditional concepts around reputation and career interests in maturity.  Uranus in Capricorn may be like a dismantling, but it is imperative to what will be the next chapter of life that takes form.

Saturn will transit over Owen’s Uranus three times this spring, first on February 17-18, 2018; then Saturn will station retrograde on April 18th at 9 degrees 8 minutes; then a second conjunction will occur on June 20-21 from retrograde transit; then Saturn stations direct on September 6th 2018 at 2 degrees 32 minutes of Capricorn; and then Saturn finally transits Owen’s Uranus for a third time in direct motion on November 17, 2018.  Owen in this process is likely to have some awareness of a breaking down of old paradigms and will bring new insights related to a career direction and even with their public reputation. This is a year-long process we see in the Saturn transit conjunct Uranus in the 10th house that is a bridge into Owen’s maturity as an adult.

Owen had an abrupt Saturn entering Capricorn moment back on the day Saturn ingress to Capricorn on December 19, 2017.  Owen was woken by a phone call from a college authority letting Owen know that the college was trying to collect funds for something Owen thought was cancelled in time to get a refund.  On the same day as the phone call, Owen received a check in the mail from their father for nearly the same amount of the required funds to pay off the debt incurred.  The money coming in right at that moment was an experience of synchronicity and gave Owen what was needed to deal with the authority promptly.  That one little moment helped Owen have faith in something bigger in their connection with life.  Currently Owen has delayed their higher education to review life paths and choices.  Owen is weighing options and decisions for a potential career in allopathic and naturopathic fields.  Owen continues striving toward life that is purposeful while being challenged with obstacles from dynamic life change and physical and mental health issues. Endurance is the theme with Saturn in Capricorn, and Owen is ready to gain some ground on this chosen career direction. Owen’s progress with healing and dynamic change is a value for the collective consciousness as it expands our awareness around the myriad ways spirit and matter take form and urge us to grow.