Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Total Lunar Eclipse Blue Moon – January 31, 2018 5:27 am PST – Centered Hearts Create Joy



This week on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 we have a total lunar eclipse at 5:27 am PST at 11 degrees 37 minutes in the sign of Leo.  The moon is tightly conjunct Ceres in Leo retrograde within 2 minutes of the moon, so it is important for us to consider Ceres in this eclipse.  Ceres is about how we care for ourselves, nourish ourselves, but she can also be about grief and our processing of loss too, check out her Greek myth to get a broader view of the archetype. Everything in our universe is in duality; you have choice where you may align with the flow in the present moment.  Choose wisely.  Leo is our subjective experience of life, a symbol of our creative expression or ego and pride too.  The north node with this eclipse is letting us know that we are to examine this part of ourselves as it is important that we are unencumbered to be our creative and authentic selves.  It is important to celebrate our inner child and appreciate what it brings us in the joys of being. Haven’t you found that when you are free to create, be joyful as a child you are sharing the light of love with others? Doesn’t that bring us together in a place of unity? This eclipse is about your individual creative expression and our unity with everyone in the world around you that you engage with and participate with in life.  Where is Leo and Aquarius in your own chart?  I’m an Aries rising, so Leo is in my 5th house and Aquarius is in the 11th and I will experience this eclipse within these houses of my own creativity and self expression and how I share my light and joy with the world (Aquarius) that enables greater unity and connection.   With the south node in Aquarius, we may find that we have to bring something from the past forward in order to create something from understanding it in a new light.  It could be something we hoped would not resurface, but we are not free from whatever that is that comes back around to show us and until we deal with it we are not free.  Sometimes we revisit themes of the past because we still have energy bound in some connection, some feeling within us that we were unable to express, there in shadow it is holding us back and we have to re-examine it and understand it to make a new choice about who we are in the complex soup of the collective.

Looking at the Sabian symbol for this eclipse degree 12 Leo says, “An evening lawn party.” This brings us images around socializing and friends gathering.  It is being eclipsed during this blue moon.  It may bring our attention to how we mingle in groups. Do we take shelter in those near and dear to us where we don’t have to leap too far from our comfort zone?  What will help us connect to others where we move beyond our old familiars?  Do we find opportunity to praise others to lift the veil on who they are with genuine interest? The North Node is in Leo with the moon, at 14 degrees 56 minutes, while the sun is conjunct the south node in Aquarius, a sign we relate to in our friendships and aspirations.  Venus is also conjunct the south node in Aquarius at 16 degrees 56 minutes.  Venus here is our platonic social lives in seeking new boundaries to cross or finding pleasant connections with the groups beyond edges of conformity.  Some may risk friends in diving into their new need of eccentric expressions, but just as easily be lost in technology where friendships have limited depth.  With the South node connected with the Sun our experiences may bring up people and situations of our past, friends of our past will resurface.  What are they bringing to our attention?  Aquarius seeks an objective view of emotional ties and often keeps a distance finding the need to be detached, whereas Leo seeks the group approval and admiration.  What needs our light to shine at this time that can propel us forward in our ever evolving connections in life?  Are you playing it safe to limit your emotional connection and then suppressing your expression in doing so?  I think these are all potential questions for this lunar eclipse.

I cannot help but think that Sun transiting Aquarius and conjunct the south node may be problematic for tech companies, south node in Aquarius at this eclipse does not bode well for efficiencies and smooth operations.  Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius and while in Capricorn will bring work, especially on anything within a huge system or infrastructure.   Air travel, pilots and airline systems may be dealing with more systems issues as they have recently when Saturn was traveling through Sagittarius, this is another channel where past issues may come back needing re-worked.  Not just from the perspective of the south node in Aquarius conjunct the sun, but also from the fact that Uranus is square to Mercury in Capricorn at this lunation.  Pluto is still in Capricorn demanding transformation at the deepest levels of our collective governments, leadership and agencies. I am hopeful for creative solutions that may come from individuals that are ready to shine.  Leo is a sign of leadership too and it looks for opportunities to be admired.  Jupiter is widely square the nodes of this lunar eclipse from Scorpio 21 degrees 12 minutes.  Jupiter in Scorpio is asking us to go deep, get intimately into the details, and flush out the toxins to rise to a new level.  Jupiter expanding Scorpio shows us where we’ve been holding the junk within us, both collectively and individually.   An eclipse is a good time to release all types of junk we hold onto, physical, mental and emotional.  Chiron in Pisces at 25 degrees 44 minutes is supporting the efforts of our healing process with a lovely water trine between Scorpio and Pisces. Find a way to take advantage of the moments in the waning of the moon cycle before the next new moon.

Neptune sitting at 12 degrees 45 minutes of this lunar eclipse is actually in a 150 degree inconjunct to the north node, moon and Ceres in Leo.  It symbolizes a distortion, a disconnection between Pisces and Leo.  How does our growth in expressing ourselves creatively put us in a discordant connection to the place of no bounds, of selflessness? What do we need to mindful of from our expression?

Overall this lunar eclipse is about our returning to our hearts, finding our creative force and by expressing ourselves we nurture our connection with everything.  May you find your creative center and let live it joyfully.  Let things go that burden you that are a blocking to your joy.  Namaste.

Painting:  Children Playing by Vicki Wade