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UP the Mountain Saturn Return in Capricorn – Part One Magalie

Our parents are two of the most impactful people in our lives.  They set the stage for our development, our beliefs, and the beginnings of our sense of identity. Magalie’s life is quite entangled with her parents, starting at her birth on February 2, 1990, in Joliette, Quebec, Canada.  Her rising sign is at 20 degrees 15 minutes of Virgo at her birth at 8:10 pm EST.   Magalie’s Sun is in Aquarius at 13 degrees 56 minutes in her 5th house in a close conjunction with her North Node at 16 degrees 29 minutes.  Her South Node in Leo opposite her Sun in Aquarius tells us she’s been in this scenario before in past lives evolving toward her Aquarian North Node.  Clearly her Pluto in Scorpio on the cusp of her third house at 17 degrees 42 minutes is the heavy and dark experience that she must overcome to continue along her evolutionary path.  And to kick her nodal axis and Pluto up one more notch, she has natal Moon in Taurus in her 8th house opposite her natal Pluto also square her lunar nodes, thus placing a grand fixed square in her birth chart between Moon, Pluto and her nodal axis.  Her Moon in Taurus seeks resolution through her North Node in Aquarius, whereas her Pluto in Scorpio will resolve through her South Node.  Pluto in Scorpio is connected to her values, money, and possessions, though there’s also a transformation at work in her realm of communications and perceptions that are in her subconscious mind that influence her deepest understanding of herself and her world.  It has a dark undercurrent tone and a connection to a shadow experience where she is learning about power in this area of her life.  Moon in Taurus in the 8th leaning into the 9th within 3 degrees is about survival and even simplicity.  Taurus is sensual and loves beauty, and aesthetics are important to Magalie.  Her moon in Taurus is in a high tension relationship with power of Pluto in Scorpio.   Her vital energy is Aquarian in nature with a desire to be eccentric or different than the status quo.  Her creativity is energized by her Sun.

Magalie’s parental axis is Gemini (10th) and Jupiter (4th).  Her Capricorn stellium is mostly in her 4th house with Mars (3 degrees 13 minutes), Uranus (7 degrees 37 minutes), Neptune (13 degrees 13 minutes), Mercury (18 degrees 53 minutes) and Saturn (19 degrees 27 minutes).  Although Venus, just inside her 5th house in Capricorn, is retrograde as well at 21 degrees 30 minutes (which rules her Moon in the 8th), it is close to her 9th house of long travels, higher education.  Her Venus also rules her 2nd house of values, possessions and money via the sign of Libra.   Inside her tenth house is Ceres at 21 Gemini 19 minutes retrograde, Jupiter at 1 degree Cancer 35 minutes retrograde and Chiron at 11 degrees 43 minutes retrograde.  These all reinforce the archetype of the mother profoundly, and in retrograde, they direct the energy inwardly, especially in her early life.  Clearly we see her soul’s intent on evolving her consciousness within the security of her identity and her ability to nurture herself and others, and it would be something she would be recognized for publicly as well.

Pluto and Moon square the nodal axis are skipped steps, and any aspect that involves Pluto is intense at the deepest level.  Pluto in Scorpio resolves through the South Node in Leo and may have been something very overwhelming, such as a death of a sibling (Scorpio on 3rd house cusp) or a betrayal over money and possessions.  This past life event symbolized by Pluto opposite natal Moon affected her deeply and perhaps so much so that it could have cost her life, with her Moon in Taurus in the 8th house opposite the Pluto in Scorpio in the 2nd. With Pluto so near her 3rd house cusp we would consider Pluto also in the context of perceptions, thoughts, her communications, siblings, violent threats being spoken to her,and even real nightmares (Scorpio). These are potentials of her past life that she has in her natal chart for evolving in this life.  She intends to transform her values in ways she cannot fully fathom until the time is ripe to do so, likely in the time frame that Uranus transits Taurus and eventually conjuncts her moon, which will be also in opposition to her natal Pluto.  Uranus will enter into Taurus this coming May, 2018, but it will not reach the degree of Magalie’s moon until June 15, 2022.  Right now her Saturn return in her Capricorn stellium is the more dominant long cycle as Saturn moves through her 4th and 5th house to reach the degree of her natal Saturn at 19 degrees Capricorn 27 minutes.  It reaches that degree and minute on March 24, 2019.  It is likely she will find ways to express herself that will begin to show up as a more consistent and reliable adult Magalie, though perhaps with some dynamic changes at home as well.  Her Saturn is in a trine (120 degrees) to her Ascendant in Virgo and to her Moon in Taurus as well.  She will have support from her inner world as she grows into her maturity. Earth signs such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn bring a keen sensibility and stability to others that may lack earth element in their charts. Magalie has this quality in her natal chart and others may be drawn to her for it.

