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UP the Mountain Saturn Return in Capricorn – Part One Crystal

Life beckons us into terrain we’ve yet to conquer, drawing us toward the unknown with inner desires and impressions like invisible threads linking us to our soul growth. Crystal determined that in this life she wanted to know her strengths and personal achievements, but she would need to make progress in releasing her familiar karmic bonds of expectation with family and self-security to grab the brass ring.

Crystal joined her family of origin on January 21, 1989, in Nairobi, Kenya.  Taurus was rising in the east with her Ascendant at 29 degrees 35 minutes at 2:21 PM (BAT).  Jupiter at 26 degrees 5 minutes within 3 ½ degrees of her Ascendant is a key planet in her evolutionary journey as it squares her nodal axis in Pisces and Virgo in her 10th and 4th houses, also known as the parental axis. With South Node in Virgo, the sign of the virgin holding the chaff of wheat indicating the past life focus was finitely focused on family, practicality and the mundane parts of life.  In this life her soul desires growth towards her Pisces North Node, toward an awareness of her connection to divine and higher consciousness. There’s a deep determination to do it now, with her Ascendant at 29 degrees, the critical degree. Crystal’s Ascendant on the critical degree for Taurus symbolizes a sense of “fatedness” for her of her self-identity, but also her vitality and with Taurus’ ruler Venus in Capricorn in the 8th house there are challenges to her energy and not actually easy to manage and deal with in unknowns that may plague her health.

Crystal has struggled to find her own success in prior lives, and this life she will experience the struggle again as she moves closer to a breakthrough, to an expanded consciousness, and to understand her connections in life in the physical and non-physical senses.  Crystal’s early life with family show strong bonds and even shows how those bonds connect into her evolutionary story.  Her sun is in Aquarius, symbolizing her essence in the frame of intellectualism and eccentricity, and she is energized by anything that is outside the norms of traditional society.  She will find her life is energized by eclectic people and futuristic ideas and thinking.  One of these ideas includes astrology, which she found in 2016. Astrology is ruled by Aquarius and it has started her journey of self-exploration and understanding. Her highly mental Sun in Aquarius, along with Mercury there too in her 9th house of God, suggests higher education, foreign travel, beliefs and truth is well positioned for a soul who has set the intention for a glimpse into an expanded consciousness and for revealing a connection to life in profound and inexplicable ways.  Mercury stationed direct in her Secondary Progressions on June 4, 2003 at 12:13 pm BAT, when she was 15 years old.  Crystal said she starting working about this time in her life.  Mercury also is important as it rules her money and income of her 2nd house. The North Node in Pisces is pushing her consciousness into a new way of thinking and perception and a more pronounced view and sense of her universal connection to all of life, not just what she understands from her five senses in the physical world.

Her soul bought a ticket to go for a cosmic ride, how was she going to experience that in her everyday life?  When Crystal turned 16 years old, her natal Mercury moved by Solar Arc to her midheaven, and this is when she was invited to work.   At age 24 she moved to the United Kingdom for university and this was a very significant time, her natal Sun had moved by Solar Arc to her midheaven, marking this huge moment in her destiny.  Her family supported her with resources in order for her to make the commitment and journey to attend university far from home.  This journey would be tied to Crystal’s big shift, considering her natal Uranus in Capricorn Solar Arc to 26 degrees Capricorn opposite her natal moon in Cancer, which is symbolic of her spreading her wings and flying away from the safety of her home — an act of liberation.Crystal’s Pisces North Node encourages her to explore her spirituality and to take her own spiritual quest through her own experiences until she comes to her own truth.

