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New Moon in Aquarius: January 24, 2020 – Ancestors Among Us

 art: Autumn Sky “Wisdom of the Ages”

Friday, January 24, 2020, we have a new moon in Aquarius at 1:42 pm PST.  Every new moon we get an opportunity to grow and be challenged in our lives toward our aspirations and simple everyday life with a new archetypal focus.  This month it is the fixed air of Aquarius.  At this new moon there is a waning square, but still very strong between the new moon and sun in Aquarius with Uranus in Taurus.  That aspect symbolizes the unexpected potentials right now.  With this aspecting waning, it may be that events were happening at the balsamic moon phase the last few days, but the energy is still carried into the month with that volatility.  The aspect at the new moon will bring forward unexpected turns in things that may appear stable.  One can be money, markets, currencies, food, others include technical systems, especially airline systems, patents and anything related to software code come into focus.  This archetype is also non-traditional, and leaps can emerge in consciousness, especially when a group comes together with passionate intent.  Mercury is in the sign of Aquarius, so there can be revisions updates with innovation coming forward.  However, it is Uranus that is the maverick in the mix of this new moon.  There is a challenge that is unexpected, and it must be managed throughout the month.  Fixed energy is not fond of quick and unexpected changes.  It likes warnings, but reality doesn’t always give us what we prefer.  We just simply must manage it as it comes.  It seems challenges in food, technology, and food technology, earth sciences as well as food distribution and yields may have breakthroughs at this time.

Aquarius is an archetype that is both linked with responsible collective progression as it is about individuality and taking a non-traditional approach. The out of bounds thinker that brings something to the group that is a new way, is worth considering that helps the group, though likely what is brought forward is  put off as impossible or too different to be received well into the system of the status quo.  Just by a matter of timing at this new moon, the north node of the moon is at 6 degrees 58 minutes of Cancer, a real inconjunct aspect, where there’s a real disconnect between the cerebral fix air quality of Aquarius and the emotional protective quality of Cancer.  There is potential to fail in understanding someone’s experience that is shared in this mix.  Empathic understanding may have a harder time making the connection between the two qualities of energy.  It will depend on your own mix, are you more air than water?  The logical mind will dominate the conversation and the emotional understanding and wisdom of our bodies below our neck (think gut knowing) may feel unseen or maybe that it really isn’t safe to share and folks will retreat a bit more into their safe zone.  Right now, that scenario may show up in conversations with friends or co-workers where there is a logical reason for something and yet it really doesn’t touch deeply on the emotional that needs addressed just as much if not more.  Which comes first – logic and reasoning or emotional stability and security?  Does one lead to the other? I’ll let you ponder that one, it is a good topic to meditate this month.

Mars in Sagittarius is sextile to Mercury in Aquarius at this new moon.  Fire and air tend to make things hotter and dry; they expand as one feeds the other.  Boundaries to me are often part of the problem area when a planet moves through the sign of Sagittarius.  It seems it is often in the conversation.  When Mars arrives and he’s stimulated by a sextile with Mercury the exchange is fiery and fast, maybe violent because Mars can turn angry or frustrated.  Boundaries being aggressively disregarded both mentally and physically. It really depends on an individual and their placements of planets and signs and how this can manifest of course, but I think we see it collectively too.  Bursts of violence or anger and that showing up collectively and swiftly, happening so fast it is stunning to bystanders.  That is one way I would see these two at play and which we may see in the public.  Another way to see this is the thoughtful, well-prepared person speaking (Mercury) about facts, about systematic approach to something, detached emotionally to do what needs to be said, showing intelligence in contrast to the Mars in Sagittarius, which may be passionate about law, or about a truth, or an opinion, maybe a battle in a courtroom of law (Sagittarius) and the arguments that are spoken with logic and facts, attorneys of law preparing for argument or rebuttal.  Jupiter in Capricorn shapes part of that image as well.  An innovator (Mercury) having some kind of breakthrough from the balsamic moon this past couple days through this new month also, Mars is the action taken, or the courage to go beyond blazing a new trail with a new line of thought opening up on some problem that is being researched.  The resolution has a masculine consciousness connection, because Mars rules Aries where Chiron is at this new moon. Chiron is also in sextile to the new moon.  Challenges may present as opportunities, but sometimes there is a perception shift needed to address the challenge presented to grow and have a new understanding.

