Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Aries – April 15, 2018 6:57 pm PDT — A Moment of Rocks and Hard Places, Seek Beauty

New Moon in Aries is almost here, April 15th at 6:57 pm here in Pacific Daylight Time.  What does this new moon have that is worth your attention?  It’s cardinal fuel potent Aries Sun, Moon at 26 degrees 02 minutes as well as Mercury stationing direct earlier this morning around 2:21 am at 2 degrees Aries ready to retrace his path through Aries again with a new surge of fiery juice.   But it’s what kicks it up even more is Mars at 16 degrees 5 minutes of Capricorn sandwiched between Saturn at 9 degrees 8 minutes slowing down to station retrograde on April 18th, but also Pluto in Capricorn at 21 degrees 16 minutes creating a real weighty Capricorn in conflict or at least in a challenging square to the New Moon Aries fire. The ruler of this moon is seriously in a precarious place.  Midpoint of Saturn and Pluto, more than just a rock, a hard place and metaphorical hell, but with powder keg of Mars in the middle trying to blow through it even if there are casualties. This is like karma, coming due swiftly and without a moment to blink.  It is war like in nature, it can leave a path of destruction to significant structures (Capricorn) or damage to traditional views.  It’s warrior like and unyielding.  I think of communications systems or mediums, communication infrastructure, travel within cities via even trains or local transportation (Mercury) being at risk in this moon cycle.    Uranus is the next planet the Sun will connect with and it is known for chaotic energy and experiences, especially sudden events that manifest in the sign of Aries. Mercury is within a few degrees of Chiron, leaving Pisces and ready to move into Aries in a couple days on April 17th.  This combination is a highly volatile moment for us to be mindful of our surroundings and asking for support from our guides and angels whenever needed.

On the west coast Libra is the sign on the Ascendant, ruler Venus is in her domicile in 8th house of Venus.  With the ruler of this new moon chart from our west coast perspective I wonder about issues of social justice going awry during this time.  The ruler of Libra is not visible by the Ascendant of the chart. A period of time where it may be very hard for us collectively to see balance, rather the opposite may be more visible with social injustice more noticeable in the coming few weeks as the moon grows to full which will be when the sun is in Taurus and the moon in Scorpio, and that may bring the shadow aspects of individuals out into life.  This will be an emotionally intense time; it stimulates and creates anxiety in people with such stressful planetary combinations.  It can be channeled into work and projects, new ideas into new projects; it’s a good time to plant seeds that have a robust mixture for growth.  Cardinal energy like this wants a place in can go to move through us as we are the force of nature the universe is breathing through life through our imagination we bring to life.  Be mindful of what you animate!

Personally I will be travelling Tuesday and Wednesday this week for my day job, plus my fun personal passion projects with astrology I’m preparing for readings later in the week as well as a couple more writing projects on my Saturn in Capricorn return group to get drafts done and editing as well as some home repair projects to get started too.  Saturn is stationing within 2 degrees of my midheaven and I absolutely can feel the work load and commitments with more to come I’m certain.  Where is Saturn transiting your chart?  How is Saturn in your natal chart being influenced by the transit?  As Bernadette Brady taught in her Eagle and the Lark book several years ago wherever a planet is transiting it is influencing that area (theme by house) of your life but also where it is located at birth.  For example the natal Saturn in my chart is 2 degrees 17 minutes Taurus retrograde first house, when Saturn is in Capricorn I have experienced more work, a lot more work and new responsibilities.  Interesting it’s also the time I do work on my-self (first house), keeping my commitments, and I also work on my home too, as Saturn is conjunct my Moon at 1 degree 17 minutes (Moon ruler of my 4th house).  It’s a way to work, be responsible and align with the flow of the moment. When you are in tune with your nativity in the planetary cycles you are more at ease with the present moment.  It’s easier to say no to things that would be disruptive to your flow and wherever boundaries and expectations are clearly set become your way to live more peacefully.  Cycles are a part of life so many have forgotten over time, and they are so important for how we may find ourselves in the present moment.  The more in tune we are the better life can be with our conscious awareness.

Jupiter in Scorpio at 21 degrees 05 minutes retrograde and Neptune at 15 degrees 26 minutes are 6 degrees apart, but still widely connect in water signs.  It’s also a time for imagination and creative passions to be share with others that evoke emotion and intimacy too.  Venus in Taurus (beauty and love) is applying to and opposition with Jupiter in Scorpio (sex, mystery, taboo and tattoos).  I wonder who is pondering a tattoo at the moment.  I think the next two weeks may be some interesting thoughts on the art of tattoos!

I hope this new moon in Aries you find the birth of a new idea emerging from you that has been waiting for this divine moment to express its beginnings.  It’s a powerful time to initiate action for what you want to create in your life.  It’s a time bring beauty to your world in whatever way you like, to your space, to your home, to your ride, beauty is a wonderful way to express your love of life and appreciate what you deem beautiful.  Humans need beauty it brings us closer to our divinity.  In my walk I am loving the spring flowers daffodils, tulips, and sprouting flowers to come everywhere.  I am delighting in the trees in bloom white, pink and purple and my absolute favorite Lilacs blooming right now.  I love spring and cherish every delightful color along my path.  Blessings to all this new moon!


Painting: Woman Drinking Coffee by Daniel Gerhartz