Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Mercury goes direct this evening at 3:33 PM PT at 4 degrees Gemini 34 minutes


Here we go!   Mercury has been retrograde since May 18th, today it goes direct at 4 degrees Gemini 34 minutes, bringing us into the quick thinking forward direction.  What did you experience in the retrograde period?  I had issues with my finances and traveling and I even got a slight burn on my left hand serving dinner last night, all symbolic of Gemini (hands) and Mercury (short travels).  I was once again reminded to be more mindful when making travel plans and my other financial obligations, getting ahead of myself and also to slow down when carry a hot plate with hot sauce on it to the table!  Ah, life lessons, they are ongoing for us all!   I did benefit from attending NORWAC 2015 in Seattle with a firm conviction of where I will continue my in-depth study of astrology and how I want to provide the consultations with clients.  I had struggled with my direction for about a year, and it seemed to settle in with the lectures I took with Mark Jones in evolutionary astrology and the healing potential for the soul, which aligns well with my thinking and how I value astrology.  I also can see the benefits of more traditional methods as shared by Chris Brennan on the Zodiacal Releasing and the Annual Profections.  I will be pondering the potential of how these might work together to assist a client in their life and how they come to ask questions.   Simplicity was the best advice from the conference.  The past few weeks have been eventful, with my love’s family coming to town for his daughter’s graduation, meeting his sister and his 87 year old mother was great.  She plays a great game of Hearts!  My daughter is out of school for the summer, happy to be completed with 2nd grade.  Summer is near, though you’d think it was already here in full force with temperatures in the high 90’s here in West Richland.  I’m ready for new experiences and a trip to Italy will be a wonderful start of this summer to explore Rome, Modena and Parma and other cities near.  When I return I will be ready to facilitate astrology workshops for interested souls in the Tri-Cities and Yakima areas, watch for posts on the dates and times for mid and late summer.