Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Taurus May 4, 2019 at 3:45 pm PDT: Stop and Smell the Roses, Beware of Stingers


Saturday, May 4, 2019, we have a new moon in Taurus at 14 degrees 11 minutes at 3:45 pm PDT.  With this new moon, we have an interesting combination of elements heavy in earth and fire with one planet in an air sign and one in a water sign.  Considering the earth focus and fire, I think of work, persistence and even resistance that over time might build up heat.  The sun and moon reunite exactly in the middle of the sign of Taurus, a fixed sign.  This new moon may reflect a concentration of fixed energy, with intermittent delays from Saturn, Pluto and the south node of the moon in Capricorn.  Taurus moon is exalted, and it may have a creative impulse emerge with the sextile from Neptune in Pisces. I can imagine a photographer’s ideal for landscape rich and colorful shots coming during this month. It also has a tone of persistence.  With Venus in the sign of Aries, the ruler of the moon is in a sign she is more aggressive, more Mars-like.  It is not a sign where Venus is in the playbook of Venusian ideals. It is more likely to go for the thing it desires rather than receive, so the masculine consciousness of Aries is dominant.  Venus squared to Saturn and the south node and Pluto make life challenging with roadblocks that block progress in anything from work to simple tasks.  Venus in the chart of the full moon is also sextile Mars in Gemini.  There is a component of having to work through whatever presents in the duality.  Mars can be tricky to pin down on what direction to take.  Venus moves into Taurus the sign she rules on May 15th around 2:46 am and we’ll see a shift.  Venus in Taurus likes natural beauty and simplicity.  A good time to be in nature and adore the colors and beauty or take on a task of finding the best paint colors if you are planning a paint project. Beautifying your world once Venus in a Taurus is an alignment with the flow of everything.

Mars and Mercury still are holding in their mutual reception, while Mercury is still in Aries.  Mercury moves into Taurus on May 6th around 11:25 am PDT and Mars moves into Cancer on May 15th at 8:09 am PDT.  The highest aspect in tension for this new moon in Taurus is between Mars in Gemini at 22 degrees and 45 minutes and Jupiter in Sagittarius at 23 degrees and 27 minutes retrograde.  Mars here has a strong potential to be challenging and disruptive, forcing individuals to retreat from harsh environments, it is another volatile sign of potential violence within religious places of worship when the truth of the matter is terrible ways of communicating their hatred and anger onto innocent lives.  Jupiter is in his domicile of Sagittarius, so it can be exaggerated too.  I pray that is not how this archetype is expressed through the collective, but we have seen it in the world recently.

Chiron is at 4 degrees Aries 14 minutes in this chart ruled by the Mars in Gemini.  It is in a semi-square to the new moon in Taurus so has tension in it that we’ll find in the month the potential for having to deal with conflict to manage our lives with ethics and principles.  The challenge will be to keep cool when handling tough interactions and not jump into outbursts which will go nowhere in this fixed energy soup and just make forward progress that much more challenging.  Have the skill to engage in fierce conversations is invaluable if you need a few resources to see the endnotes in this article.

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter all retrograde now brings so much of our forward movement into review mode, going over the same thing, the same rut, the same themes for what may seem like months, but as with all things it will eventually move again, simply because we are time-based.  There is much to consider in the quagmire we are feeling collectively as we deal with major issues every day, slowly and steadily trying to create change that supports us and our world.  This month we will definitely feel the stuck-ness of the 15th degree Taurus of the new moon. Perhaps for many, it is a welcome slow-down and smell the roses time.

Uranus in early Taurus not in aspect to the new moon but in the same sign can stimulate new ideas though when we sit with them long enough.  Mars in Gemini can be the potential breakthrough thinking that eventually will create something new.  We must keep trying and not lose faith in the long-term vision (Jupiter in Sagittarius).  Mercury applying to Uranus will come to conjunction on May 8th, and that will be a dynamic moment for new ideas about places we’ve been stuck and resistant to change, we just have to approach with questions to get the flow going to flip the switch.

Family time and time with friends would be a wise way to make use of a Taurus moon, as the ruler of Cancer it may be the right medicine for our essential needs. The moon rules the transiting North Node in Cancer as well.  Spending time in a place we are secure, open to be ourselves and where we are nurtured is the right flipside to the otherwise conflict potentials of this new month.  When you make it a priority it will be your sanctuary from the hard work and noise of life.  Make excuses to spend quality time making memories you’ll cherish.  The hard work will still be there, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

With Taurus new moon the coming full moon will be in Scorpio, where emotional overtures will become intensified and illuminated for us all.  Knowing the cycles, you can take care in your now to find the peace which is easier with your practice in mindfulness. Namaste. Bless this moment.


Book:  Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott