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Solar Eclipse in Cancer – June 20, 2020: The Dawn of an Identity Transformation

Tonight we have a solar eclipse just after the sun enters the sign of Cancer. This an important and significant eclipse as we have three eclipses between June 5th and July 5th, which is extraordinary. One could absolutely say this is an important moment in our collective for change and an opportunity for evolution.

This solar eclipse happens on the summer solstice, which makes it powerful happening at the Aries Point of a cardinal sign, this one being Cancer.  Consider this eclipse like a power surge of energy that will push us all in certain ways, many of them likely will be unconscious things as it is New Moon energy that is eclipsing the sun. The Sun symbolizes many things in astrology, but first it is the essence of something.  Other meanings of the Sun, in Cancer let’s focus the example, would be how we identify as a collective group and what we call “family”, but it can also be symbolic of our need to nurture or be nurtured in an active and expressed way as a part of who we are.  The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon in astrology, so we’d also see themes related to our emotional needs and emotional security and safety.  The sign of Cancer also as a symbol may speak to the feminine nature or yin energy.  New Moon energy pulls an abundance of power from the night, from the place without light and that may carry within it an abundance of shadow we haven’t dealt with in some form consciously.  So, you see eclipses, solar eclipses have great potentials to bring forward behavior patterns or shadow because the light is blocked it is a brief moment of separation between the sun and the moon and the moon is dominating the moment and all things of the night, and the night is all about multiplicities.  I really learned and understood the night versus day concept after listening to a lecture astrologer Jason Holley shared recently at the Northwest Astrological Conference.  When it is the day, we see only the sun, and when the sun sets we see the millions of stars in the heavens above us.  The night is where we understand the many, the ways of who we are that are not as visible such as the Sun parts of ourselves.  I hope that description helps as a guide for understanding more the way the night or things of night consciousness brings so much into one’s awareness when in the cycles (such as eclipses).  Another great book for beginner’s on understanding the power of new moons, the balsamic phase and more is Demetra George’s book “Finding our Way Through the Dark”.  Demetra wrote,

 “The South Node describes where we have come out of eternity with the total accumulation of our memories from the past. Its meaning includes both the subconscious memory of our successes where we utilized our knowledge, skills, capacities, and wisdom in the fulfillment of our potential as well as the subconscious memory of our failures which act as a kind of inertia that blocks personal fulfillment.” And for the North Node perspective she writes, “North Node is a symbol of spiritual power and integration. It is said to depict the future and represents how new learning experiences can lead to personal growth.”

This solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer 21 minutes is close to the North Node in Gemini at 29 degrees while simultaneously Mercury recently stationing retrograde in Cancer just three days ago is moving just barely.  So the thinking-feeling nature of Mercury in Cancer is amplified and part of this eclipse.  We all will have a better understanding of feeling-thinking Mercury at the end of this cycle.  Those who were born with Mercury in Cancer will have extraordinary boost this month on feelings and they may pick-up and be a vehicle for the archetypes as well, that is where experiences will be picked up and an individual life experience will be collectively for the individual person it may feel “it was bigger than me” and there’s an adjustment to it. A person can be swept up in the moment of the archetypal experience.  With North Node in Gemini there is a tie to some kind of spiritual experience simply because that is the North Node, it is the “medicine” as my master teach calls it.  The south node is the releasing, one could also describe that as spiritual in another context, that is releasing the material world for the spiritual focus in some disciplines, more on that later.  The North Node in evolutionary astrology is the dragon’s head, the south node is the dragon’s tail.  When considering our souls and our evolution, one can imagine the reaching towards one direction while the other is leaving the other as the notion of “been there done that”.  Though we must consider the lunar nodes are always a pair, never really separate. The lunar nodes and the position of the sun and moon are what create the eclipses. We bring talents through the south node in our incarnation just as much as we do the patterns we are trying to evolve.  It is important to recognize what the patterns or “bad karma” are and what the patterns are of supportive of growth, and the soul cares about your individual growth and it is tied absolutely to the collective consciousness.  Your life as a United States citizen has within it your family heritage, but also collective karma that is different than someone born and raised as a Brazilian citizen or an Italian citizen or Japanese citizen.  Right now, as a collective in the United States you can see several historical karma behaviors rising in the collective that is ready to be seen, to be voiced, to be heard again for the purpose of healing.  However, some will not immediately see it, nor recognize it, and will deny that it is there and would potentially miss the opportunity to evolve an old pattern of identity (Sun in Cancer birth of the United States of America).  This eclipse season gives us themes for what we are shifting collectively as we move closer to the USA’s Pluto return that happens in 2021-2022, when Pluto returns to 27 degrees of Capricorn.  A few key planetary aspects of this solar eclipse are Mars is square to the lunar nodes which a disruptive type of energy, with Neptune within orb to Mars they T-square the nodal axis and the solar eclipse too.  This can be rising anger that has not been addressed but needs to be voiced to be healed.  Consider how long it has not been voiced.  Mars in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces may also be expressed in spiritual warrior themes as well, but that is more likely to be a smaller group in the collective. Jupiter in Capricorn with Pluto on Capricorn, both retrograde and will meet a conjunction again on later this year November 12, 2020 near the Presidential election. Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn in this mix are the revealing of the power abuses and will be emphasized again when Saturn moves back into Capricorn on July 1st.

As with any change, a lot of people resist it and in that there can be suffering, both to individuals and to groups of people.  Imagine love is observing us all, like an archangel, knowing we must learn by growing through the process of change. We really only grow when we have experienced something that pushes us out of our comfort zone.  We integrate the new oftentimes through an emotional experience.  We remember things when the events evoke an emotional response from the depths of our being.  We are in that kind of time for emotional experiences that evoke new desires for change.  Marcel Proust wrote, “We are healed of suffering only by experiencing it to the full.”  A daunting thought, but I sense truth to how we actually integrate something and experience has then an opportunity to move to wisdom.   There was a video shared by a woman recently online that I shared, and in the sharing, I wept with her in the moment, sitting listening to her simple story.  You see, I hurt in recognizing her hurt, and when she experienced a blessing from a stranger, a moment of love she wept for the experience she almost missed, and I wept thousands of miles away, with her, and with the thousands of others who listened with an open heart to her sharing.  This is healing. That is the power of love.

Here is that video.  Be well my friends.  We are in a tsunami of change. You may not see the wave at first, but if you are listening with your heart you will absolutely feel it. It is making changes within us and that we will witness and experience in the world in which we share.  Bless this moment. Namaste.