Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Leo today at 1:44 PM PDT and Mars into Sagittarius

Girl Swinging on Tire

Today August 2, 2016 we have a New Moon at 10 Leo 58 minutes at 1:44 pm Pacific Time. This is a stable moon being in the fixed sign of Leo. There are a few intense transits this month that are probably the most significant this year. The new moon is at the sabian symbol of 11 degrees Leo with the image “children swing in the safety of a huge oak tree”. This brings images to mind of playing like a child in the safety of your own yard in a huge tree, being an oak I think of it as a strong protective tree. Collectively there is a desire to be protected and safe and having fun too where we live. You may be the one giving the protection or you may be the one desiring to be protected to play safely. The oak reminds me of strength and here as a metaphor possibly for the giver of protection to have that within themselves to offer others too. The shadow of this image is lack of protection, lack of safety to be able to be creatively expressed. Always being the one that is expecting the protection from others without some accountability or responsibility to that role as well. Also negatively it can be someone who doesn’t want to grow up. What does this image symbol evoke for you?

As a parent, I feel the role of responsibiity to protect my child so she can play safely without too much to worry or care about while she plays. However, I have my own need for protection that I look to from our local police and fire department for our safety in the community. There is a responsibility for my part to be supportive of these men and women in service in our communities. We support them through a variety of ways from voting when budgets need support, providing helpful information or the action of obeying laws we’ve put in place. When the balance is disturbed or imbalanced, safety and protection may become more difficult to realize and then the trust moves into a place of doubt. When it becomes imbalanced the only way to return to a community or place of safety is to renegotiate the roles of responsibility and how that should be, providing a refreshed set of expectations, possibly new rules of engagement for the ones taking on the role of protector. This year we’ve seen a bit of imbalance in some cities across the US related to roles and responsbility in the role of protector. We the people are demanding some better rules of engagement. We’ve also seen our protectors being ambushed and everyone’s fear grows greater and more imbalanced when those we have as our protectors are themselves not protected and vulnerable. Our military who protect us and our ideology of life via the Constitution of the United States of America are also part of this theme. These recent events are part of a bigger picture and by looking at other times in history we may gain some insight into the issues and how we might work our way through them to restore balance. We are definitely in a time that is similar to the mid-late 1960’s where similar themes played out and marked history for the dynamic times that unfolded. We are re-expperiencing these themes as part of our collective development. We all are experiencing the parts of society that still need our focus and our healing on how we relate with each other in our collective communities.

This month we have a few transits that are very significant for this year. Today, Mars moves out of Scorpio after a long retrograde in the deep waters back into Sagittarius today. This gives us new energy moving forward as Sagittarius energy is more fiery and loves freedom. Many may feel this shift as Mars is a personal planet that has been in some intense energy for quite awhile. In the more optimistic energy of Sagittarius there may be a new sense of play, of excitement for what lies ahead of us. Saturn the planet of restriction, hard work, discipline and responsibility stations direct at 9 degrees Sagittarius 47 minutes on August 13th. When Saturn slows down, the rest of the inner planets notice! Venus also moves in Virgo on August 5th finishing her stay in Leo. Mars will catch up to Saturn in Sagittarius exact on August 24th at 4:27 AM PDT. Though I would consider a few days prior to when the aspect will start to “heat up” for us all around August 18-19. It will be a mixed energy where Mars will want to go forward, however Saturn will pose immediate limits or restrictions in some way.  Think of Saturn like a brick wall that when you’re moving fast, like Mars, you will absolutely have to slow down or stop in some way to deal with it.  The aspect will not last for long as Mars will begin to move beyond the orb of influence just a few days later. If one knows this combination is in the mix that week you’ll have a keen sense of where to use caution and know that the “timing” to move forward as you’d like may be delayed, but that it won’t be a long duration to move forward again. This will be interested to observe in the larger context in the collective. Where and how will this show up for us collectively?   Then we have Saturn and Neptune are exacting their square again between Sagittarius and Neptune next month, but it is within orb of influence now. This is a bigger theme across the collective around foreign relations, foreigners, religious or spirituality themes at odds (square) with the limitlessness of Neptune in Pisces. I like to observe the Pope during this time to see what he is doing and his expression as he is a prominent figure in religion for many. I also like to observe the national news related to religious figures or those whose character is shaped firmly by their spiritual or relgious beliefs. This square is straight up a challenge around the structure of beliefs. What shows up for them might be some new illumination about having a more universal view, or are they holding steadfast to a belief that puts them in a position of disempowerment and the shadow is emerging to work through a new awareness?

Everyone of us goes through changes, some of us move through them as painful experiences and others may only need to slightly adjust a perspective to keep growing. Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius and Pisces is in Virgo and still moving through attention to the details. This month Jupiter will transit to an opposition with Chiron, the wounded healer, reaching exact aspect on August 12th at 5:00 PM PDT. In an opposition we are often faced with something that comes to us and we often find very difficult to manage.  Astrologer Bernadette Brady notes, “the opposition is the direct polarity in meaning to the conjunction. With this aspect the energy is seen as separate to the self. Someone, or something, is interacting in your life in a way which is contrary to what you want. Someone or something “out there” is doing something to you and furthermore it’s their fault. They have done it, whatever IT is. The theme of an opposition is blame or learning from another’s actions. This projection can run the gamut from love to hate and will be placed upon some object, person or group which is outside of us. The key to working with the opposition is to realize that the project is coming from withtin and the external events are merely a mirror.” Brady, Bernadette. Predictive Astrolgy The Eagle and the Lark, p.23. This opposition from Jupiter to Chiron may through events with another person or group show us our wound(s). It may be we need to consider that the awareness of the wound is a gift to us so we know where we are healing and growing in our awareness of self.  Often, it is how we respond and how we work on ourselves to grow. I share with you these astrological insights to have a blessed month. I send you all loving thoughts to live more in tune with the flow of the cosmos.  Namaste.