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Mercury moves into Gemini today, increasing desire for conversation


Today Mercury moves into the sign of Gemini, it’s ruling sign.  Mercury is symbolic of thought, mind, selling and mercantile (business) and even known as the Messenger as he is the one closest to the sun and when transiting behind the sign is shared in myth his bringing back messages from the underworld (where he is unseen).  Gemini the sign of the twins is the third sign of the zodiac where our communications, our every day mind, business, community, neighbors and siblings are represented in the system.  Gemini is a mutable masculine sign which attributes include being flexible, adaptable and witty, as well as inquisitive in nature. Gemini is happiest when getting exposed to new experiences!  This will feel like the desire to talk and really enjoy the words.  Perhaps your Mercury is in your 7th house of relationships and you will find a heightened focus on conversations with your spouse or love and even your co-workers increased during the transit.  As Mercury moves through Gemini these themes will be highlighted in whatever house Gemini exists in your natal chart.

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