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UP the Mountain Saturn in Capricorn Return Part Two – Danais

UP the Mountain Saturn in Capricorn Return Part Two – Danais

There are specific moments in our lives where one decision changes our life direction.  This often happens during the Saturn return, and while some people experience the change in one area of their life, others experience the changes in multiple areas of their life, which can be so dramatic that it can knock a person back a few steps in their otherwise forward progress.  The wisdom gained in such experiences can bring a new maturity to how one handles their life affairs and everything else in life can change with it.  This is Danais’ story right before her 29th birthday in 2018.  For a refresher on Danais’ early life and early adulthood prior to her Saturn return, please review her Part One story here.

On February 15th, 2018, the 5th year anniversary with her finance, Danais made a huge decision to end their relationship after much time was spent considering their values as similar but their approach to life as divergent.  She felt that this separation was the most challenging thing she experienced last year, and it very hard for her to manage the waves of experiences that came after she shared this decision with her finance.  Danais’ creative writings are a significant part of her identity and were how she expressed herself.  She posted her writings (with comments from others) online through her website, which were her portfolio of creative work.  Danais’ fiancé convinced her early in their relationship to trust him to create the database and necessary code for her.  Originally, she wanted to learn to do this herself and asked him to teach her how, but since he asked to do a part of the work, she gave him that responsibility.  This arrangement worked fine when they were a couple together, but after her decision to end their relationship of five years it became the source of her mistrust in their shared lives.  Shortly after the break-up, she found out that all her data on her server was lost during a data back-up.  It was irretrievable data loss.  She had to “play nice” to get her domain name back in her hands.  This was such a loss but also a heartbreaking realization.  Danais was mad at herself for going against her instincts by allowing him to do this work when she had wanted to learn to do it for herself.  Reflecting on this experience, she was most upset that she didn’t heed her gut instinct.

Her Aries Sun in the 7th house and Venus her chart ruler (on the 7th house angle/descendant) is conjunct the sun.  This placement for her chart ruler gives some insight into how Danais learns about her identity when in a relationship. Danais’ learning about her identity can come through work relationships too.  Let’s look at the chart of the moment she ended the relationship to see the planetary aspects of the moment for deeper insight and connection to her Saturn return in Capricorn.


Here’s a short list of her transits at the moment of Danais’ ending her relationship of five years:

Transiting Saturn is tightly square to her natal Mercury, Venus, and Sun in Aries.  Transiting Saturn applies to her Venus the ruler of her ASC and her 8th house of shared resources and intimate partners.  Transiting Saturn is separating from a square to natal Mercury but is still within orb and relevant to the delineation. Saturn rules the 4th house of home/family and 5th creative and self-expression, also love affairs (Aquarius is ruled by Saturn traditional rulership and Uranus modern).

Transiting Pluto is in her 4th house.  Pluto has been transiting Danais’ 4th house since early 2013 (January).  This personal transformation impacts how she looks and views family and home for herself.  Her natal Pluto is in Scorpio and the themes of 2nd house values and shared resources, especially the shadow side of the experience, is tied within the transit of Pluto.  Presently, that would be in her fourth house.  It would reveal at a very deep level her values and her own self-worth within this context.  We can see these themes arise for Danais at this moment in a soberingly mature moment to end a long-term relationship based on differences in values.

Transiting Uranus in Aries in her 7th house (relationships) is square to the transiting Pluto in Capricorn in her 4th house at the time of ending her relationship.  It is a wide aspect of 5 degrees but still very important considering they are outer planets.  Pluto and Mars rule her 2nd house (Scorpio) of money/possessions, self-worth, and values.  Uranus co-rules 5th house (Aquarius) of modern and evolutionary astrology.  Transiting Uranus is the experience her fiancé may have experienced in the sudden change in Danais’ direction.  Even if Danais had thought extensively on the matter before finally speaking to her fiancé on this date, his experience would have been rather sudden with Uranus transiting her 7th house of partners.

Transiting Mars in Sagittarius from the 3rd house is opposing her 9th house Mars in Gemini (which is also widely conjunct Jupiter).  Mars and Jupiter are connected to her soul’s evolution as a skipped step to be resolved through greater awareness of herself and making new choices for her personal truth, at least from the Mars part of the combination.  As a side note, Jupiter square the lunar nodes, as noted in Part One of her story is about Danais finding her own success in the sign of Gemini, which may come through her writing and experiences in foreign countries or with foreigners and higher education.  The transiting Midheaven (MC) at the moment of her ending her relationship is conjunct her natal Jupiter and her natal Mars showing us the public view (personal truth MC is on the cusp of 9th) of astrology for this moment about her decision, her communications and how her decision may unfold with her partner in the closing of the relationship.  The incident would have a powerful ripple effect with her creative public writings online.  Transiting Mars in Sagittarius is acting on freedom with her own values.