South Node in Virgo indicates when we might have fears that the world is dark or evil.  Past life awareness with the South Node in Virgo is remembered and held that the world as a dangerous place.  This time there’s a breakthrough, however, when the soul deems it can bring this past life to her conscious mind.   The soul will be working out issues of the past through family relationships (mother, father and siblings) and maybe even close friends that are like family.  The expectations she has for her relationships and the bonds that have kept her tied to family dynamics will be from where her life launches into a bigger life that may take her a distance from her home and family.  Family is still important as is feeling secure in an environment that nurtures her and her emotional being.  Her Moon in Cancer values these parts of life and is important for her to feel safe.  Jupiter on her Ascendant in Taurus is expanding her identity and awareness of her body.  By sign, her Jupiter and Ascendant in the element of earth and a fixed mode are trine her Capricorn stellium located in her 8th house.  Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, and Venus in Capricorn symbolize her connection to the hidden parts of herself and to her consciousness that holds her connection to traditional standards or rules.  The eight house of her Capricorn stellium is also about other’s resources that support her in life or bind her to expectations.  It also symbolizes her self-controlled approach to intimacy and love with Venus conjunct Saturn.  Uranus is at 2 degrees 56 minutes, with Chiron in Cancer exactly opposite at 2 degrees 36 minutes retrograde.  Uranus in the opposition to her natal moon emphasizes instability in her values connected to self-security, family, and her emotions, but it may also speak to the quick onset of difficult energy for her to process in her body and emotions as Uranus is planet that will destabilize structure here.  Mars is just inside her 12th house in Taurus, which squares her natal Sun in Aquarius.  Mars is our passionate energy, our self-will, and action, symbolically.  Mars is square her Sun from the 12th house where it speaks to some buried anger or an issue related to her vitality in some way. It may also speak to others who have an intense effect on her that may be related to her beliefs.  Seeing this placement in her natal chart, I wonder how Crystal’s vitality is compromised. Is there issues regarding her health near her throat?  Is there a challenge for her in speaking freely about what matters to her?  How is she held back by others or by traditions that keep her from using her authentic voice?   What deep sorrow or grief has affected her personal truth and her connection to the divine?

Pluto, the planet of deep transformation and death and rebirth, is in Scorpio in her 6th house of health issues, nutrition, daily habits, routines and work.  Pluto in its own sign is very powerful, and there’s a deep soul urge to know this area of life and how it activates by sextile her Capricorn stellium planets in the 8th house.  During Crystal’s Saturn return these next three years, what new understanding about life, death, rebirth, shared resources, and her own inner resources will she be learning?  With Saturn in her 8th house in Capricorn and her Sun in Aquarius, as well as her Mercury, Crystal may have a hard time coming to understand her personal authority.  Saturn is sometimes a symbol of our father or grandfather in our life, and since it is located in the 8th house, I wonder if her father was available to her in her youth.  She said he was there in her life but he was always the responsible working man and the family provider, so he wasn’t always available to her.  In some ways he has shown her the hard work ethic required by Saturn in Capricorn.  We spent some time in her reading highlighting how the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are challenging compared to others houses due to their being in the blind spots of the Ascendant and first house of vitality.  With her Taurus Ascendant at 29 degrees 35 minutes, it is very late in the sign, and she has a grounding effect in her life with her Ascendant in the earth element.

Venus, her Ascendant ruler and ruler of her 6th house, is located in Capricorn at 13 degrees and 24 minutes, with Neptune, the planet of imagination, confusion, and disillusionment, at 10 degrees 41 minutes and Saturn at 7 degrees and 57 minutes. Her Venus needs a controlled connection to her heart, conservative in their love nature but willing to commit.  Venus, which is so close to her natal Neptune, has a romantic sensibility, but it can add up to disillusionment in real-life love connections.  Mars is trine her Uranus in Capricorn,which may offer her unexpected reality in relationship to physical form (Taurus) and personal authority and structures that contain her life (Capricorn) in some capacity, however challenging they may be.  The contrast to her mental agility with Sun and Mercury in Aquarius help her stay connected here on earth rather than only in the arena of her mind.  Her physical understanding and experience has not been without its challenges, as I learned.

Last year, a day before her birthday, she has an experience that changed her life forever.  That day she experienced a massive seizure that felt like she left the planet. She received medical attention at a local clinic and then went back home to rest.  She was disappointed that this event pretty much ruined her birthday, but it also contained an unexpected gift for her.  The experience gave her a knowing and awareness that she was in another realm, that there was more beyond her physical senses than she had known before the seizure incident.  Truly, it seemed there was something of a cosmic invitation that took her into the space sometimes called the “space-in-between.” At the time of her seizure, she was experiencing a nodal opposition by transit to her natal chart waning by two degrees, connecting the event to her nodal story, which is an expanded view of her connection to the cosmos and higher consciousness. She’s been more attracted to astrology and understanding herself since this moment.  It’s interesting that it was so close to her actual birthday and where her natal Sun is within less than a degree and transiting Mercury was approaching her natal Saturn in Capricorn within one and a half degree applying to her natal Saturn. The transiting moon was also opposite her natal Mars, reflecting the switch that was flipped in the moment.  The moon was within 5 degrees opposition to her Mars and applying.

