Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Sagittarius – December 6, 2018 – Ask Big Questions and Risk Something for Truth


Wednesday, December 6, 2018 at 11:20 pm PST we have a new moon in Sagittarius at 15 degrees 7 minutes.  At the new moon moment, Mars is conjunct Neptune at 13 degrees 33 minutes Pisces with Neptune at 13 degrees 44 minutes, only 10 minutes from exact.  This aspect combination makes for an interesting dynamic at the new moon that we will all experience in a variety of ways over the month.  Watery Pisces Neptune, coupled with a Piscean Mars both challenging the fiery Moon and Sun and softening their edges quite a lot.  Water can really deplete the fire energy slowing things down to uncomfortable place for Sagittarius.  It may feel like having interests to do something fun only to be surprised by lack of enthusiasm or your own energy falling out from under you rather noticeably before you even launch out the door. This square aspect is also one that can be ripe with confusion related to higher education studies with some challenges.  In the collective we may have a resurgence of stories in the headlines related to compromised borders with foreign nations.  Mars in Pisces is the warrior in water, or in the psyche which can be quite dramatic for dreams and unconscious anger or frustrations rising to the surface, often this translates to the anger being acted out and projected onto others.  It’s our task to put mindfulness to these rising themes awakened within us.  Neptune is the ultimate in surrender.

“Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.” – Alan Watts

New moons are great times to be still, reflect and let our spirit whisper to us with new inspiration.  We can also ponder where we want to direct intention that arises from our stillness.  We may ask ourselves, “Where do we see a surrendering of the battle?” With the Mars and Neptune square to the Sun and Moon?  This past week we’ve seen a bit of that happening in Paris.  Perhaps there will be more that comes to light with this new moon in Sagittarius about the yellow vests and their personal truth.  There are other examples to consider around the globe, Venezuela and their people crossing over into Columbia as well as people from Latin America (Honduras, Guatemala, and many more ) heading to are now at the Mexican border seeking asylum in the United States, we may see movement or clashes.  Losses via water will make headlines too.  Some of these stories have been going on for weeks if not months that lead us all to this moment.  There isn’t an easy answer either on how to handle complex situations and national security.  But it doesn’t take much in one’s thoughts and actions to consider the humanitarian needs of this situation.  How we respond will be important not only for human life, but also for our integrity as a nation.  This new moon has Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius within it’s own sign and within 9 degrees of the new moon lunation.  Just from the fact Jupiter being in the sign of its rulership amplifies this moment and Jupiter is still square the Mars and Neptune though widely by 7 degrees. It makes for a juiced-up moment and throughout the  lunar month that follows.   It makes me wonder about big themes of truth (Sagittarius) and lies (deception Mars/Neptune in Pisces square to Sagittarius).   We see this in the themes of the headlines that stream daily updates on the process of the Mueller investigation currently in the United States.  With Mercury stationing to go direct at the time of this new moon in the sign of Scorpio there’s a higher probability of pulling up more scandal of lies and deceit from the hidden places that we’ll be seeing illuminated collectively we’ll see in the news.  However, it will also be present in our own personal lives.

What has been hidden for some time and now getting visibility and perhaps something you feel ashamed of or along those lines.  Often when Mercury is stationing it highlights something we really did not anticipate.  Once revealed to us and others it can be a real headache or heartache. Remember this Mercury stationed retrograde on November 16th at 13 degrees Sagittarius  30 minutes making that degree sensitive, which IS exactly square to the Mars and Neptune in Pisces.  It also was still retrograde when the full moon in Gemini on November 23rd, look at the chaotic messages that have been revealed since November 16th? This Mercury retrograde has been full of upheaval and with buckets of revelation coming through to us on very significant legal process for Mueller’s investigation.  We may find that we’ve uncovered some of our own little secrets we’ve wanted to stay hidden but for whatever reason the bubbled up to be seen and our task is to understand ourselves in the entire process of what was hidden and why.  Exploring these themes will help us grow and be more transparent and authentic.  Be gentle on yourself if life circumstances are challenging you and remember we all make errors in judgement and we just have to set it straight and move on again with a bit more wisdom from hard experience.  We may even have some stunning truths revealed we may have felt on some level but couldn’t put all the pieces together until the moment was ripe.

Mercury is also amplifying a grand water trine from Scorpio to the North Node in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces at 27 degrees Pisces 53 minutes retrograde.  New insight and information will illuminate a path for your healing for those with planets and angles around 27-28 degrees of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.  If not focused on healing self it offers flow for those who work and provide service in the healing arts.  Words, prayer, and medicine of all varieties have a potency at this new moon.  Intuition is more a Jupiter-Sagittarian theme, but Mercury can work with a meditative approach rather than straight logic while in the sign of Sagittarius, it just isn’t in a sign where Mercury excels from the left brain point of view.  How do you exercise your intuitive abilities?

