Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Aquarius February 4, 2019 at 1:04 pm PST – Lights on Empowering Ideas


New Moon in Aquarius at 1:04 PM PST on February 4, 2019 begins a new lunar month at 15 degrees Aquarius 45 minutes. The Sabian symbol for this is 16 degrees Aquarius is “A big business man at his desk”. The image inspires thoughts of power in economics, power in business and beyond. Is this business man large in physical size or just perception of importance? Makes me wonder about that one descriptive word in the symbol image. Having big idea is an Aquarian theme, perhaps it suggests this lunation is abundant for ideas for your own economic and self-empowerment. Perhaps it is a symbol of the image that shows the human focus that enables the flow of spirit into the material realm. With Mercury within a few degrees of this new moon there’s definitely a heightened mental stimulus for such mercurial endeavors. For many of us who work to earn a living, those who run a business may find this mix of energies positive for focused creative efforts around new programs, new projects and pieces coming together that needed a creative solution.

Brainstorming in the first week of this new moon may prove to be quite fruitful for projects later in the year.

I read somewhere in my own business pursuits of an individual who set aside time a couple times a year just for brainstorming, so he could strike when the iron was hot and in that time ideas were flowing. He would fill pages with mind maps and writing ideas he would dip from in the coming weeks for his creative work, his blog and special projects when he knew he’d need the ideas. It’s not always easy to find the flow and come up with a creative new idea, so finding what works to open your flow and then taking advantage of the ideas flowing is a sure bet for future success. Have you experienced similar? A time when ideas flowed more easily and took it down for future work?

This new moon in Aquarius may also be an opportune time for participating in groups for meaningful projects that you care about in your community. Aquarius energy seeks goodwill for the community in its healthy expression. How might this lunar month bring you into a community giving project? Or something uniquely Aquarian such as astrology or any of the esoteric arts? It is a supportive time for exchanging ideas and discussing topics that take you a little bit out of this world.
Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius and modern ruler is Uranus, which can be a bit confusing for how different these two are. Saturn is traditional, responsible, hierarchal, perfectionist and steadfast if not rigid. Uranus is revolutionary, other worldly and highly unexpected. This is one area between traditional and modern that highly disagree on what Aquarius is. Great idea for a lively discussion perhaps this month for my astrologer friends! I view both and I’m open to consider how they are symbolized in different disciplines, but that is my view, to me it depends on the lens I’m viewing. Uranus is at 28 degrees 58 minutes of Aries, nearing its end in Aries very soon. It gets a bit more excitement with Mars at 23 degrees Aries 31 minutes applying to conjunct it in a few days too, a wide sextile to this new moon and Mercury combination in Aquarius. Lively energy when you have air and fire tickling each other for certain! Air feeds the fire and makes it hotter. So careful who you flirt with this next week. Perhaps better to channel it into your creative works. Jupiter at 18 degrees 26 minutes in this new moon chart is in lovely trine (widely) to Mars so there’s a lot of energy to burn. Hiking, skiing, love making, and creative dance are all on deck. Jupiter is sextile to the new moon, though is separating, it still highlights the amount of energetic flow available and excitable this month.

Pluto in Capricorn at 21 degrees 45 minutes and the south node of the moon at 25 degrees 43 minutes are getting even closer to conjunction, less than 4 degrees we’re all having reminders of some power issues from the past that we’re healing in our own ways. South Node and Pluto come to a conjunction in April 3-4 and Saturn and South Node of the moon in Capricorn conjunct just a few weeks later August 29th-30th, though both are within orb for a few weeks before and after the exact conjunction. These would be very important times to remember in the coming months as they point to events in the collective or personal depending on your own natal chart with planets or angles within 20-21 degrees of Capricorn +/- 3 degrees of the exact degrees are the most potent. Mars just recently passed the exact square to Pluto, but is applying to the south node in Capricorn, still makes it a bit volatile for us. Have you had any powerful experiences that you see in your life connecting to this energy squared off between Mars/Uranus in Aries and Pluto/South Node in Capricorn? Personally, my rising sign is 24 degrees Aries, so this Mars turns on energy for me which will be good for work, tackling personal goals and tasks this coming few weeks. New insights came to me from my recent travels in India and Nepal that we don’t see as directly in the western world. Hierarchies in different cultures were quite noticeable, though we have them for sure in the west, they are more direct and in your face in the east, it is quite a paradox to ponder and experience. One small example that I personally was surprised by, was the two lines for security for men and women in the east. The women had one line to be screened behind a curtain to about four lines for men. So it was a long wait to get through security. I was troubled by it a bit, being a woman from the west that had never experienced such a striking example of differences in our cultures. I was patient, but I was glad to return home even though the western world is still working on the balance between the genders in pay equity, healthcare and other important matters of life. There is a lot of old thinking coming up in this south node in Capricorn that will continue to be re-visited with Pluto in Capricorn in the coming weeks and months. Saturn in Capricorn is currently at 15 degrees 23 minutes steadily moving forward and will eventually meet up with Pluto in Capricorn on January 11, 2020. So keep in mind that all of 2019 is a building up towards that conjunction in January next year. And given Pluto in the mix, it really holds until there’s a separation by at a minimum of one degree. Old power and hierarchies will be visible, felt and rallied against for many months. Saturn in Capricorn will also be setting things into more concrete forms, such as laws. It may be a difficult period for many people. Consider the recent costly government shutdown in the United States, one can see the symbolism of transits at the time and also the symbolism for the returning to an operating government. Keep in mind Uranus returns to earthy Taurus on March 6th, within hours of the new moon in Pisces happening that same day. Consider this year a year of endurance related to powerful issues in traditional themes.

Venus is now in Capricorn, entering the earthy sign on February 3rd. Venus is Capricorn is more serious, controlled in her love nature but absolutely committed. She’s square to Chiron in Pisces (out of sign) and may have found challenges from when she exited Sagittarius that may still be lingering for attention for self-acceptance. A gentle reminder one can only give the love to others that they freely give to their own soul.

Neptune in Pisces at 15 degrees 3 minutes recently squared to Jupiter may have brought experiences of boundaries being crossed and feeling vulnerable or perhaps feeling overwhelmed and needing to retreat in escapist behaviors. Hopefully focus is returning if ever slowly to make progress on your passionate expression into your world. In this moment Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars and Neptune (modern) are all in their own domiciles of rulership. It makes for an interesting dynamic for living the energy when you’re in alignment with the present moment. How do you align your life with present moment?

Mercury, Saturn and Mars are key planets in this new moon in Aquarius. It has energy for mental focus, an abundance of creative will and perhaps surprises to where your ideas will take you. Work can be done with feelings of accomplishment whilst checking off items on your to do list which sparks your empowering attitude you’ll share with others. Until the full moon in Virgo on February 19th may your coming weeks be filled with buckets of creative ideas and images that overflow into your journals and vision boards for all you wish to create and experience. Namaste. Bless this moment.