This event also took Crystal deeply into a need to understand her overall health. This was a Pisces abundant event, South Node, Pallas, Neptune, Venus, and Mars all in Pisces at the moment of her grand seizure and was square the transiting Saturn in Sagittarius.  Key Solar Arcs for the moment include Mars conjunct her Ascendant in the first house with less than one degree, noting just how significant this was for her within the year.  Mars with Solar Arc Ceres within minutes of her natal Mars in Taurus, 1 degree 11 minutes illuminate the health related concerns as well). Her Solar Arc Ascendant within 3 degrees of Chiron indicates that her vitality will come to new emotional sensitivity and what she will value in about 2 ½ years when the Ascendant reaches her natal Chiron.  Solar Arc Chiron is opposite her Sun, indicating the challenges with communicating her ideas and her personal truth.  With Uranus as part of the Solar Arc just past the conjunction with the Sun on the day we are doing the reading, the seizure episode is definitely tied to the exact conjunction to her natal Sun within 53 minutes of arc, which notes that it happened within the year, which is correct timing to the event of.   Solar Arc Saturn is approaching her natal Mercury in Aquarius within 18 months, giving her a tangible understanding of her Aquarian thoughts and a humanitarian or future-minded project of interest.  Being In the eighth house I suggest that her Solar Arc of Saturn to natal Mercury in might indicate hidden mysteries, the occult, or even understanding death or isolation in some way. Solar Arc Venus is approaching a square to heavy Pluto in Scorpio in her natal 6th house, with potential themes around other people’s money and resources and around health issues that conflict with her internal desires for her career and personal interests.  And finally, Solar Arc Moon in Leo at 25 degrees 52 minutes is approaching a square to natal Jupiter in the next few months, which relates to seeing her family more and to her identity, but there is definitely some tension around her energy and vitality (Sun rules the moon in Leo) and around her own desires (her natal Jupiter in Taurus). Crystal has experienced challenges with depression occasionally, especially around age 22.  Archetypes of the zodiac that often deal with depression are Capricorn or Pisces, but it can also be a potential with her Chiron in Cancer, retrograde opposite her natal Uranus as an instability in her feeling and emotional nature.

Crystal’s Secondary Progressed moon is in Leo at 17 degrees 21 on the day we did her reading and applying to an exact square with Secondary Progress Mars in her 12th house at 17 degrees 59 minutes.  This is another strong indicator of very hard energy around her health concerns and her body.  Secondary Progressed Venus is at 19 degrees 39 minutes, in a square to her SP Mars creating an intense Grand Fixed Cross in fixed signs in her 9th/3rd and 12th / 6th houses with Pluto in Scorpio progressed at 15 degrees 11 minutes retrograde.  Mars rules her 12th house (unconscious, hospitals) and Venus and the Moon rule her communications, personal truth, intuition, higher education areas of life. Secondary progressions are longer cycles triggered by transits that wax and wane over these sensitive degrees of her fixed signs.

Crystal’s career is reflected in her chart as well.  She currently works in finance for a solar energy company! This job is perfect for her, since Venus rules her second house for finance and her Aquarian Sun with Mercury in the 9th house for business.  Crystal is aligned in a meaningful way for her career house ruled by Aquarius, Uranus (energy) and Solar (Sun in Aquarius).  Crystal is currently experiencing her Saturn return, and it will be repeated three times as Saturn goes retrograde in April and will transit back over her natal Saturn degree and will also transit over her natal Uranus.

Uranus will be moving into Taurus which will activate a square to her Mars in 12th this year, and her Sun in Aquarius will have transiting Mars into Aquarius will have a huge magnified impact, that Crystal will need to navigate with great caution. This will be an important year for her career and her health.  Venus also goes retrograde this fall and will bring an imperative level of energy, since Venus rules her Ascendant (vitality) and her 6th house of health, nutrition and potential illnesses. Crystal’s focus will be on health this year, and it will be a time for her to consider her solitude and how isolation may be healing or uncomfortable for her.  It may be a time to reach out to others for help when help is needed.