Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Gemini – May 22, 2020: Be Wary of the Illusions Presented to You, Unless it’s Art

We have a New Moon in Gemini this Friday, May 22nd at 10:38 PDT, symbolism is rich with the duality of life, multiples, conversations, socializing, communities and neighbors, and the curious student.  Life is weird right now for millions of people. Some are coming out of quarantine, not yet in my state but around the country communities are slowly re-emerging, not surprising with the mutable nodes of the moon (North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius). This new moon has Moon, Sun, Venus retrograde, Mercury and the North Node of the Moon in Gemini, add the fact that Saturn is also still in an air sign brings a lot of air energy, mental energy to us all and the power of a new moon cycle. So, here are some insights for what this month will look like through the full moon, a lunar eclipse on June 5th, to a solar eclipse the day of the summer solstice June 20th.  Yes, that is correct we are just weeks away from two eclipses too.

The biggest challenges are we have Neptune in Pisces at 20 degrees 41 minutes, Sun and Moon at 2 degrees Gemini 4 minutes, Mercury at 20 degrees 49 minutes is near-exact square with Neptune by degree and Venus at 20 degrees 3 minutes retrograde, also very tightly square with Neptune as well.  The square with Neptune, especially with the personal planets of Venus and Mercury creates the perfect situation for misinformation, an illusion, and a twist on facts that may even have the damaging aftereffects because of the intention to mislead. The North Node in Gemini is seeking facts, Mercury in Gemini is about perception, speaking, dialog, conversations, visiting, information, thoughts, the language we use to communicate and more, Venus is building rapport, in her retrograde cycle she is reviewing the quality of rapport, the value of relationships and reconsidering what is valued. Neptune in Pisces may taint something with a pretty face for the world, only to have something else entirely being the reality. Mars in Pisces is also challenging for friendly connections.  Mars may have to show a brave face and keep going, Mars is about action.  We have several planets in retrograde that reaffirm the review, the pause, the step back before moving forward again themes. Some folks will have another crisis to manage, and the overwhelm will be in the drain on their energy or their ability to get back up and continue the fight. Neptune in Pisces may give an image of romance when the illusion is just that, a colorful distraction from what is truly the situation or the reality of the matter. It will take longer to know what the facts are for any given situation and when you land on understanding, there’s one more piece of information that sends you in a new direction that wasn’t understood before the missing detail. It is simply an odd time for how we look at data, how we discern meaning from the numbers, and what they are exactly and what they help us understand at this moment in time.  It is not an easy time for quality data, there will be something amiss in what is shared and what is gathered, simply because that is the way we will have to look at this moment.  It will require re-working, we’ll have to scrub the data make sure it should line up so it fits within the data set to be meaningful for understanding to then discern the right or best course of action.  So, plan for delays because that is the archetypal combinations showing up in our reality. Mercury in Gemini has power too, it is in its domain, but we will see the information that comes to us that seems off, it will seem counter to what we’re told at another time. Projects are delayed for signatures or more information, maybe new requirements being added to the mix, ultimately changing the date that whatever is worked on could be delivered.

On top of the confusion will be things that completely blindside us come the first week of June, simple because the moon will be full on June 5th only to be a full lunar eclipse with the Gemini Sun glaring some reality that isn’t as it really may be at first glance, intuition may be harder to reach.  It has something within the mixture that is not logical.  The archetypes are of confusion, incorrect data, something is missing in the information, or information is leaked and likely in a very significant way.  Information leaks or something like that archetypally speaking – conversations that have been captured that are leaked, or boundaries of something that needed to be “airtight”, but essentially Neptune creates the situation in the mix for it to be breached, Neptune in Pisces just dissolves the boundaries. Whatever was meant to be contained will have an opening to be released, or has a space opened for an exit. The illusion of security by some boundary is incredibly strong at this time.

Consider the danger of self-deception or a false sense of security for some boundary in one’s immediate environment (Gemini/Mercury) that really doesn’t protect, it can show up in our lives in many ways, from the gloves on your hands to the mask on your face, to the front door lock, to the sealed documents, to the confidentiality of an agreement, and many others, but you get the idea. This always shows up stronger within the collective, where there is a lot of activity that occurs daily that is not conscious of Hermetic wisdom of as above so below. Even with an aware consciousness of the planetary archetypes, there is still the potential for beings to have some experience with illusion, or the break of some boundary, or an unexpected spirit message that drops from out of the blue. You can always consider the positive side of that potential, but remember to stay in balance as duality is in everything in our world. Perhaps a meditation that leaves you in a blissed-out state so for a day or so you rise above the daily challenges momentarily, and in that space out of time, you forget to make an important call. Hugs are positive, and yet there is a certain challenge with safety, or keeping loved ones safe right now, as we are invited to return to life after lockdown. What about an emotional breakthrough that comes from some conversation with a friend that allows for deeper healing?

You see the symbolism will depend on many factors, some intention, but also your soul directing you through the game of life for your evolution, the evolution of your mind, and your heart, your consciousness.  Perhaps you know your soul’s intent, perhaps you’ve done some inner work over the past decade, or two, so you are a healer right now as well.  Perhaps you are the stable one your family leans on for courage in a time of unknowns. Neptune square the logical sign of Gemini is also your keen awareness on something that goes beyond the logical mind, but also the awareness that even as one walks the path and invites spirit in consciously there are surprising ways we learn about the connection we have to the great beyond, the big blue and something beyond our logical mind. Some call that awareness, intelligence, and love God or God(dess), Source, Creator, and many other names.  But even those who do not believe in God or God(dess) will still experience confusion or disillusion with Neptune in the square to the logical archetype of Gemini. The is something deeper going on, I trust there is something to learn when we rework anything.  So, what is it that needs a review? What needs to be refigured, edited yet again, revision number four, or even the possibility of an eighth revision?  What are we missing, what do we need for clarity? How can the image come together that helps us understand the moment?  Perhaps it requires us to let go of expectations of what we think it should look like.  Perhaps.  That is just one idea.  How liberating is it to let go of what our habits do in shaping it in our expectations versus the lovely anticipation of the unknown that only comes with a blank slate.  Is that idea liberating? If not, why? With Gemini, the ideas beget more questions.  Enjoy the fuzzy art images that call you right now, there is a blessing in the images that whisper something to you. We just cannot name what it may be right now, and that is perfect, so imperfectly okay.

I leave you with this quote from Childe Hassam, “The true impressionism is realism. So many people do not observe.” What an image that quote evokes!


Couch on the Porch painting by Childe Hassam.