Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Saturn Stations to Retrograde in Sagittarius, Squaring Venus and Jupiter


Today March 25, 2016 the planet Saturn stations to go retrograde at 16 degrees 24 minutes in Sagittarius. The slowing and stop of a planet in the retrograde cycle intensifies the energy. Saturn in Sagittarius is
an emphasis on limits and authority figures in religion to our boundaries (nations and our own personal
for freedom) and even our cold hard reality with higher education, higher ideals and philosophy and long
journeys (of the mind or physical). It also can be a reminder of our commitment even when it gets hard
on us for whatever reason that may present an obstacle. Along with the station of Saturn moving to go
retrograde, which will be in retrograde through August 13 when it goes direct at 9 degrees Sagittarius
(hot spot for other activity with Mars going Rx there in April 17th and back out of that degree around
August 24th). With Saturn turning retrograde our sage within us is put into focus and we may find ourselves finding something new for our commitment to our beliefs. At the same moment, in the heavens we have Venus in Pisces at 16 degrees 24 minutes in square to Saturn in Sagittarius, but also with Jupiter in opposition in Virgo in retrograde too at 16 degress 09 minutes. Saturn then is the point of a T-square between Venus and Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo right now and it is emphasized. Our inner work for our beliefs, how we may relate to others across the boundaries of our belief systems may be part of our work to be done.

How do the recent attacks this past week in Brussels show the manifestation of one belief system demanding itself across the personal safety boundaries of others? How may this also inhibit (Saturn) and restrict (Saturn) foreign travel into Brussels (Saturn in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter). How are we dealing with fear of sharing or expressing our own beliefs in such an environment globally, nationally or locally? Venus is the planet of relationships, love, partnership and friendship in Pisces she is exhalted, with a square to Saturn the nature of Venus to “build rapport” as my teacher Steven Forrest says, is challenged within the restriction or lack of commitment and it continues into the inner world with Saturn going retrograde.

The themes call out for a balance between our being vulnerable and opening of our hearts with others and having firm solid boundaries (love Brene Brown on this subject) to hold our fellow human beings in a space for forgiveness for the loss we are incurring to get to the place where our greatest potential of human connection exists, from the heart. Love exists when we have proper boundaries, what is okay and what is not okay. We are stumbling to find these in some places in our world both domestic and abroad. I pray for sound thinking leadership that will help pave the way for setting healthy boundaries and from there we are safe to open our hearts that indeed brings us all more joy.