Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Pisces today – March 17, 2018 at 6:12 am PDT – Transcending Limitations and Healing


The New Moon in Pisces, March 17, 2018 at 6:12 am PDT is conjunct Chiron at 28 degrees 12 minutes Pisces and that is square Mars 29 degrees Sagittarius 55 minutes.  Healing is a potential theme but there may be some harsh reality that may be pronounced in the discovery process.  It can also be a rude awakening about truth that hits the tender spot.  Truth can set us free, but sometimes it is shocking at first to actually realize how it really IS.  Once we accept or acknowledge the truth of the matter we can then come to terms with it and bless it for what it revealed for us and then the hard part of forgiveness to release it.  Jupiter is in Scorpio at 23 degrees 6 minutes retrograde in a trine aspect with this new moon in Pisces.  The aspect is an easier flow within the water element; emotions may flow rather easily in this period of time as the moon waxes toward full over the next 14 days.  Mars and Jupiter are also in each other’s signs, called mutual reception, so the two are able to support the other.  Mars may be square this New Moon and Chiron, but it is trine in aspect to Uranus in Aries energizes it with sudden expressions of bold energy.  Mars in Sagittarius trine Uranus makes me think of bold moves across boundaries of all types, so I wonder about that in the next couple weeks.  How it is potentially reflected in your experience?  Will you experience it directly or observe it in others?  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the place that is boundless, limitless, where we may dream and touch this nebulous space in our imagination or in our meditation with the divine.  It’s a high probability for some to drink too much during this period or seek something that lets them forget about the harder reality that has been a constant for so many.  Mercury and Venus are in Aries speeding things up for us.  Saturn is in Capricorn at 8 degrees 20 minutes; with Mars soon to jump into Capricorn and be applying towards Saturn is the early warning sign on the road ahead.  Mercury and Venus are both widely square Saturn in Capricorn, communications and beauty have been in a tense karmic bind by heavy Saturn it is waning as Mercury and Venus move further away but still by sign there is caution to the feminine and even young children (Mercury).  Communications and social graces have been challenged by the weight and heaviness of Saturn.  Mercury will soon bounce into Taurus but will immediately go into retrograde, more on that cycle coming later this week.

The Sabian Symbol for this new moon in Pisces is – “A harvest moon illuminates the sky.  Symbolic of the power of creative visualization by which great Dreamers transcend outer reality, complete dominance of circumstances.  How can we tap into our higher awareness where the shock of reality is dimmed and possibly diminished where we are the observer of ourselves in this physical reality?  What close up is shocking from a distant becomes an a-ha moment of understanding something so much bigger than our micro focused perceptions.  Isn’t it interesting that the image symbolic of this new moon is a harvest moon (full)?  I find that rather peculiar and a bit confusing too, how Piscean!  The lunar nodes are midway through Aquarius and Leo at 14 degrees 19 minutes.  Leo as the North Node as a guide for our creative expression as a gateway to be heart centered.  Pluto is trudging through Capricorn now at 20 degrees 58 minutes, the transformation of old paradigms still underway and with plenty of fall out as governments and leaders and failing systems meet his heavy weight of change in their worlds.  I find myself in artistic mode, my left brain rather worn out after a hard week at my day job.  It’s been high volume and hard work since Mercury entered Aries and right now I’m going to enjoy a quiet weekend with some writing, artistic doodling and petting my new adopted kitty cat name Misty.  Have a blissful new month!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day for those who celebrate!  I’m looking forward to the coming spring equinox in a few days, more to come in my writing on that moment coming soon.  Namaste and thank you for reading and sharing.