Transiting Neptune in Pisces is square both transiting Mars and natal Mars creating a powerful T-square from the 5th house (creative) but on the 6th house cusp (work and possibly accidents).  Neptune is transpersonal, and it shows where the betrayal potential comes in and the loss related to creative work (the result of this decision ripples the loss of her online portfolio).

The transiting Ascendant was just past her south node in Virgo (writing/detailed work) and Mercury in transit was conjunct the Sun balsamic in Aquarius in her 5th house, conjunct the moon.  Because the ruler of the transiting Ascendant is balsamic (Mercury), it is the closing chapter of something, and loss is a repeating theme from the balsamic moon.  Transiting Mercury before a new moon is in Aquarius (fixed ideas/technology), but also the south node is a point of loss or release. More than one signature for loss or betrayal is within this chart potential.  Neptune in Pisces in the square with transiting Mars opposing natal Mars is another loss potential via betrayal.  Mercury rules the MC of the transit chart as well and would be related to the loss of information (Gemini) of her public life and work.  Remember to recognize or read these as potentials, not absolutes, since every soul has free will and choices to make in how they respond to events in life. The reason we can read astrology in charts is often based on repeated themes that lead to a higher probability of specific outcomes.  Life is only reflected in birth charts from the archetypal symbolism — it is not created there.

Transiting Venus is conjunct the North Node in Pisces, but also close to Neptune (within 8 degrees and applying).  Note that the data was lost within the month after the break-up.  However, Danais was able to retrieve her domain name for future creative work.  Reclaiming ownership of her domain name was a big win for her battle to reclaim her identity after a failed partnership.  This reclaiming of her identity is profoundly important for Danais’ evolution.  She had to maneuver herself with an enemy (7th house) to get back something that was valuable for her and her identity for all her future creative works.  Sometimes what seems to be the smaller thing in the story of an experience is actually the more significant thing in the soul’s evolution.

Later that year, in May, transiting Venus was in Gemini and Cancer, and this was the time she worked collaboratively on a book called “Heaven and Earth” in which she published a poem of hers.  That work that was the sunshine in a year clouded with loss.  At the time of the break-up, Venus was on the North Node, which shows her loving herself and her creative self-expression as a move in the right direction for her.  The transiting lunar nodes in fixed Leo (north node) and Aquarius (south node) 14 degrees 49 minutes are square to her natal Pluto in Scorpio at 14 degrees 43 minutes and applying to exact.  This T-square of Pluto and self-worth 2nd house themes seem like the moment the Phoenix falls into its fire, to be later reborn from the ashes.

­­­­­Transiting Saturn is separating from natal Uranus in Capricorn 3rd house of information/communication/writing and linking with a sudden event.  Also, Saturn is also applying to a conjunction with Neptune (6 degrees orb) in her fourth house, so we see the disruption of her home from her decision to end the relationship.  The Saturn return is about personal growth and maturing. For Danais this theme of coming-of-age is tied to her writing (her portfolio) and how she communicates. Additionally, it will involve her home and how it is structured with her family (4th), and her creative online work (5th, Aquarius). Because her Saturn return involved her 4th house and angle it also shows the challenge of the cardinal square to her identity (1st house) and loss of trust with a partner (Mars rules Aries 7th), as well as Sun, Venus, Mercury in Aries, and what she values.

Danais’ moon in Capricorn in her 3rd house natally is opposite Chiron in Cancer in her 9th house.  The sobering Capricorn Moon feels the need to learn and master something in her writing, and yet she has a wound opposite in Chiron within the sign of Cancer which touches on themes of self-identity and security issues.  Her 10th house of career is ruled by her Moon in Capricorn, which shows the connection between her emotional blocks, the security of her public life (career), self-security and identity, and ties with others (7th house).  Melanie Reinhart says, “When Chiron aspects the Moon, the relationship with mother usually features. She may have been emotionally inadequate to our needs, or perhaps she resented motherhood and would have rather been doing something else. We may have felt rejected or abandoned at some critical stage, like Chiron, or we may have assumed a mothering role very early in life, for a variety of reasons, but before we have received enough mothering ourselves.” [i] Since Danais is a rising sign Libra her chart operates from a flipped perspective, viewing herself through others for self-awareness and for shaping her identity.  Her Chiron in Cancer in the 9th would then not only reflect the mother relationship symbolism and personal truth, but also her relationship with her father (Moon in Capricorn rules her 10th house) and how this is then reflected within herself.  Notice that Saturn, the ruler of her 4th house (the other side of the parental axis), is the ruler of her Moon.

