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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 12, 2018 at 7:48 pm PDT. Women and Our Relationship with Power – Mothers Need Our Love


Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 7:48 pm PDT we have the first of a few eclipses happening with the new moon at 20 degrees 41 minutes in the sign of Cancer.  This is a partial eclipse, but it still comes with an extra dose of super cosmic juice with Pluto exactly opposite the eclipse at 20 degrees Capricorn retrograde.  On the west coast the Ascendant of the timing of the eclipse is also in Capricorn at 6 degrees 15 minutes with the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn just a couple degrees away at 4 degrees 43 minutes continuing his retrograde until early September.  The moon is in its domicile and briefly will shadow the powerful light of the sun in Cancer at the time of the eclipse.  This eclipse puts the moon in front of the sun, blocking out its light to us on earth temporarily.  Symbolically in astrology we see that as an eclipsing of the solar energy of Cancer briefly and creates a “hotspot” at the 20-21 degree of Cancer as well as the opposite point where Pluto is transiting at 20-21 Capricorn.  This highlights women, women’s issues with power, mothers and mothering issues.  Have you noticed the huge story recently on the USA and Ecuador and the mothers’ breast-milk versus formula from corporations and the political issue that has been so hot?   This is exactly the kind of thing this partial solar eclipse brings to our attention.  And it is sure getting a backlash from everyone and tons of press.  From my perspective it shows the level of corporate greed happening and the absolute atrocious power play from the United States in international trade with Ecuador. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/08/health/world-health-breastfeeding-ecuador-trump.html   Women are likely the strongest theme at this time.  


Another current event that is elevated at this time is the Supreme Court nominee pick from Trump that has a history against women’s issues such as reproductive rights, especially noted in Texas attempting to block a woman’s right to choose in a much publicized case.  While we don’t know yet the final scenario here, it does anger many who remember the situation when Mitch McConnell blocked former President Obama’s nominee just eight months from the end of his presidency, plenty of time to have made it reality.  Many American feel shorted by that event and for what is happening now at this critical time in history.  The power plays going on in our government right now are supremely significant and how their decisions will trickle down for women’s rights and issues for many years to come.   These stories and others will surface during this time of the eclipse. Maybe you’ll see the connection in coming news stories and understand the archetypes in the life stories.

Cancer is also about home, family and feeling secure in one’s environment. This new moon eclipse will undoubtedly bring up family and issues of insecurity related to one’s environment and what has been kept in the dark.  Is there a family secret about power, or abuse surfacing at this time that has been shoved under the rug what seems like forever?  Well, this summer hold onto your sun bonnets because it will be heating up and it will likely see some new light.  It won’t necessarily be pretty either, but how you respond will have everything to do with your own karma you add to the mix.  Walking away may give you the space to process and discern what you will do and how you may or may not engage in the future.  It may not be a family secret. It could be a remodeling of your home that puts you back a few thousand to get your home back into shape.  Maintenance that has long been needed finally getting some of your focus and a big portion of your budget.  Venus is trine Uranus in Taurus though waning at the time of this eclipse new moon, and then applying to Saturn in Capricorn, get the job done and make sure it’s quality work and it should last.


Mercury in Leo is applying to an inconjunct with Pluto in Capricorn showing a disconnect and tension of perceptions, communications that are staged for adoration and broad appeal.  These two don’t work well together and Pluto doesn’t care.  Its job is about death, power over and you surrender – that’s his goal.  Something dies, period and then from the ashes something else comes, but you don’t get that immediately, it comes after you feel and experience the death of whatever it is that is dying.  What is coming cannot even be imagined yet, so surrender and get on with it.  Then hold your mind and heart open just a smidge so you can sense in this new cycle what is coming into replace the old that had to die for it to be revealed.  Life degrades, then something dies (your ego maybe, life as you knew it) and then oh, there were seeds in there but you didn’t know they needed the fire and the soil made from what had died to open up their fertility to new life.

