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New Moon in Cancer July 20, 2020: Momma Bears Stand-Off with Tyranny

Monday, July 20, 2020, we have a new moon in Cancer (once again in this sign) with the union of the moon and sun at 28 degrees 26 minutes of Cancer at 10:33 am PDT on Monday. This lunar month will be significant in the opposition of Cancerian ideals and the authority of Saturn in Capricorn, which opposes this new moon moment.  Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn retrograde are within orb of Saturn bringing still the emphasis of this intensity this year.  How does the feminine archetype of Cancer stand-off with the powerful intensity of Saturn in Capricorn?   One is by the voice it creates in the moment, as Mercury in Cancer brings out the feeling nature of the moon and the sun enhances what it is saying.  I could not have a better metaphor than what is happening right now in Portland, Oregon, my second home (I have a home there which my husband I will retire there when I children head to college in about six years). I just read an article showing Moms chanting in protest at the use of force on the streets of Portland against the federal government at the federal building, a reminder there is an abuse of power at play and remind everyone of our Constitution.

There is a powerful feminine voice calling out for change.  This is just one scenario, but this month it will be an increasing theme of tension across these lines of what is peacefully standing-off in defiance to the overwhelming and over-reaching authority of control, with the intent and attempt to control people.  Thank goodness we have individuals that are showing up within these group protests and speaking for millions more of us. The tension will continue to build.  Mars in Aries will be in the midst of so much agitation, frustration and it will be acted out and it is likely not along the lines of peace. The events from the last cycle often flow over into this month.  The imagery of the goddess for those who are aware and conscious to the goddess, made its way to the conflicts on the streets of Portland, Oregon, reminding us all where we all have come from and a resulting retreat which in itself reminds us of the power of the divine feminine. It was not missed in my observation that She reveals such powerful imagery during the balsamic phase, where feminine has its greatest power of what is emerging. Unmistakable, to see that in the waning balsamic moon, can you even imagine what might be forthcoming?  The divine feminine, some called her Athena, plus mothers locked in arms with raised voices in protests, the tensions rise but where will that energy bloom and what will we see this month until the new moon in Leo.

This month is stamped with this new moon lunation of striking oppositions.  Is this the moment the feminine reaches a fever pitch of call for awareness, a call for peaceful change?  Though with the power of astrology we know that there is more within the layers of the planetary archetypes.  Mercury is still transiting through the degrees of Cancer that were from its retrograde period, eventually moving beyond the shadow around July 25th later that day.   As the moon leaves Cancer there is the highest tension and potential for something that happens unexpectedly within that polarity. The moon will move into Leo a fire sign July 20th around 1:16 pm PDT Monday afternoon.  The moon and sun are angular in the 10th house at the time the Cancer archetype peaks with the Moon at 29 degrees Cancer which we may see in outcomes of the last few days.  When the moon moves to Leo the energy of the moon and Sun are in mutual reception, with even greater visibility, simply as Leo is more visible by its nature. The moon while in the fire sign of Leo will be trine to Mars and may empower the voices and add more force to their cause and call for peace, Tuesday will be the day this may reveal through conflicts with authorities again, one being Tuesday is Mars day (considering planetary days and hours).

Venus in Gemini is in aversion (the blind-spot) to this lunation.  It would be wise to ensure what you are saying and speaking from a position of friendliness is really heard, it may take more than sharing it once to really have the kind support you need be there.  It is not that it isn’t there, it is more that there is a limited view of what you might need and can be acknowledged, at least immediately.  Speaking what you feel will help the connection, as Mercury in Cancer may be the beacon for Venus in Gemini to get the signal.  Many people will be running out of their unemployment benefits at this time if our government acts wisely to support the people we may be able to save more lives. If the leadership does not find a way to support the people we have another looming crisis that is likely unprecedented since the Great Depression we face collectively.  If we are working it may help others to help the food banks in the coming months as offering support for nurturing the world, the Cancerian archetype of support will be a significant theme. Parents another focus within the Cancer/Capricorn archetype will likely be opposed to the situation for the education for their children that may be coming this month in decisions that will impact families across the United States.  There will be incredible opposition to ideas for returning to schools without some flexibility to what that will look like as voted and determined by the parents.  There may be a huge swell of parentings taking the homeschooling route for the next year or two, present in the archetypes of Cancer/Capricorn and Mercury’s position during the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that is still making waves in the structured routines of our lives.

We are in the midst of a peaking period at this new moon cycle for the coronavirus pandemic, with news showing countries such as the United States, India, and Brazil with increasing cases and deaths. Some people figured the surge would wane from the summer months, though many were correct in their forecasts of the surge due to non-compliance in many regions for actions that have shown to be effective in decreasing the spread of this novel virus.  Social distancing, wearing masks in public, and washing hands will bring the numbers down.  Too many people were not taking this seriously and thus we have the number surging.  The retrograde of Saturn is the return to heavier restrictions, and we can see that with businesses not allowing anyone in without wearing a mask.  In time we’ll see that help the case for a lower number of cases and lower deaths.  It is a group effort and eventually, that shows results.  Saturn is retrograde through September 29th, when it stations direct at 25 degrees 20 minutes of Capricorn, another potential volatile time when Mars in Aries squares Saturn to the degree.

Chiron the wounded healer is with Mars in Aries, which reminds us of our need to take action to help ourselves.  We must find our strength to live with courage and take steps to heal within ourselves to know that we have a right to exist, to live our lives with purpose. Our truth is only understood in the core of our being when we acknowledge our humanity, in its various forms.  Many souls were born when Chiron was in Aries, and I am reminded as one of this group, I have been learning my entire life that my voice is valuable, I heal myself by writing and speaking this truth of existence. I have multiple times in my life over the course of five decades that were preparing me to finally speak up, to know I AM, I exist, and having that knowledge, that truth felt in the deepest parts of myself, I am empowered. Themes at the Chiron return echo to us the reminder to acknowledge that clarity for taking up space and living life on purpose with an empowered voice.  I see empowered voices everywhere I read these days and I sense we may feel the intensity, but I also sense the healing potential within all of it and this brings me new breath as if I can inhale a truly deep cleansing breath that helps me find my center again, and for this, I am ever grateful to observe and simply be. Bless this moment, Namaste.