Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Gemini June 13, 2018 at 12:43 PM PDT – Emotion Rich Conversations

New Moon in Gemini is happening in just a few hours at 12:43 pm Pacific Daylight Time.  Just as Mercury has entered in the watery sign of Cancer we have this new moon.  I think with this combination we may see opportunities for emotional exchanges and conversations that have a dept to them rather than highly mental.  Venus at the final degrees of Cancer as well on this New Moon enhances the connections with friends, though not without a surprise or two with Venus applying to square Uranus in Taurus a sign she rules.  Venus enters Leo later today at 2:54 pm PDT. Careful who you flirt with you might get a surprise response!  Jupiter in Scorpio in the middle degrees carries a caution sign for what still is surfacing from the depths that Jupiter likes to expand for the world to see.  Neptune in a trine in Pisces to the Jupiter in Scorpio is a flow without barriers, so easy to get swept up in something that is dreamy or romantic, or even obsessive.  Take care of your mind and be aware of where you put your focus because the volume of watery energy makes it easy to lose track of time.   Speaking of time, Saturn in Capricorn is still retrograde moving slowly sitting at 6 degrees 51 minutes still until he reaches 2 degrees 32 minutes where he stations direct on September 6th.   Make note Neptune is slowing down so the 16th-17th degree of Pisces is highlighted with more intensification through the coming weeks as it stations retrograde on 18th of June, this coming Monday may be a bit spacey.  Allow ample time for the occasional space out!  With all the watery combinations in this New Moon if you are doing any kind of healing work mind, body and soul this is an incredible time for exploring, discussing and diving into feelings and emotions on a deeper level especially this week.  You empower your life when you align with the energies of the moment and use them for your well-being.

Uranus and Mars are in a wide square at the moment.  Mars is transiting at 8 degrees 11 minutes of Aquarius and Uranus at 1 degree 23 minutes of Taurus.  Mars starts to slow down as he approaches 9 degrees 12 minutes on June 26th where he stations retrograde.  The 26th will be an interesting day just because Mars as our planet for action, free will, forward movement will be changing direction from our perception and in the sign of Aquarius which is fairly rare for Mars.  Watch the community activism perhaps show in that week, technology (Aquarius), air travel may experience some challenge in their systems that week and especially that day.  Mars is also a planet we look at for violence, surgery and bursts of anger.  You may hear of friends with unexpected surgery or an increase in violence in the news as the collective moves with the archetype but not aware of the unconscious role.  Mars is important and can be aligned with for soul growth if one works at driving action towards greater connection, community work and service; it needs an outlet, physical and moving, in Aquarius if you’re doing a human kindness project it would take on more focus, but in retrograde it goes through a review and re-evaluation.  On the South Node it tends to lose energy and vitality.  I would be strict with yourself on your schedule of how long you do any difficult and physical work.  Exhaustion can be costly in you’re not careful.  The lunar nodes are at 6 degrees 36 minutes of Aquarius (south node) and Leo (north node).  Uranus is widely in a t-square with the lunar nodes, but it is applying as they end their transit of these two signs but they are here all summer 5 degrees of Leo and Aquarius.  They finally move off the 5th degree around September 12th before the transit completes through the signs on November 6th into Cancer and Capricorn, how perfect is that right before election day here in the US.   Pluto in Capricorn at 20 degrees 41 minutes is still retrograde until October 2nd.  For anyone with planets or angles at 18-20 degrees of cardinal signs will feel Pluto’s heavy presence.  Pluto is all about transformation and the transit will change you over the time it’s in orb, and my advice is, you’ll just have to listen to know what is going and what you’re asked to surrender to the old you that is leaving for the new you that is becoming.  Chiron is at 2 degrees 13 minutes of Aries with Venus applying in a trine by degrees, but will trine by sign tomorrow.  Self identity wounds have a chance to be worked with your tender focus.  Adam Gainsburg had this quote in his Chiron book and I think it captures it beautifully in the poetic line,

“God’s treasures are buried in ruined hearts.” – Hafiz

For those born with Chiron in Aries, myself included, the soul is wounded in the masculine nature (both women and men) and it is there the soul desires to heal by developing the very same, healthy masculine expression and consciousness. You may learn more on this through Adam’s book Chiron: The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart and Melanie Reinhart’s book, Chiron and the Healing Journey.  There are many social discussions on Masculinity right now, connected to toxic masculinity and what is healthy masculinity.  Please share any books you’ve read or discussions you’ve participated in with a highlight that you think is powerful on the topic.  It’s a powerful subject in all walks of life.  When each of us really acknowledges our wounded-ness and takes the time and energy and love to increase our understanding, asking forgiveness for those we’ve wounded or even to ourselves for where we’ve carried a wound for a very long time we all become lighter in that healing and rejoin life with a greater capacity to love and well-being.  Violence will decrease as each of us heals this area of ourselves.  The beauty of it all is love.  Loving yourself makes the world a better place to be.   May this new moon cycle bless you with refreshed soul and heart for the time you spent healing and re-membering you’re a divine spark.  Bless it all!