Saturn rules Aquarius (co-ruled with Uranus for modern perspective), and we’re still in the very early stage of the new cycle of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  Saturn in Aquarius takes the organizing quality of Saturn in Capricorn towards future goals, the intelligence used to support the group and pushes humanity toward ideas and things that helps break out of stagnant structures. Ideas that drop in now may not fully materialize until late in the year when Saturn and Jupiter unite in the sign of Aquarius, however big questions may be asked right now trying to get to big answers for where we are reaching to improve life.

As you well know if you have been reading my new moon and full moon articles, I often recommend a practice of meditation.  It has been helpful to me in quieting a highly active mind.  I fall out of rhythm often on it, I still consider myself a beginner, but I know it helps me find my center and grounds me when I need it.  With this new moon in Aquarius you might contemplate the spiritual and the science of meditation.  It seems like a fruitful example of Aquarian (science) coupled with Saturn (discipline) as well as something more that I think is held in the symbolism of Neptune now in Pisces.  There is something unique and beautiful about meditation that allows us to sense the infinite, the silence, the void of permanence within our bodies in a reality of impermanent existence. Jiddu Krishnamurti said, “To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.”

Ponder the times you do a mundane task such as washing the dishes or folding laundry and your mind is quiet or for some simply relaxed and spacing out.  How often does something just drop in during that quiet space? Something that you may have struggled with for weeks or days and then a resolution or idea just comes to you.  That letting go, being silent and without resistance it is available.  Every one of us has had an experience like this, sometimes we remember them and acknowledge the value of putting ourselves into that space of quiet.

The Sabian Symbol for this new moon at 5 degrees Aquarius per Blaine Bovee says, “A counsel of ancestors”. Guidance as an underlying theme yet focused on those who have gone before us. Fascinating that this is the theme of this new moon as just last night I was speaking with someone about those who have passed and how they reconnect with us from beyond the veil and having awareness when they are present in our reality.  Our ancestors carry wisdom that can be shared with us.  Some of us actively ask for their guidance while in the physical world as we carry forward ancestral themes in the present moment from realizing justice, healing deep trauma, finding peace, speaking our authentic voices, as well as consciously making new choices that reflect an evolutionary shift which strengthens our souls. There is a thread of energy that connects us and is active between an individual soul that takes steps to heal and how those actions have a rippling effect on how we perceive our ancestors and their experiences.  Humans often think in a strictly chronological sequence, when the deeper truth sounds more like a fantastic science-fiction novel. Beyond the veil (Neptune), there isn’t Saturn, there isn’t a time structure as we have for our purposes of being in a body in this dimension.  Meditation, stillness takes you to the silence of that space.  Some of us have opened our eye and there is an ability to receive like a magnificent antenna!  It takes practice to understand what you are receiving, and it is usually if not always specifically designed for your conscious awareness.  What you receive is designed just for you.  Even still, we do not always understand all we are receiving but we sense and have a knowing that something intelligent is knocking on us in another frequency and stimulating or activating our vibration.  Sometimes we capture images, sometimes sounds, sometimes smell and sometimes a whole scene with names, dates and more.  Be willing to write what you receive down.  It may not be something you will immediately translate or understand at the moment you get it. Many times, you will land on that understanding and awareness shortly thereafter and it will bring you a validating experience of your connection to something that isn’t time-bound. The clarity comes.  Sometimes the message or image shares something that lands in your reality a few years later too, all the same, it is revealing to you when it lands and is especially for you.

Your ancestors are available to you when you call them.  Is there something you want to better understand about yourself that may be something that would be revealed in better understanding the real-world experience of your great-grandparents or even further back?  Deeper hidden family stories may be revealed now that requires someone in the family doing some homework.  Whoever is inspired to taking that step there is an opportunity to acknowledge something that may have been passed down in the family tree to this present moment.  Are you that person?  Perhaps a sibling or a parent?  What opens in the digging can ignite new questions and needs for answers which can come to you with a humble request to your ancestors beyond the veil.  A gentle reminder here is you have an available channel, coupled with your desire to know and willingness to engage.  My question to you is how good are you as a receiver?  And do you have a story of a receiving a visit from someone you loved beyond the veil?  What did that visit mean to you in the time you received it?  I recall powerfully the scene in the film Hidalgo where Frank Hopkins, the long-distance rider calls on the ancestors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzTCZZjLyZU 

We are so much more than just our physical presence.

Bless this moment. Namaste.