Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Pisces New Moon with Neptune and Mercury Retrograde: Surrender, Dream and Let Go

Wednesday morning March 6th, 2019 we have a dreamy new moon in Pisces.  It’s quite exaggerated in dreaminess and magical potency with Neptune conjunct, yet words of caution as trickster Mercury is stationing retrograde at 29 degrees Pisces 35 minutes about 1 degree from Chiron in Aries.  It will be a lunar month of surrendering.  Surrendering in moments that you don’t have the information, you won’t have clarity and you may not even see the logic for something that in another month is easily figured.  This month is a watery, slippery slope of I-just-don’t-know.  Intuition and dreams are likely to be fantastical if not beyond any comprehension. Mercury is bound to trip us up more than once, so remember manners count and don’t laugh when your intellectual friend has a complete brain-fart which is quite out of character.  You may bump into people because you’ve lost any sense of boundaries momentarily but it may be a happy bumping because at any other time you might have been on your cell phone, but this time you forgot it in your car and now you’ve met someone new and how cool they love the same band as you!  Sometimes re-directs are happy little accidents. You never know with such a Pisces new moon what may come into your awareness because of being re-directed in some way.  Mercury stations retrograde on March 5th at 10:18 am at 29 degrees Pisces 39 minutes.  At the balsamic moon this Mercury in Pisces will be tricky to maneuver.  The potential for not-seeing-it-coming are significantly high through the period of retrograde. It reaches 16 degrees Pisces 6 minutes on March 28th 6:59 am PST when it stations direct, which happens to be exactly where Neptune is and within a degree of where the new moon is.  The commutes this week and that last week in March will truly be interesting, hopefully not too hazardous.  Too bad the DOT doesn’t have signs of caution for such Mercury retrogrades!

Jupiter is in Sagittarius its own sign (though Jupiter must also be considered for Pisces as co-ruler with Neptune).  Jupiter at 22 degrees 29 minutes is widely square the new moon, sun and Neptune.  This square in mutable signs of Sagittarius (truth/religion/God/higher learning) and Neptune (boundless/spiritual/mysticism/addiction/escapism) with Mercury retrograde will be the hot tamale of this lunation, because Jupiter expands whatever it is and squares are often a challenge to work through or manage or some type of disruption. In this combination it could be confusion of boundaries, language (Mercury out of his logic element), foreign or international relations, scandals from celebrities, religious leaders or higher education authorities and even laws that are unclear or severely outdated that need revision.  Jupiter in Sagittarius exaggerates the foot-in-mouth of opinions as personal truth too, so keeping yourself aware of this helps avoid it (usually).  Another reminder there’s a lot going on with Pisces energy this month and we really don’t know where it will take us.   Collectively we may see hot issues in pharmaceuticals in the news (notice many stories on insulin lately and the outrageous prices or some breakthrough?) and addictions such as opioids making headlines. It reminds me of the movies too, outrageously amazing cinematography, music and animation.

Red pill or blue pill?  Do you really want to know the truth?  That’s for my friends who like the Matrix trilogy, too good not to re-share here.  We may end up shocked once the fog lifts.  Hopefully there’s no need for a phone booth and a secured line to get back home to the mothership after this month.

I like understanding the new moon a bit more by considering the Sabian Symbol, for this one it is 16 degrees Pisces.  Blain Bovee notes this degree’s image is, “The flow of inspiration”.  Sounds quite lovely if you’re not on a serious timeline of any sort!  Deadlines be damned in this juicy dreamy new moon week.  Mercury though has other ideas for us all.  This Mercury retrograde feels quite dastardly. Maybe a weekend with some pirate movies to ride the wave.  Who cares?  Well Saturn does, he’s there reminding you to get your stuff done and people in power are making it that much harder to move the boulder an inch.  The old ways of doing things are slowing, but they are holding on hard for the traditional ways. They cannot stop progress which is marching ever closer to the new cycle that comes in next year with Jupiter and Saturn moving to conjunction in Aquarius.  Until then, we are still in the shake down, break down to clean up while there are still messes being made.  Feels like cleaning house and have twin toddlers gleefully un-doing right behind you!  You’ll have to outsmart this with patience and knowing that we are in a closing cycle.  Those who know just smile and keep going.

The south node at 25 degrees Capricorn 34 minutes applying to a conjunction with Pluto at 22 degrees 34 minutes and Saturn very close at 18 degrees 12 minutes makes for one damn heavy-duty boulder to move!!   My favorite astrologer-teacher Steven Forrest always says, “Work your Saturn or Saturn will work you!”  The difference is between exhaustion by your own making or someone else demanding and making life utterly miserable if you’re not in it for the long haul.  Another key bit of wisdom for Saturn in Capricorn is knowing when to rest a little too.  It’s all about endurance.  Make that word your motto. Endurance.  Pacing yourself with your known energy capacity but with full intention on hitting the milestone and completion.  The south node is a release or a reminder of past repeating behaviors in the context of Capricorn here.  So, are you working against something that is actually a drain on you and your spirit?  Are you able to use your imagination to improve something you’re building to make it better? Are you really disciplined to meet the end goal?  Is there something within your nature that lacks structure and appreciation for deadlines?  How can you empower yourself through mastering a skill for your profession or public life? How important is it to fully imagine what you’ve tasked yourself to achieve?  These are themes to consider for Saturn and the stimulus with Pisces and there are many more.

Early around 12:35 am PST March 6th Uranus re-enters Taurus a few hours before the new moon, so the re-entry happens at the dark of the moon.  This is like a signal for closings, ends of chapters before the new can enter.  Uranus in re-entering Taurus and now will stay for 7 years.  We understand some of that from the first entry of Uranus into Taurus on May 15th, 2018 before it did a final retrograde spin in Aries.  This will be even bigger to consider, but in combination with the new moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune, and Mercury retrograde in Pisces this is surely a dicey, crazy month, maybe even the craziest this year.  Uranus in Taurus is sextile by sign to the new moon, sun and Neptune, so it will have a some tangible excitement to the Pisces energy.  Uranus in Taurus as we learned last year moves the Earth abruptly, so there is significant potential to happen again, with so much water element involved lava flow or earth moving related to water are high probabilities.  Unexpected incidents related to our food is also present.

Venus is important as well, as she rules Taurus the sign Uranus is re-entering. Venus entered Aquarius on March 1st and at the new moon she is 5 degrees 53 minutes.  She is square to Mars and applying and square to Uranus though separating.  Mars is 13 Taurus 36 minutes at the new moon.  Mars though does sextile (60 degrees apart) the new moon and is trine (120 degree angle) to the powerful energy in Capricorn with Saturn and widely Pluto.  Relationships and relating to others maybe bumpy in some ways and since communication is such an important part of quality relationships consider sharing a lot of images and symbols which are another way of communicating this month!  For fun play together touring art galleries or taking that watercolors class you’ve bookmarked several times hoping to do, it may be a fun way to play with this Piscean vibe.  Going for a moment of sensory deprecation in the stillness of water in a nearby healing float pool.  It may bring you new levels of inner peace.  When we make time for our inner peace our outer world is less chaotic.  Find ways to let your mind wander about the beauty of life around you.  Life is to be enjoyed and to enjoy it we must allow ourselves boredom which then blooms into playtime.  When we are spontaneously delighted by new encounters and drawn to places we never decided to go, the path of life seems to flow us in directions our soul truly needs for new inspiration and once again renewed we are reminded of the giving and enlivening nature of all we are connected with to live joyously.  Namaste. Bless this moment.