Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon today in Capricorn – Release What You’ve Known, Life Renews

northern-lights-norwayToday at 10:53 pm Pacific Standard Time, we have the last New Moon of 2016 at 7 degrees 59 minutes Capricorn. With this New Moon in Capricorn my first thoughts are the subdue of emotions for the responsibilities and duties that are a part of adult life. Capricorn is the archetype that is duty driven, the responsible one, the elder, the one who makes a plan, the structures of norms for stability in society, the professional that is always in pursuit of the goal to succeed and the ruler of Capricorn is Saturn. Following the depositor in the New Moon chart, Saturn is in Sagittarius working on boundaries, our belief systems, religion and pushing us for re-evaluating these areas. Saturn also in Sagittarius brings a more subdued Jupitarian approach, a taming of the wild freedom loving Sagittarius archetype. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, currently transiting Libra is expanding our lives related to social justices, relationships of all sorts and our connection in relationships, socializing and appreciating our connections. Venus, ruler of of Libra is transiting Aquarius, tuning our love and beauty towards friendships, opening us to new and independent and eccentric expressions of love and beauty, also co-ruled by Saturn, modern ruler Uranus in freedom pioneering Aries, exactly opposite Jupiter in Libra at the time of this New Moon. Uranus is stationing direct at the time of the new moon, packing an extra punch even beyond the usual Uranus sudden impact, sudden changes or insights it usually brings us. You add it all up, and you get quite the WHOPPER of a New Moon in Capricorn, a cardinal sign which as I’ve mentioned in other blog posts brings into manifestation through the archetypes rather swiftly in our perception. Pluto, who never likes to leave anything as he finds it is in a wide T-square to Uranus and Jupiter, from Capricorn at 16 degrees 50 minutes. Can you say, WHOA! It’s not exact, but it still packs more punch than most of us can handle.  Pluto in Capricorn, t-boning Jupiter and Uranus is like Darth Vader walking into the party shouldering his way through with the dark force separating forever the beautiful rebel fighter Princess Leia from the cavalier Hans Solo and forever changes the scenery…a metaphor, but still you get it.

Who and what is Capricorn in your life? It is changing powerfully at this time and you may look back in the year ahead and wonder about this time, because it will be as if everything you knew changed drastically. Uranus in Aries, what or who is demanding the change, who are those on the bleeding edge forcing you to see something, a new way? They live by their own rules and quietly you adore them for that rebellion. For that flair and energetic cavalier style. The Uranian rebels of your life will push on you to be yourself, no apologies! It takes guts for your glory. The Uranian part of you only wants the authentic, exclusive, no-excuses YOU.  The one sometimes behind the scenes not always, often more stylish than most gives us hope for our cause; the one who supports us in social arenas and fights for the underdog and has friends in a variety of social circles. She demands our courage through love that’s limitless. She is right beside us in the battle too, and for this we are further enamored in her glow.

The sabian symbol for this New Moon at 8 degrees Capricorn is “Birds in the homes singing happily.” Birds at home may be caged, what does this illuminate for us in the symbolism? It may speak to the joy expressed by the security of one’s home too. With a stable, harmonious society, there are lessons from Saturn about work, duty, responsibility that we integrate in our lives to thrive in a more stable environment that maybe we’ve taken for granted. When we have order out of chaos there is something joyful to be found from having, though it does limit one’s freedom absolute, for we play a variety of roles in our lives for the stability to exist and it limits us from absolute freedom. Things that make you go, hmm. It is the end of the year, a time of reflection and evaluating our values and what we would like to integrate in our lives and experience. Mercury is retrograde at this New Moon within a degrees at 6 degrees 47 minutes Capricorn and does amplify this reflection of our roles we play in society. What will you be changing actively expressing yourself in new roles in the coming year? What relationships will be brought in or released in the changing roles we will play? How do you limit your boundless freedom to ensure an environment that is more stable for you and for your family? These questions are in the mix in this New Moon. I hope you all take time, a sacred moment for yourself to reflect and sharpen your pencil to reinvent some parts of your social expression, your public life of duty that will increase your capacity for love and relationships and enable you a joyful freedom from within that you may have not yet experienced. Blessings of peace and joy this New Moon cycle and New Year we are about to celebrate! May the force be with you.