What Danais does this year will be significant for her maturity and understanding herself in a new light given the past year.  Some recent and coming transits of transformation include significant and weighty astrological events;











Natal Mars and Mercury in mutual reception in her natal chart show these two planets helping each other while in the sign of the other.  Mars helps Mercury own the intensity and direction of Danais’ thoughts and speech, and Mercury helps Mars give language to her desires, where her thoughts lead to her life choices and to the direction of her work.  Mars rules her house of relationships (7th) and personal values (2nd) and Mercury rules her 9th house of personal truth, foreign travel, higher education, and her 12th house of her subconscious mind.

How does Danais become her own heroine by rebuilding her home life to where she feels comfortable and safe, rebuilding her work/portfolio, and feeling healed and safe enough to enter a relationship again?  How can she refine her identity with maturity and experience while opening herself to vulnerability after such a challenging year?

CHART of Secondary Progressions

Looking at the Secondary Progressed (SP) chart for Danais at the time she separated from her finance shows some strong indicators of the changing dynamics of her relationship and what she sees as most important and valuable to her.

Notice in Danais’ SP chart that the SP Moon was past her IC angle at the nadir of her chart solid into her 4th house, but more acute was the square to the transiting Uranus in Aries.  The SP Moon is widely trine her SP Venus in Taurus and is applying to a trine with SP Mercury in Taurus.  This is a good sign for writing with determination in her future.

The most profound aspect in her secondary progressed chart for the moment she broke off her relationship with her fiancé is that her natal chart is the SP Venus at 13 degrees 9 minutes applying to an exact opposition with SP Pluto at 13 degrees 59 minutes (and natal Pluto).  The SP Venus in Taurus (8th house) is symbolic to Danais’ deep identity transformation of her values.  This transformation is a tug-o-war and Pluto wins!  Her ruling planet, Venus, would really struggle with this much tension with Pluto in Scorpio. This is the most important aspect at the time of her decision in her secondary progressed chart and aligns with her feeling deeply about shared values but realizing she and her fiancé had opposing approaches to their values was key to her decision. In reflection, she may ponder deeply about her own values even more, as Pluto in Scorpio is incredibly deep and transformative, and it will push her to consider all sides of her values.  This experience forces her to consider any potential of unconscious self-sabotage from a survival-of-self perspective, too.

The SP Ascendant in Scorpio applying to her natal Pluto is another consideration of deep transformation.  Scorpio (2nd house) ties with a partner (7th house), her SP Sun, and with her identity and values (Taurus), which are all entangled in this life moment.

SP Mars is at the critical 29th degree in Gemini in her 9th house (beliefs/personal truth) and is applying to her natal Chiron in Cancer.  The critical degree of any sign shows an extra emphasis on that planet and the unfolding archetypal themes of the moment.  One could say there is a conflict, even an attack on her writings with Mars in Gemini at the critical degree in this SP chart, being mindful that Mars rules her 7th house.

SP Venus is applying to a trine of her natal Saturn in Capricorn, which is the potential for another type of relationship (7th house), which also includes her writing and sharing information.  Perhaps this reflects a new kind of relationship, such as a business relationship that is responsible for her future creative works.

The Midheaven (MC) of the SP chart is 8 degrees Leo 23 minutes (which highlights the SP Sun in the 7th house of partners, since it rules Leo) and is square to Danais’ SP Sun and SP Venus, which then ties into a square with Pluto in Scorpio.  Her public creative work (online portfolio) and her relationships (also viewable by the public) are illuminated in the moment.

SP Venus will exact the opposition to SP Pluto on October 20, 2018, and opposite to her natal Pluto exact on May 30, 2019.  She will be able to weigh the significance and differences or similarities between these two dates in her personal astrology soon.  The secondary progressed chart reflects another level of conscious awareness and the aspects made between the SP planets to her natal chart are active for longer periods of time than a transit chart.  There can be a deeper level of transformation working with the symbolism of the archetypal images of the signs and their meanings coupled with that of the planetary symbolism, personal cycles, and aspects.

In a review of the year ahead for Danais in 2019, her solar return shows promise for new inspiration for creative work with Venus, Mercury, and Neptune Pisces.  Her focus is on rebuilding her portfolio, creative writing, and perhaps new work for a company as she brings a new maturity to her 30th year of life.



[i] Reinhart, M. (2009). Chiron and the Healing Journey. Starwalker Press. p.211