Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn December 25, 2019: Time Reveals a Stoic Queen


Tonight, December 25, 2019, at 9:13 pm PST we have an Annular Solar Eclipse at 4 degrees 7 minutes of Capricorn.  The themes of this solar eclipse are close to home (Cancer) and more revelation related to power and authority figures in our life (Capricorn).   Being responsible may not be enough to manage the energy flow with this eclipse.  The moon darkening the sun hides the light, and then the shadow is more prevalent.  It is not a time for rituals at this new moon.  It may be potent for reflection and considering our own authority and power, how much do we give to others? Or how much power do we allow others to wield on our behalf in certain places in our society and is there a good system at work to keep it balanced?  These are questions that may surface at this time.  Dreams can be full of important messages that you may consider for your unique interexchange with life.  Some may feel this solar eclipse as a significant dose of being cut-off from others where they might feel safe for some reason that needs to be resolved. The potential for unexpected news or inspiration for something can just drop in at this time, as Uranus in Taurus is in a trine to this new moon solar eclipse.  What happens now is a new direction you did not anticipate.

Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Aquarius are square by sign at this eclipse which can struggle with their very different needs if the goal is connection.  Mars wants to possess while Venus is more social and inclined towards freedom-seeking activities.  Creativity can help to make a connection, but don’t be surprised by some tension between matters of the heart and your mind.  Venus is asking for the freedom to share something bold that speaks to her individuality. Neptune at 16 degrees 9 minutes of Pisces still holds a wide trine with Mars so this may show up in a surrendered “I’m not sure what I want”, perhaps good for those relaxing on vacation.  Those who need to know what they are doing next this week, plan for a time where your energy will dip more than other times.  Neptune is zapping the potency of Mars in Scorpio this solar eclipse, though otherwise, Mars is powerful in this sign he rules.

Mercury is moving through Sagittarius and may still feel a little foggy after the recent square with Neptune in Pisces.  So be sure you have batteries when you need them, you may need to check your maps if you’re headed somewhere you’ve not been to in a while.  Mercury in Sagittarius lives for adventure, though it may be she doesn’t always have an agenda or expected itinerary.  Sometimes the most fun is when you go off trail.  Doing the unexpected can bring a thrill to the exploration of somewhere new.

Those who have Sun, Moon, angles or set of planets in Capricorn will be having to show more than ever how there is a right way, right action, how to do something with integrity, how to show up as the adult, how to stand-up and just do the things that need to be done as the life requires it so.  Capricorn energy knows what needs to be done and that is part of the leadership quality.  The sun is blocked out, so it is not the solar energy, but rather there is something that is deeper from the night, from the dark that bares this knowing.  Consider the stoic queen that resides in you.  How does she manage the affairs of her castle? Her kingdom? Or rather queendom?  Leadership that comes from an unexpected place of inner authority.  It can be a lonely place to keep it all running smoothly, doing something that connects with others in some way will help stave off the depths that loneliness can take you.  It is up to you to make that part of your world work which will nourish you.  It can be harder to make that happen during this eclipse season.

Jupiter in Capricorn is conjunct this new moon solar eclipse at 5 degrees 20 minutes, which is applying to the south node in Capricorn.  The south node is a releasing node, but from an esoteric perspective is spiritual.  Are you releasing something that brings you a closer connection to your divinity? The North Node in Cancer is where we collectively reach towards, and yet the focus is Capricorn.  This moon is serious, it can show a happy face with Jupiter supporting.  We are all moving toward a powerful moment early in 2020, this solar eclipse may be the part of bigger experiences we are all working on towards a deeper healing potential than many of us can understand yet.  As with any astrological moment there will be some who really have a significant level of personal experience that manifests while others are more those who witness big changes with those near and dear to them.  Thus, it is always important to be grateful, to be supportive.  Our love lifts others and brings comfort.  Life is ever-changing and sometimes the most valuable gift we offer to another is just our stable and consistent presence.

May your holiday be blessed, and your heart filled with love today.  Namaste. Bless this moment.