Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Scorpio – November 7th – Pivotal Changes and Renewed Hope

The last four days I’ve spent studying and learning astrology in depth with my favorite teacher Steven Forrest at his Alpine Apprentice Program just outside of San Diego.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time exploring my favorite passion, astrology while Jupiter finishes off in the sign of Scorpio this week.  Going deep into a topic like astrology is one way to align with Jupiter in Scorpio.  There are gems to be found in the space others may not be willing to go.

It’s been a time consider the patterns that create our lives and how they unfold and manifest in our experience.  I’ll explore the subject we spent time on in a case study soon about when the karmic wave breaks.  To even know it consciously that it is on the near horizon takes inner work and a tool like astrology to see it with clarity.  For those beginning the journey into studying astrology it is a reminder that the tool and language of astrology can be a wonderful guide as you heal as you take repeated underworld journeys to rise again as you become who you are in fullness and authenticity.

We have a several key celestial happenings this week, so get ready to see some big change in your life and at a minimum in the lives of those around you.  You will definitely see it in the collective.  We have a new moon in Scorpio on November 7th, Wednesday this week around 8:02 AM PST at 15 degrees 11 minutes Scorpio.  A new moon, a time of renewal and planting seeds of intention.  In the sign of Scorpio we will have an opportunity immediately to release something really significant within us while Jupiter is at the 29th degree of Scorpio in these first few days with this new moon.  What else needs to surface for your healing before you ascend from the depths?  Do you hold fears of your inner child being able to be seen and be creative with absolute freedom?  Do you hold yourself back from what you really desire?  Healing journeys take time of course it all depends on what you’re healing and what spirit may be guiding you to realize yourself anew.  There will be a different feeling and experience when Jupiter enters Sagittarius on Thursday November 8th.

Before Jupiter enters Sagittarius though we have a lunar nodal shift from Leo/Aquarius into Cancer/Capricorn and that is just as important as considering Jupiter this week.  The North Node shifts from Leo into Cancer.  The nodes have been moving through Leo/Aquarius for about 18 months and now shifting from fixed modality to cardinal.  Cardinal Cancer, the archetype of nurturing, mothering and healing.  Collectively we all will be called to our self-care and the alignment with healing ourselves.  Interestingly Jupiter will be leaving Scorpio where we’ve spent a lot of time seeing what has been in the depths of us, our psyche.  Showing us the nightmares of past, the horrors that have lived deep and finding our attention to what lies deep and understand the raw emotions connected to those things that have been hidden from our conscious minds for a long time.  We have support in more than one area giving us cosmic permission to heal, to love ourselves with tender care.  Long walks in nature, immersing ourselves in healing waters, the soul nurturing embraces with our loved ones, the acts of love in making our homes safe and loving.  Cancer themes are emotional and feeling, remember the intent here is the healthy open heart Cancerian nature.  In our world, everything has opposites on a spectrum.  So as this nodal shift has us leaning into self-care and loving ourselves to feel our feelings and be good to ourselves the other side of the coin is South Node in Capricorn.  Your job is to pay attention to where you are in the spectrum of Cancer/Capricorn.  Duty driven Capricorn energy that is all work and no play is one place this may reveal itself for you.  If you are heavy in Capricorn nature, it will be much harder to create space for your self-nurturing and emotional needs space, it will feel way outside your normal mode of operating.  Finding ways to take care of yourself and giving yourself permission to relax will be incredibly powerful.   You might consider, when was the last time you took a vacation?  Somewhere you could unplug for a week or two and rejuvenate your soul?  How do you create your home into your sanctuary from the outside world?

Cardinal energy is dynamic, starts and stops type of energy, you think about something you desire it can happen rather quickly with intent behind it. In fixed energy things tend to take more time to come into form and to fade out.  Cardinal is like the flush of a new season coming on with immediate presence.  The moon and Saturn take on significant meaning while the Cancer and Capricorn nodes are transiting as their respective rulers of those signs.  Moon energy is the cosmic place to lean in from an evolutionary perspective. Home and family become more significant over the next 18 months during this time.  Life changes, new people come into your life, new experiences too, but there will be old themes to wrestle with too related to authority, the outside world, perhaps your profession or your status and public life focus.  There will be new insights for you in living your best life and how your inner life breathes your outer life experience with certain tones, moods, colors and faces. Watch for the synchronicities that are your guide posts of being in alignment between your inner and outer worlds as we often in those moments opening up to something we need to pay close attention to around where we are in our evolutionary journeys.

Uranus is really involved with us all at this time as part of this change up this week.  Today Uranus is at the beginning of Taurus again, ready to flip back into Aries for one last shake-down in cardinal.  It re-enters Aries on November 6th at 10:59 am PST.  Less than an hour between that time the nodes change.  The north node enters Cancer (with south node Capricorn) at 10:09 am PST on the same day.  Like some kind of synchronistic heavenly dance these two astrological movements are moving from fixed energy into dynamic cardinal energy.  Buckle up, it will be very interesting!  When Uranus re-enters Aries we also have something very dynamic manifesting.  Mindfulness and presence are more important than anything else I can say for the day.  In the United States it is our election day, I expect to see some surprises and shocks during the day.  What direction the shocks take is anyone’s guess.  That’s Uranus, the liberator.  Jupiter trines the North Node of Cancer at 29 degrees of Scorpio to 29 degrees of Cancer on November 7th around 7:47 AM PST.  What a significant flow of water energy for us all in that moment.  Imagine water having the gates wide open for the flow, emotional, sincerely taking us into deeper healing is the high side of that trine.  All aspects seek to be integrated, is one thing my teacher has always taught.  I envision the healing potential in this mix. Maybe tears of joy flowing, with new hope coming in for us collectively.

Jupiter enters Sagittarius lifting up the king of the planets from the Scorpio water depths into the fire of optimism and hope on November 8th.  It will feel buoyant as if you’ve been pushed up from the depths and now bobbing on the ocean of life potentials ahead. Notice this energetic shift, it will help you understand your living experience with astrology.   Wherever Sagittarius is in your natal chart will be your experience of this new optimism and hope and expansion over the next year while Jupiter is there.  Jupiter is all about big, generous, maybe even “too muchness” so be aware of the flip side of the energy too.  Religion, law, higher education, God, theology, philosophy, future insights, long distance travels, foreign exchange, foreigners and borders will all be part of the expansive themes we collectively will be engaging with in life.  All the planets are important in our lives and evolution. Each one has a high side (healthy) and each one has a low side (unhealthy).  It is up to you to discern what is healthy growth.  Sometimes you need help from a teacher that can expand your knowledge or understanding and that is part of the themes here as Jupiter transits Sagittarius.  Every soul is unique where it is growing and judging others by what you think it should be is hubris.  Astrology and other esoteric practices can provide you insight around what is uniquely significant for your growth.  Your growth path may be the very thing that scares you.  Imagine boldly for your new potentials and plan wisely, yes Saturn is still making his way through Capricorn. Use your free will with healthy intent to live your best life this transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius through end of next year.

“I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.” – Georgia O’Keefe

For some reason this quote from Georgia O’Keefe has been on my mind this weekend.  It seems right to use for this new moon in Scorpio article with so much cardinal energy coming in this week and Jupiter’s entry into Sagittarius.  I hope it resonates with you deeply to go for what you dream with great zeal and passion.  Life will love you back when you are true to yourself and your heart.  Bless this moment.  Namaste.