While you’re licking those wounds we still have Mars in Aquarius retrograde at 7 degrees 35 minutes still


hanging with the south node at 5 degrees 53 minutes, and that is another releasing combination.  Old stuff revisited people from the past coming around again for round two or three with you and even interesting revealing moments within group situations.  Seriously really look close at what comes to you during this time, some if it is a knock-knock that you may just look through the peep-hole and pretend you’re not home, may be the best action you take all summer.  Walking away with a grin of self-love and self-approval as you nod your head, “yes, I can do this.”  William Glasser said, “What happened in the past that was painful has a great deal to do with what we are today, but revisiting this painful past can contribute little of nothing to what we need to do now.”

Jupiter is still moving at a snail’s pace after stationing direct on July 10 and in the sign of Scorpio helps us through the dark shadows of the watery depths that raw emotions and taboo subjects take us.  You may find you spend the energy learning more about astrology, tarot and esoteric arts while Jupiter picks up speed to gain new insight to the cycles of life, the symbolism in the heavens, the stars and images revealed in oracle cards and tarot that help you see something that you may have missed before and now you’re ready to see.  The Midheaven is near Jupiter in the chart for the west coast at the time of this new moon eclipse, but tightly square to the lunar nodes.  The midheaven is 5 degrees 53 minutes of Scorpio, new insights will surface on lingering scandals for sure with this combination.  With Jupiter square Mars in Aquarius (Mars rules Scorpio) this is a bit of a challenge.  How many folks are facing surgery on knees and ankles right now?  This combination makes me wonder, new repairs on old wounds.  Yikes.  Mars is connected to surgery (steel to skin/blood) and Jupiter the blood. This is also a combination that can reveal illness in the body that has not been visible before with new symptoms.  Pluto also a ruler of Scorpio opposite the Moon (body) and the Sun vital energy is blocked.  Be sure to stay on top of your medical check-ups.  Regular maintenance for your body is important for your self-care (sign of Cancer).   Love your body!  Most of us had loving mothers that loved us and showed us the way for self-care.

Saturn is slowly edging back to 2 degrees of Capricorn, but does not reach there until early September.  However, Saturn is still by orb in a square with Chiron in Aries just over two degrees separated now. The duty and responsibilities of Saturn as the task master with heavy consequences related to personal deep wounds around identity or being a pioneer on the cutting edge.  It requires long hard focused work to get over that hump of a deep wound of identity.  The focused discipline does pay off but it can take years to see the shift, and it may be that your work and mastery never felt relief, but your example freed someone else and enabled their security to go for a similar goal that seemed out of reach because of your example.

Finally Neptune is at 16 degrees 20 minutes of Pisces slowly retrograde in a wide trine with this new moon in Cancer eclipse and also widely trine to Jupiter in Scorpio.  It gives a softness to the intense energies directly opposing the sun and moon.  Symbolism here shows that the divine is available to us, creativity to move through emotions that seem overwhelming and grace through connection to what we need as humans.  When we support our needs we can show up in the world to be of service to others.  When life seems too much we can pray, ask for peace and trust that the divine will bring to us those people that have open hearts to hear the call.  Think of all those boys in the cave meditating as an example and how in the end it may have been scary, it may have felt hopeless at times but their coach knew the benefits of meditation and taught them and I truly think that set their minds and hearts in the right place for their rescue to be successful.  Will you hear the call inside you to be of service to another?  Being silent once in awhile helps you hear it.

It’s a unique time and eclipses bring us heightened energy and experiences that manifest quickly being that this eclipse occurs in the cardinal signs of Cancer/Capricorn.  Life will definitely feel overwhelming the next two weeks and weeks past the total lunar eclipse coming to have an air of great tension and it will require your attention to how you nurture yourself.  You’ll need it in this moment.  Take care, spend more time in meditation and open your heart and show others you care.  It would be a beautiful thing to see random acts of kindness go viral, don’t you think?  Bless this moment.  Namaste.