One thought that comes in quite boldly in the moment I write this is “How do we balance our actions we take in seeking higher knowledge from the inspirations whispered to us by spirit our inner visionary?  And another question, “Is your perception overdosed with idealism — thus you fail to accept something that is more practical and flawed yet real? “  And why are images (Pisces/Neptune) so powerful for creating our reality when we feel them and focus our attention on the feeling?  These questions bubble up from the Sagittarius quest for truth, understanding, wisdom and being inspired to live authentically and how our perceptions can be hindered by an overdose of idealism, and thus what we expect would never be attainable.  What questions bubble up for you?

Saturn in Capricorn trudges along with Pluto and the South Node offering us some sense of being grounded toward something tangible, which through the process we release some old ideas of who we are, or how we respond in life to our sense of duty.  Though, Uranus in Aries at 28 degrees is exactly square the lunar nodes (mean node) in Cancer and Capricorn, so I do not see a true stable force that would otherwise be present.  It really seems like a wild card of energy here that depicts unexpected events or turn-arounds.  Cardinal signs end degrees are under upheaval and it may be made bigger within the context of Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Is something primed to be exaggerated?  Is some truth or version of truth exaggerated?

Neptune and Mars in Pisces make it a probability towards being false or quite the fog to get to any clarity at all.  The energy is ripe for liberation from a stuck place or shock (Uranus), quickly showing in storylines of life dynamics changing rather quickly, and then taking shape again in new directions – though there are layers upon layers of potential illusion one might have to acknowledge, and navigate and yet Jupiter is king here ruling Sagittarius, so it gives me  assured hope (also a Sagittarian theme!) that in the end truth prevails.  We reach a full moon on December 22nd at 0 degrees 49 minutes at 9:48 am PST right after the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st at 2:23 pm PST, a moment when the early Cardinal signs get their dose of dynamic energy this month. I’ll write more on the full moon during that week.

Mercury, the messenger to the gods is almost standing still in the sky at the new moon moment.  What he brings to light will be quite important, but we may not see the bigger picture until after he moves to conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius and moves to an evening star about 10-15 degrees past the Sun.  Right now Mercury is a morning star in our sky.  Note Mercury is moving back through Scorpio (retracing the degrees of his retrograde) and re-enters Sagittarius on December 12th.  Mercury will meet up with the Sun again but not for several weeks when he gets through Sagittarius, Capricorn and then finally catching the Sun in Aquarius on January 29, 2019 at 6:51 pm PST.  Once Mercury moves past the conjunction with the Sun (starting a new cycle for Mercury with the Sun) we will finally have some insight into several puzzle pieces coming together that took a lot of time exploring the depths and a new understanding and awareness comes from this path Mercury has taken in the first weeks of February.  Meanwhile there will be a lot more we will be receiving, and we will be learning the details that are illuminated slowly piece by piece.   This can be highlighted in your own life by synchronicity in your every day experience shedding light on something you need just in that moment.  For some people Mercury’s step back into Scorpio can bring something from the unseen and unknown into the known, such as an illness that was below the surface and yet creating issues for us that we finally deal with and get the care we need.  Mercury can also from the Scorpio themes reveal betrayals or jealous connections.  These also once illuminated into our awareness require our work to manage and deal with the feelings and emotions.  We may even see research getting highlighted on new medical procedures in surgery or blood related medicines that have new breakthroughs too.

Mercury will conjoin Jupiter on December 21st which will feel optimistic if not a bit over-inflated.  Keep things in perspective including how safe it is to go full speed on your sled or tube down that snowy hill.  The moon will conjunct Jupiter again as it moves into its balsamic phase before the next new moon in Capricorn on January 3, 2019 at 12:22 am PST which can be a light feeling optimistic day even though most of us will be back to work after the holidays.  Mercury enters Capricorn on January 4th bringing Mercury into a more grounded focus for the work at hand.  In this month share your blessings and joy with others, our world needs more of it and when we share from our hearts it really seems to expand and lift others in the most beautiful of ways.  Every day find a reason to bless someone with your smile, your act of service or your loving embrace and focused attention, these more than any material thing reveals our love.  It really does make your heart bigger, at least three sizes bigger I’ve heard from some Dr. once upon a time when I was young.  Bless this moment. Namaste.