Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Sagittarius – Playtime for a New Vision – December 17, 2017 10:30 pm PST

New Moon Sagittarius December 17, 2017 at 10:30 pm PST this Sunday night (Monday morning for earlier time zones) at 26 degrees 31 minutes.  The last new moon of 2017 brings us an ample dose of Sagittarius, Mercury Rx, Venus, Moon, Sun and Saturn all there to expand our end of year in true Jupitarian fashion.  Everything in Sagittarius right now with a Scorpio flavor, as Jupiter Sag’s ruler is transiting Scorpio along with Mars.  No room for small talk, this goes deep, with plenty of dirty jokes if are willing to play there, so pour yourself a drink for a long, passionate, possibly heated,  and in your face conversation around truth, philosophy, religion, higher learning, foreigners, foreign relations or travel.  We have one last moment about what Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius has meant and revealed for us on where we are as responsible humans around boundaries and truth and being our own authority for our empowerment.   One may wonder if fake news will be such a problem we’ve faced in the past couple years when Saturn moves on into Capricorn.  The karma or cause-and-effect will show us more the issue with any news that is not checked for facts.  We’ll see intolerance across more demographics on this issue as well as laws for travel and foreign relations.  The New Moon is Sagittarius is a mutable mode, so everything is in flux that we’ve recently seen come such as net neutrality, the tax law and even various positions in power that influence government and economic decisions.  The Sabian Symbol for Sagittarius 27 is the Sculptor, one that creates something from an inner vision from a block of material.  It really is about our ability to create life and what we desire out of the unconscious.  Imagination play put to work with your own hand with the gift of our love!

Sagittarius is the philosopher, teacher, the seer and astrologer that view into the future and share and inspire us with future potentials.  Jupiter ruled, Sagittarius is ever the optimist and thus we may see in this lunar cycle many expressing their hopes and visions for something better, more refined, more beautiful.  Sagittarius also likes to speak directly, yet with Mercury retrograde in this lunar cycle our communications may get bungled up and miss our initial intention.  Be sure your pencil has a good eraser, you’ll be using it.  Venus while in Sagittarius at this new moon cycle may be less visible to us in the soup here, but she brings the rapport and loveliness of friendships and freedom to love and be loved, Saturn nearby though keeps her more contained than she may otherwise be.  She is absolutely part of the beauty of the future vision here in a wide trine to the North Node in Leo.

This time of year is a mixed bag for many.  Feeling joy given time with friends and family with time off from work, but that is a struggle for some who have mixed feelings of time with family and away from the work they find comfort in the routine.  Jupiter in this lunar cycle is square the moon’s nodes in Leo/Aquarius.  We have in this in combination a need to review our desire for fame, money or power, balancing the incessant cravings of our human ego, maybe even themes of jealousy.  It shows the need for us to attain some meaningful success and we might find ourselves having to act in faith on something we view as quite laden with risk.

There will be unexpected travel experiences in this massive mutable mix and Mercury Rx, so give yourself extra time and find your inner music to keep your patience.  Envision long lines as places you go inside for awhile as you meditate your way through, a very slow walking meditation.  Remember, love is your nature, a truth (Sagittarius) you’ll find within given the proper space for silence.  Your peace is where your joy blooms.  Unplug on purpose, lose yourself in your coffee or tea, your art and perhaps watch the snow blanket the earth outside your window if you’re fortunate to get snow.  This peaceful space is where we hear the faintest whispers of creative inspiration. I love the stillness falling snow brings to the earth and to us.   The stillness is softening and allows the birth of new visions and fresh dreams.

So how comfortable are you to play?  Can you unplug and be energized in simple fun?  It’s a time to feel and believe your hopes and dreams are within your reach.  Your intuition is also symbolized through Jupiter and Sagittarius.  It’s your gut, your intuition that guides you through the mirage and distracting noise towards your goal.  Again, thank Sagittarius of your nativity for this part of your human experience.  We all have Sagittarius in us and we all have the experience of expansion and hope that blossoms where Jupiter is by sign in our nativity and we experience it boldly about every 12 years, astrologers call it your Jupiter return.  It’s about how your life is animated by spirit and how your expansion is for you and your soul’s unique expression of life.  It’s absolutely beautiful knowing this from the perspective of astrology it gives you a perspective as if observing yourself and how you grow and blossom. Many blessings to you this lunar month and prayer for your deepest dreams to find their way into your hands to sculpt.  Sending you all love until the full moon.


Image credit: Painting by Jean-Leon Gerome:  Pygmalion and Galatea

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