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The Pluto in Scorpio Generation Perspectives for Realities of 2020

I’m pondering the Pluto in Scorpio generation today. I’ve been writing several Saturn return stories the past 2 1/2 years, those who were born with Saturn in Capricorn, but also with Pluto in Scorpio. It dawns on me today that this generation of souls who are finishing their Saturn in Capricorn return by the end of this year (since Saturn returns to Capricorn July 1, 2020) are experiencing this pandemic at the end of their Saturn return. One could argue a fated experience for everyone (collective), how we all handled it individually is our free will. It genuinely is within the signatures of this group, the Pluto in Scorpio generation were born when the world was trying to come to terms with AIDS. Pluto was in Scorpio from November 1983 through November 1995.

Here we are in 2020, Saturn and Pluto started a new synodic cycle with their conjunction on January 12, 2020, and within a month we see the spread of this virus (COVID-19) and this group with Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio as maturing in the sobering reality of death and the vulnerability of life in the way we have always behaved. Some in this group are North Node in Pisces (where Neptune is currently transiting) they are the older of this group with Saturn in Capricorn. A larger group has North Node in Aquarius (with their own Saturn in Capricorn the traditional ruler) and the youngest of this group has North Node in Capricorn.

One interpretation (of many) is this group facing the deepest fears and human shadow, staring death in the face (repeatedly) and rising to the challenge of their lives anyway. This group also born with Chiron in Cancer (they were kids in elementary or middle schoolers when 9/11 happened). As an adult remembering 9/11 how safe did you feel after the events of that day? Now imagine being a ten-year-old, old enough to remember it and with the mind of a child.

The generation with Pluto in Scorpio is steely strong and passionate. They have multiple definitions for the word ‘fuck’ and the past tense version ‘fucked’,  and if you’re not paying attention you’ll miss what they are trying to tell you. Death is in their face, in their memory and if not conscious of what drives them from the unconscious mind can bring nightmares that seem overwhelming. However, if any group is equipped to show their courage in this moment, it is this generation. Pluto in Scorpio. They’ve walked through the fires before and are now stronger than ever. The evolution is, are you scared to do it? Do it anyway. This group of souls is here to go through a COMPLETE METAMORPHIS. This requires stepping into the fire more than once (metaphorically) in their direct experiences (all of life) as they ignite their own spiritual awakenings (many of them) which then brings it to the collective, to humanity. This IS Not light-hearted stuff, this is and can be utterly terrifying at the individual level.

RIGHT NOW, this group of souls and how they respond to this moment is rather quite important to all of us! They are at the front of the pack as the guides into higher consciousness really taking hold, as it has never been done before this moment. And the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (January 2020) is part of that process, as the old karmic paradigms fade and die a new paradigm is birthed. Hard to see really in the slow-motion of it all but that is what is happening as Saturn finishes off Capricorn (July 2020- December 21, 2020, left to go). Pluto in Capricorn (a few more years to go March 23, 2023) will be the REVEALER of what is there. Saturn shows up and says, “This is what is now due.” TIMING. So, be patient. There are many caterpillars in the chrysalis phase, stewing in the goo of change, to become butterflies of their fullest potential. This group with Saturn in Capricorn would take time to understand this because that is Capricorn, TIME! Watch carefully, the next decade will be a whirlwind as this generation takes flight. It may be dark for many because they are built for shadow work, both their own and with others, but I have faith and hope too. If you’ve ever stared into the eyes of the Pluto in Scorpio generation, you know exactly what I am writing here. Maybe I’m an optimist (Sun in Sagittarius, 9th house) I am a true believer the highest truth is LOVE, which includes what Pluto Scorpio brings forward in consciousness through their experience. ♏️