Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Aries – April 5, 2019: Channel The Fire Energy for Greater Good

Today we have a new moon in Aries at 1:50 am PDT.  A new astrological year has begun!  This new moon in Aries is at 15 degrees 17 minutes.  Did you wake up with a feeling of new inspiration?  Many of us are quite glad to move on from the last lunar month.  Though we still have a lingering Mercury in Pisces, albeit he’s moving direct it is still closely conjunct Neptune, though is now beginning to separate from that conjunction.  This lunar month we have the new moon square to the lunar nodes in Capricorn and Cancer at 22 degrees and 55 minutes at the new moon.  Cardinal signs are energy that drops in quickly, it is quick to start and quick to stop, so can often feel like a jolt between experiences for many people. The south node recently was conjunct heavyweight Pluto and moving to conjunct Saturn.  Saturn is conjunct the south node of the moon on April 30, 2019, before the next new moon on May 4th.  The south node is in Saturn’s own sign of Capricorn.  This conjunction will be dynamic about release and old paradigms being shed.  Some of the collective experiences may be within our systems like government.  Capricorn is symbolic of our United States executive branch.  The archetype of Capricorn is an area of releasing whereas the sign of Cancer, home and nurturing are the point of the North Node.  With the moon in Aries a fire sign it will rather abrupt in the releasing, but it is our job as humans to focus our fire energy on nurturing one another.  It is easy to use fire energy for destructive behavior and more mature to use it for actions that support a loving and nurturing home or environment.  It’s always up to you how you respond to anything in life, use your fire to create, to renew and even repair or replenish.  We do not control the archetypes but rather align ourselves in the rhythm of the cosmic dance.

Saturn in Capricorn is about hard work and working towards a long-term goal, discipline and maturity too.  You can plan for milestones to achieve and use your wisdom to know when to take breaks to be in it for the long haul.  Some folks abandon their dreams mid-mountain, be wise with your energy and measure out to work hard but take care to not exhaust to the point you have nothing left for the next day.  Long view goals take persistence.  More importantly with the lunar south node moving to conjunct Saturn, are you releasing a project or long-term goal?  Are you making space for something else that is getting ready to come in that needs the creative time and space? Be willing to consider that life may invite you to a new playground to plant new seeds.

Mars is the ruler of this new moon in Aries, at the time of the new moon Mars is at 3 degrees Gemini 22 minutes.  Not quite a true sextile, but within a mutable sign tells us the energy is mutable (Gemini) and changeable for how energy flows through.  Talking things out with friends may be a good way this Mars will be engaged with life.  This Mars will want to talk and ask a lot of questions, maybe even some stirring up some noise with others around spirituality or even escapism.  Mars in Gemini is ruled by Mercury who is still moving through Pisces and just separating from Neptune.  Mars may show up as you as some kind of warrior in your dreams.  What does he have to say through his actions?  How are your dreams relating to you the important messages about your conscious life? Perhaps your guides, angelic, spiritual, animals are helping you now more than you are consciously aware.  Share your gratitude for all who support you in your life visible and otherwise.   Mars is sextile to Chiron in Aries at 2 degrees 38 minutes so there is an invitation for action on healing any issues we have with masculine consciousness, dealing with conflict and speaking boldly to matters that are core to our being and existence.  Chiron in Aries is about the wound of non-existence the right to being.  Take note this lunar month on where you can be centered in your right of uniqueness in Being.  It’s completely natural to have and express anger, those of us who have suppressed anger will re-visit this through experiences that bring it forward to allow the soul healing through taking a bold move towards that which was suppressed in an individual through parenting rules or other.  It may also come through the need for freedom of movement.  Chiron in Aries has much to offer in the wholeness of being and healthy in masculine consciousness.  If you want to learn more on Chiron for your own healing you may want to check out the book Chiron The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart by Adam Gainsburg.

Jupiter the planet of the seeker and truth is widely in a trine with this new moon, the moon will square the nodes in transit before reaching the exact trine with Jupiter.  So, there may be conflict and release before a new opening of opportunity lands in your view.  Remembering divine timing and patience with disruptions is valuable this cycle.  Later in the month, Mars moves to oppose Jupiter in Sagittarius and this would be May 5th.  Note this could be a rough day for long distance travel or higher education.  Masculine consciousness may be a bit hot or unexpected on this day as well as a few days leading up to it and after it.  Mercury will have entered Mars’ sign by April 18th, so there will be mutual reception between Mars and Mercury in May at the time Mars opposes Jupiter, but it still has an abundance of unwieldly fire that may come out in ways that youth find hard to manage in the absence of maturity.   Mean words and bullying may surface and knowing there is an abundance of fire in this part of the cycle re-direct yourself and even your children to climbing hills, long bike rides and physical pursuits so you can sweat it out.  Getting some yard work done is also good for spending some fire energy.

Uranus in Taurus is at 1 degree 31 minutes at this new moon in Aries.  It is semi-sextile to Chiron and Mars, pretty much at the mid-point between these two.  Uranus is unexpected and electric, but in earth it comes to us through earth element things, such as our food, food distribution, earth itself, natural resources and ties into our money, our currency.  Between Mars and Chiron, it may be we have unexpected experiences with these this month, but not a huge obstacle to maneuver.

Venus is spiritual and artistic in the sign of Pisces at 11 degrees 30 minutes and moving towards a conjunction with Neptune.  The conjunction will be on April 27th, do something beautiful for yourself in creative expression, art and music and you’ll find a ray of sunshine to ride.  Venus adds the beauty to life so invite her to your space and allow beauty to shine in and through you.  That which you give to yourself you will have to share with others.  Take the invite and brighten the world! Namaste.  Bless this moment.