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UP the Mountain Saturn Return in Capricorn – Part One Farah

From whom did you learn about risk in life?  How old were you when you learned about risk? This is a powerful question in that it may be someone you least acknowledged immediately with the label of risk taker and yet they were most likely your teacher for having taken great risks and you directly benefited from their choice and bravery for a better life. If you look closely it may be one of your parents, or even a sibling.

Farah’s life began in Les Abymes, Guadeloupe, also known as the French West Indies, on February 20, 1990 at 10:39 am. With the South Node in Leo in her 4th house and the North Node in Aquarius in the 10th, immediately there is insight into her life that is dealing with past karmic family relationships while seeking to grow her own personal success and learn who she is as an individual.  Her growth will appear in her reputation and what she achieves for herself as an individual out in the world.  Pluto in Scorpio is square the lunar nodes within two degrees, a incredibly deep and powerful skipped step for Farah in her 7th house of relationships and conjunct her Descendant.  Death and shadow material will be something she faces in her relationships; her soul’s desire is to transform within relationships, and they may mirror her own relationship with power.  There has been a crisis around consciousness, and she will find in her life experience navigating power in relationships and come face to face with her own power, which may be a difficult and fearful endeavor.  She will want to get comfortable with her powerful Mars in Capricorn, which is supporting her in a sextile with Pluto.  Saturn in Capricorn widely conjunct Mars at 21 degrees 19 minutes in her 9th house is symbolic of maturing and her own self mastery.  She may engage her Capricorn stellium through higher education, traditional beliefs, and even work or studies that take her to distant places from her home.  Farah has a Capricorn stellium with six planets, starting in her 8th house with the Moon in Capricorn at 3 degrees 11 minutes followed by Uranus at 8 degrees 27 minutes, Neptune at 13 degrees 46, Mars at 15 degrees 59, Saturn at 21 degrees 19 minutes and finally Venus at 23 degrees 42 minutes.  Neptune through Venus are in her 9th house.    Opposite her natal moon is Jupiter in Cancer retrograde at zero degrees and 50 minutes, showing a high tension between her Moon that rules Cancer and Jupiter located in her 2nd house of values, material possessions, and money.

Currently, Farah is in university seeking a higher education degree in accounting.   She started in her early twenties but found it wasn’t working for her.  She returned later to start again and found that she had more seriousness and determination.  Her family has been supportive of what she is doing in her education.  She is aligning well with her Saturn return transit in Capricorn with her commitment to finish her education at university.  She is also working a job to get her education scholarship, so this is also part of her commitment to a goal with determination and substantial effort.  She is seeking a traditional career in accounting; her midheaven is Aquarius and she may find she becomes an accountant in the technology industry or another Aquarian type industry.  Fortunately accounting is universal and that all companies need solid, accurate talent in accounting!  She is growing in her knowledge and feels good about her studies and study habits.  She also enjoys learning and reading about artificial intelligence. When she shared this passion in our consultation time I could see her Aquarius North Node reflecting her interests.  She has an interest exactly where her soul desires to grow!

Farah’s early life gives us a deeper look into her South Node in Leo in the 4th house with her Sun in Pisces at 1 degree 42 minutes, which trines her Jupiter in Cancer, showing a flow with her family of origin that connects to her identity and self-security.  Her values are aligned with her family and her identity.  With Pluto in Scorpio in the 7th house, I wondered about a difficult event in her past, maybe even a death she experienced that impacted her life.  It turned out to be her truth in her experience as a child.  Her father passed away when she was around the age of six.   She shared that at that age she did register that he died, but she said it was like in her mind that he went away to work and that’s how she remembers her perception of his death.  You can also see her father’s death timing in her natal chart with solar arcs when Mars by solar arc reaches her Saturn in six years from her birth.

Prior to her father’s death, her family moved when she was around four years old from Haiti to Guadeloupe and then onto a better place when she was maybe five years old.  This move is also reflected in her secondary progressed chart as Jupiter was retrograde when she was born, but then four days after her birth it stationed direct.  Secondary progressed Jupiter then shifted and a huge event occurred with her family (Jupiter in Cancer opposite the Moon in Capricorn) at that time.  Farah did not recall a significant event, but this would be around age four and so it is aligned with the symbolism of Jupiter in Cancer changing direction by secondary progression and with the time when her family first moved.

Farah’s Saturn in Capricorn is flanked by her Venus and Mars and in her 9th house.  The two personal planets in Capricorn have different experiences for her.  Venus conjunct her Saturn in Capricorn has seriousness in her style of building relationships in the external world and how her beliefs take shape internally.  Venus in Capricorn may also reflect interest in relationships that have a more serious tone, or love interests that are mature and traditional in nature. Mars in Capricorn is exalted in traditional astrology and will have strength in her capacity to endure hard work with a steely determination.

Farah’s life took another dramatic leap when she was twelve years old, her first Jupiter return.  Note that her natal Jupiter is in Cancer and opposite her Moon in Capricorn, showing the connection with her family.  As an opposition between Jupiter and her Moon we see one of the greatest tensions to manage in the natal and transit aspects, which we know from her sharing of her personal history on this aspect (also visible in her Solar Arcs).  When Farah was twelve, her mother was unable to find good, stable work in Guadalupe, so inspired by a friend that had moved to Paris, she made the decision to move to Paris as well.  She took almost two years to find work, so they stayed with family and friends during that time, but eventually the risk her mother took paid off and her family rebounded from that significant life change.  As a kid she learned the world is a tough place, but in the process she gained a new group of friends and her life began to improve. Life had been difficult in Guadalupe where she was bullied for being Haitian, but life began to bloom with more positivity in Paris.