The Moon in Taurus as a skipped step is symbolic of awareness of one’s survival or with death (8th house) and is quite present in a person’s life.  The mother’s death or the death of an important family member affecting the person in a past life would have hindered their evolution, getting stuck in the depth of emotional overwhelm that comes from such an experience.  It also can speak to property loss or loss of inheritance with Taurus Moon in the 8th house.  The 8th house for Magalie is ruled by Mars, and her Mars in Capricorn is the first planet of her stellium located in her 4th house, her Mars in her house of family and roots is another personal planet emphasis in her natal chart of family and something related to volatility, or needing the enduring courage of Mars to make an impact using her free will.  Uranus the Lord of the unexpected is within 4 degree orb to Mars.  Magalie does experience anxiety and the experience may be attributed to her Mars conjunct Uranus in Capricorn.  This combination of Pluto in Scorpio in 2nd house opposite Moon in Taurus 8th house and Mars in the 4th house does symbolize experiences within these themes.

Magalie’s South Node in Leo in her 11th house signifies moving from close, romantic type relationships into relationships that may have a more altruistic nature.  She may find that many of her friends connect to her humanitarian ideals that she brings to life and her desire to be a stabilizing force for others.  Magalie did go through a dramatic period when she was 11 years old, close to her first Jupiter return in 2001.  Magalie’s parents divorced at this time, and at first she was quite angry with her mother at this young age, knowing that her mother was the one that instigated the divorce from her father.  Interestingly, Magalie notes her father is a Taurus Sun and her mother is a Scorpio Sun, which fall into Magalie’s 2nd and 8th houses (but are the cusps of her 9th and 3rd) that are crossing her nodal axis!  Indeed her relationship with her parents is quite significant to the evolution of her soul working through very raw and deep emotions and even power struggles that exist within her.  These relationships also are touching into her beliefs, perceptions, and values.

It wouldn’t be until Magalie was a young adult in her twenties that she learned more details of the situation of her parents’ divorce and took to heart the reasons for her mother’s decision to end the marriage.  When Magalie learned the deeper truth, she struggled to then connect with her father, feeling that she could not relate with him or appreciate him for what she had learned. She struggles still to be in relationship with him, though she feels it important to hear both sides.  We can see this in Magalie’s natal chart on her self-security with Jupiter in Cancer in the 10th house retrograde at birth and within 10 degrees of Chiron in Cancer as well.  There is an emphasis here of the mother archetype, and the self-security wound is visible.  This event also occurred around the time of the horrific events of September 11, in the US, even though Magalie lived in neighboring Canada.  By Solar Arc approximately a degree a year, Jupiter would have been just past her natal Chiron when her parents were divorced.  For an only child this was terribly traumatic for Magalie, and she often felt quite alone as her parents fought out their legal battles.  Her mother was also the strict one in her childhood, so it was difficult for Magalie, especially as a teenager, to try to figure out herself in the world at this key development time of her life.  Magalie has noted that her relationship with her mother has had a pattern of ups and downs over the years, but recently the relationship has been very good.  Last year she moved and the plan is for her mother to join her in this new place later this summer. She notes it is nice supporting each other.  Her mother appreciates her calm presence.  While her mother is a busy professional and more rigid, Magalie has a softening presence that her mother appreciates and Magalie finds complements her mother’s personality.  Magalie works in a hotel as a concierge and enjoys some of the quite time her job permits at nights to read and study astrology, which she started in the last two years.  She has found that astrology is a new passion, and she continues to learn as much as possible and tells her friends how valuable it is.

Venus is retrograde in Capricorn at 21 degrees 30 minutes in Magalie’s birth chart.  By secondary progression, Venus stationed direct around the age of six.  Venus rules Magalie’s 9th house of long distance travel and her 2nd house of money, possessions, income, and values.  Indeed, we see that when Magalie was six years old, her family went on a vacation to a resort in Mexico, which was her first long distance travel experience.  She doesn’t recall anything specific that happened when she was 7 years old when Saturn by transit (Aries) would have been square to her natal Saturn in Capricorn.   However, when Saturn in transit in her 10th house in Cancer was in opposition, around age 13-14 years, Magalie was first entering high school and had a boyfriend for the first time, and she started to wonder about her attractiveness as a teenager at this time.  She was learning about herself through relationships with her friends and her boyfriend.  She met her boyfriend in 2004, and she was new to a committed young relationship.

Mars in Capricorn at 3 degrees 12 minutes has an enduring quality.  In her 4th house, Magalie would have a strong sense of duty to her family and her actions that would support her home life.  Mars moving about a degree a year by Solar Arc would have reached her natal Saturn at 19 degrees 27 minutes when she was 16 years old.  Magalie notes this as a very challenging time with her mother, having very hard boundaries and strict rules when she wanted more freedom and autonomy than she had. Understandably, her Mars would want to have some freedom to move, and Mars in the Solar Arc to natal Saturn she would be bound by parental boundaries, rules and limits!

Magalie’s sun in Aquarius is her creative center, her vital force and where she is evolving.  She finds her creative self expression process in her home with Uranus in the 4th house in Capricorn along with being responsible in her home environment.  This signature of the Sun in Aquarius with the ruler in Capricorn will be helpful for something like Astrology or a humanitarian type work from her home office.  She finds herself appreciating the time she has with her mother and they share a home and they both work, which makes a lot of sense for her soul.  Another interesting little fact: Magalie moved again just as Saturn entered into Capricorn back around December 19th, 2017. With Uranus in Capricorn, we can see an eccentric expression of family life with Magalie returning to live with her mother later this summer as they have planned.  We did discuss future family, and she shared that she is not thinking of having her own family at this time and has limited experience with children beyond some time with her cousins.  So with Uranus in the 4th house in Capricorn there is a non-traditional approach to traditional views of what it is to be an adult and the expectations of our culture.  Repeating themes for family, nurturing, motherhood, and self-care are included in Magalie’s Jupiter in Cancer in the 10th house retrograde at birth at 1 degree 35 minutes, which turned direct on February 24th, 1990.Additionally, Magalie had Pluto station direct 21 days after her birth, which by progression in her 2nd house in Scorpio activated her value system more deeply around the same age of 21.  When she was 20-21 years old, she would have experienced a paradigm shift within her, and we see experiences aligning within her life around values, personal resources, and higher education.  She also experienced a shift of new ideas, thoughts, perceptions, and the transformation of being a student (natal Pluto on the cusp of her 3rd house).

Magalie studied Psychology in college and graduated in 2014.  Pulling the secondary progressed chart for her, we can see that Jupiter in Cancer stationed direct on November 4, 2010. Magalie states firmly and with confidence that at the age of 22 she knew what she wanted for herself and made a decision for her desires and dreams, not based on what other wanted for her, and she changed her studies at this time.  Also note here that Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer ruled by the Moon in Taurus on the cusp the 9th house of higher education.  Venus rules the 9th house and her 2nd house of values, and this shift from Jupiter into a direct motion in her secondary progression also shifted her thoughts on traditional values and her own feelings about self-appreciation and love, considering Venus from her 5th house in Capricorn.  So with both Venus (shifting retrograde to direct age 6)  and Jupiter shifting from retrograde to direct about age 20 her own self-nurturing and self love grew in awareness through insights she experienced directly.  She is learning more about herself within these changes around family and how she expresses herself in relationships.  When Mars by Solar Arc reached her natal Venus when she was 18 years old, she said she clearly had a transition between two boyfriend relationships at that time.  She learned how different the relationships were, one from being a teenager and one that was a relationship of lovers and involved more intimacy.  She grew awareness around her own sensual nature at this time.

It will be another year before Saturn in transit reaches an exact conjunction with her natal Saturn at 19 degrees 27 minutes (March 24, 2019).  The first key transits for Magalie are Saturn to conjunct her natal Mars January 17, 2018, while Jupiter and Mars in transit conjunct her natal Pluto and oppose her natal moon, which is likely to bring up emotions in some experiences she will have.   Transiting Pluto is conjunct her natal Mercury at 18 degrees, so there is a transformation taking place in Magalie’s perceptions and thought at a very deep level, especially about creative potentials and new ideas she may have.  In the coming year she will have the transiting Uranus when it enters Taurus square her Sun and then eventually near her natal moon, but that is a few years from now.

Later this summer we will explore the transits of the moment for Magalie in Part Two and gain further insight how Saturn return in Capricorn is influencing her life as she takes another step in her maturity.  How will her thoughts be on her home life and her close relationships?  We will see how Magalie’s grounded approach to life and her appeal for nature and beauty take shape in her life at this key moment.