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New Moon in Scorpio today November 11, 2015 at 19 degrees Scorpio 1 minute


New Moon in Scorpio today at 9:48 am Pacific time. The new moon is at 19 degrees 01 minutes Scorpio starting off our new cycle. Prominent in the chart of today’s new moon is it’s sextile of Jupiter in Virgo at 18 degress 27 minutes. Chiron the Wounder Healer is trine the new moon and Mercury in Scorpio as well. These aspects are positive flow of energy in the theme of Scorpio, equal to raw and deep emotions. What has been buried deep that can come up for healing now? The Sun and Moon conjunct Mercury in Scorpio actually show us we will have the ability to share what we are feeling and bring it out into the open. Venus just entered Libra a couple days ago and Mars is at the 29th degree of Virgo. What organizing and beautifying of your personal or professional space do you want to finish off today? Mars in Virgo for the energy to organize and Venus in Libra to add a touch of beauty. Maybe that could show up in socializing with friends and getting into detailed discussions too. You never know how it may show up for you. THe nodes of the moon entered the mutable signs of Virgo and Pisces and will be there for 18 months. THe energy in mutable signs will be fluxuating much more than the nodes in the cardinal or fixed signs. With this New Moon in Scorpio, what new intentions are you planting to bring joy and happiness into your life? What new projects are you excited to dive into now? Being present to enjoy life as it comes I appreciate our lunar cycles. Sarrah #onesagesview.com