Growing up as she did, Farah spent considerable time taking care of her siblings, a sister and a brother. She did not have a choice in the matter given the situation in her family. Looking back now she sees that it makes so much sense for her: learning so many hard lessons in her young life with her Capricorn stellium of planets.  She learned a lot about the big risk on faith. Faith and truth are also 9th house topics.

Presently she’s two years from graduating from university with her accounting degree, followed by a two-year internship.  She was supposed to graduate at age 24, but it didn’t work out as she planned, noting her immaturity at that time.  At age 24 she went back to work but felt she was unstable then.  At age 21, Saturn is in the closing square to its natal position in the birth chart for everyone.  During the Saturn waning (closing) square Saturn Farah’s Saturn would have been transiting in the sign of Libra, and Venus not only rules Libra but is also the ruler of her chart as a Taurus rising.  It would have been a significant period of her life and the transits of Venus would have been influenced with Saturn in Venus’ sign, also inconjunct (150 degrees) her rising sign of Taurus.  Inconjunct aspects are challenging for the energy and are discordant, i.e., things don’t connect and tension is created for the person. Now she feels more stable and knows how to be a better student and knows the work it takes to make progress in her studies.

An interesting technique to use to follow some of Farah’s time in and out of her university studies is to examine her Solar Arcs.  Uranus in Capricorn reaches her natal Venus within 15 degrees, so approximately 15 years plus six more to reach her Midheaven (so those two combined equals age 21). When the Solar Arc from Uranus reached the sign of Aquarius (September 2011) she was about 21 years old and a few months.  During this time she stopped university and restarted twice, went abroad for six months to Miami and Toronto to study.  When studying abroad she stopped working and just focused on her studies.  Then she returned to France to return to school and passed an important exam to continue her studies.  Notice that foreign travel is part of the 9th house theme showing up here again and her determined effort to keep going and even restarting as she keeps trying to achieve her goal. She shared that she went through a significant transformation of what it meant to be a student about two ago.  She realizes that her attitude to perform well and excel was not where it needed to be at the time.

I asked Farah if she had any concerns about her Saturn return cycle.  What came up was related to her private life.  She shared that her relationship with men has been difficult and she wanted to know when she is going to meet someone for her that is good for her.  She has a strong pull for relationships, one with Pluto in Scorpio in the 7th house and Juno (the asteroid) is also symbolic of relationships that are serious and committed and is within 6 degrees of her natal Pluto. Her relationships will always have a very strong, almost obsessive quality to them.  Or, they may have a tone of something hidden, secret, or taboo in the dynamic of the connection, perhaps within her partners in relating to her or others in the world.  Pluto in Scorpio is the most intense; it seeks the underworld journey of absolute transformation through merging with the partner. In her 7th house, Farah will feel this pull, but also others will have the unconscious magnetism to her as well when it is activated by synastry.

There is more than one opening for connecting with a potential partner when Farah takes action to make those connections.  Relationships with Pluto in the 7th house in Scorpio will often have that obsessive tension or the partner may have a deep wound that Farah may see in the close intimacy of a relationship that may surface with a loving connection.  Venus did move by Solar Arc to her North Node when she was about 23-24 years old.  Considering Venus Solar Arc to her North Node by Solar Arc I asked her if she had any relationships during that time.  She mentioned that the relationship was quite challenging at the time. They stayed together for 5 years, but he did not want to commit, and the relationship was without intimacy, so she ended it in 2007 at the New Year.  While Jupiter transits her 7th house in Scorpio (now through November 8, 2018) there are higher chances to meet someone for an intimate relationship. It is up to Farah to make it happen and be available and open to meeting with friends to increase her opportunities to make meaningful connections.  There is a strong potential for karmic relationships to surface when any planet is square the nodes from her 7th house, so it will be important to take time to see who someone really is for quality connection.

Farah’s nativity reminds us about the symbolism in the fact that she was born during the time of a waning crescent moon, almost a balsamic phase.  This symbolism notes meeting karmic relationships to try once again to reach a new result with a higher consciousness or a realization of when the relationship has fulfilled its purpose for her soul growth.  Pluto went retrograde the day before she was born and was stationed on February 19th.  She was born on the 20th, so this intensification of Pluto also makes the square the lunar nodal axis in her life experience all that more intensified and tied to underworld journey that she is seeking to heal in her current life experience.

The Sabian Symbol for 16 Taurus is an old man attempting to unveil the mysteries.   This imagery denotes serious tenacity and laser beam focus.  Farah’s Ascendant sign degree speaks of her perseverance and grit.   Life will have more challenges to navigate and opportunities to express her deepest desires as she follows her heart and fulfills her purpose.  Farah having early lessons from her mother’s significant risk in moving to Paris is influenced still by this example.  Taking risks to pursue her dreams, studying in English in two foreign countries, dropping a day job to focus on her studies and even re-starting her university studies all in the desire to pursue her dream.  Farah continues to risk her heart with openness and vulnerability in relationships to enrich her life with purpose and meaning.  Risk is something Farah continues to shape her life experience with as she matures. Her reward will be fulfillment for having blazed a trail for her life.  Farah is well on her way to realizing her dreams and discovering how much wisdom she’s absorbed in her life thus far; her Saturn return will be a new level of perspective on how far she’s climbed the mountain so far in pursuit of her dreams.