Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Scorpio today at 26 degrees 19 minutes

Today we begin a new lunar cycle with a New Moon in Scorpio at 26 degrees 19 minutes. This new moon beckons us into the depths of our emotional self, our deep psyche. Jupiter, Venus, Vesta with the Sun and Moon in Scorpio give us the ability to go deeper especially within the feminine context of our unconscious. I’ve been reading Robert A. Johnson’s books this year and he offers insight in the feminine in his book ‘She’ and the masculine book ‘He’. I thought his sharing on the myth was rather thought provoking to think about the difference between Psyche (read the myth) and Aphrodite (Greek, aka Venus for Romans) and their birth to understand the depth of the feminine. Psyche born as a dew drop and Aphrodite born of the waters of the ocean. “Aphrodite is the principle of mirroring every experience back into our own consciousness.” ” Aphrodite’s mirror is symbolic of a most profound quality of the goddess of love. She frequently offers one a mirror by which one can see one’s self, a self hopelessly stuck in projecting without the help of the mirror. Asking what is being mirrored back can begin the process of understanding, which may prevent getting stuck in an insoluable emotional triangle.” He notes, “This is not to say there are not outer events. But it is important to realize and understand many things of our own interior nature masquerade as outer events when they should be mirrored back into our subjective world from which they sprang.”*

We’ve seen the toxic flush and release that the feminine is experiencing recently as Jupiter entered Scorpio in October, along with Venus and Mercury. There is a new vibe right now with women and men coming forward to speak up about the truth of their experience with sexual assault and sexual harassment. What’s promising in this is that it seems to finally be getting a response in the community and general society for those who have been the predators with such behavior with real consequences that are manifesting in downfalls, falls from high positions or highly visible in social circles to damaging their careers and work projects. There is a shame that seems to be sticking and visible to hold accountability to their actions more than we’ve really ever seen so publicly. It seems to be a changing tide, doesn’t it? We are finally seeing the ability to speak to this dark underbelly that has gone on for eons and finally begin the process of healing, which first starts with acknowledging we’ve experienced this and then being able to stand up and speak our truth. Once we collectively do this and there is visible progress we move closer to our full potential as human beings with healed feminine and masculine expressions. This includes the masculine that was distorted in its expression through individuals and collective thinking and acceptance of such extreme behavior. It is not a one sided healing, both feminine and masculine distortions (feminine powerlessness and masculine extremism) are visible now for healing. This morning I watched a video just about the wounded masculine produced by Teal Swan regarding the castration of the masculine that has come about by the wounded feminine as well. I think it was thoughtful and well done. Her thoughts on the subject resonated with me as I recall taking a few workshops from Alison Armstrong, who coaches thousands of women and men on relationships and understanding each other. Alison’s wisdom comes from understanding the patterns of how women knowing or unknowingly emasculate their partners in power plays in their relationship which then damage their relationships and capacity to receive (feminine) the support and love they need. Many who have come for a reading with me know I often refer to Alison Armstrong’s work, staring with her book “Keys to the Kingdom” and the Development of Men. Teal was speaking about how the wounded feminine emasculates the masculine through their roles as mothers to sons, most likely an unconscious response to the wounded feminine. It’s a short video less than ten minutes. With our focused lunar cycle in Scorpio psychology is a great channel for diving into these observations and the deeper questions about our evolving humanity.

Jupiter in Scorpio is in a trine with Neptune in Pisces opening the gates into the watery depths we have to explore. It’s a super time for setting up (asking) your dreams to provide you images, symbols and feelings to delve into for a deeper understanding of your being. The trine is applying and will grow in this lunar cycle. Where will your inquiries take you in dreamland?

Mercury is in Sagittarius at 17 degrees 25 minutes nearing his station to retrograde on December 3rd at 29 degrees Sagittarius acting as a trigger for Saturn in Sagittarius at 26 degrees 22 minutes inciting one last review of our beliefs, truth and boundaries too. Mercury is sextile Mars in Libra that is the traditional ruler for all the juicy Scorpio energy we’ll be swimming in for a few weeks.

Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn is likely the most volatile and dangerous combination if emerging from unconsciousness during this lunar month. It’s a powerful combination Mars (will power/action/force) and Pluto (power/death & rebirth/shadow). With this New Moon at 26 Scorpio 19 min in an inconjunct (150 degrees) to Uranus in Aries at 25 degrees 23 minutes retrograde there will be a very powerful discordant energy and manifestations of this energy. Violent events are strong possibilities with this mix. The strongest word of caution here when working with the general public. This energy can be channeled for healing if used consciously.

Chiron, the wounded healer, is square to Sagittarius from Pisces so there’s hard work and even karma (cause and effect) we have to acknowledge, but with the New Moon in Scorpio at 26 degrees this is an opportune time for your healing work. We are likely able to bring up more from the depths, acknowledge it and bless whatever we find and then release it. This theme of going deep, healing and releasing is repeated here. The nodes of the moon are square Venus within a few degrees from Leo and Aquarius, again reminding us to review our feminine blocks. May this month be your safe place to review, release and renew your Spirit. Namaste.