Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Lunar Eclipse this full moon in Cancer January 10, 2020: Change is the Constant as Aged Paradigms Die

Friday, January 10, 2020, we have a full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer.  For cardinal signs, especially those who have late degrees planets and angles of cardinal signs, this is a powerful lunar eclipse.  This month is extraordinarily challenging for most people for a few transits that are happening that really can be supremely difficult and stressful to move through and stay centered. We have this lunar eclipse on January 10th at 20 degrees Cancer at 11:21 am PST. In the cardinal sign of Cancer, the changes that come through this few weeks before and after are often very abrupt for us.

Saturday, January 11th, Uranus stations direct in Taurus at 2 degrees 39 minutes at 5:48 pm PST.  Whenever any planet stations, retrograde or direct, their energy is heightened and more powerful.  Those with early fixed planets and angles (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) will feel the Uranus station.  Consider that Uranus had moved over this degree back around April 25, 2019.  Uranus stationed retrograde at 6 degrees 36 minutes of Taurus August 12, 2019.  For some people, there will be a new life direction opening with this station of Uranus in Taurus. Uranus seeks freedom, the unexpected and can behave like a maverick.  Uranus creates breakthroughs or we see an unexpected event like an accident or something breaking apart or open.

Sunday, January 12, 2020, the biggest astrological transit of the year happens when Saturn in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto at 22 degrees 47 minutes.  The end of an era and the beginning of another.  It happens at 8:59 am PST (11: 59 am EST).  Keep in mind that anything in Capricorn with Saturn takes a lot of time.  And true to that we will really feel this ending and beginning take place over the entire year of 2020, which will include Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter.  Within the conjunction on January 12th, there are several other planets and asteroids of importance that are part of the themes.  Mercury will conjunct Saturn and then Pluto early in the morning before sunrise on that day and will have reached 23 degrees when Saturn and Pluto conjunct, so will absolutely be a part of the moment and shapes our perceptions, thinking and how we engage in communications.  Chronological, stoic and maybe a little edgy since Mercury will be slightly out of bounds. When a planet is out of bounds it has gone beyond the ecliptic of the sun so operates outside of the boundaries of the sun.  Essentially, Mercury behaves as if it is under the influence of Uranus.  Electric, a bit chaotic and unpredictable.  Consider someone who communicates in a way that is unpredictable and how big a problem that might be if done by someone in power (Pluto) and may be the authority (Saturn). You then can imagine the problems that an out of bounds Mercury might present if acting unconsciously.

With Mercury in this conjunction, I cannot help but go to my bookshelf and find some words that support understanding and awareness at this moment.  Mercury is the messenger so I like to open books to see what might be illuminated. I like to pick a book or two and just open to a page to have something revealed. Have you ever played this with your own books?  Here is what I found for today. When I read it, I thought, wow, how perfect.  Page 54, Tao te Ching by Stephen Mitchell.

Whoever is planted in the Tao

Will not be rooted up.

Whoever embraces the Tao

Will not slip away.

Her name will be held in honor

From generation to generation.

Let the Tao be present in your life

And you will become genuine.

Let it be present in your family

And your family will flourish.

Let it be present in your country

And your country will be an example

To all countries in the world.

Let it be present in the universe

And the universe will sing.

How do I know this is true?

By looking inside myself.


Ceres, a dwarf planet once an asteroid, is also conjunct the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.  Ceres will be at 22 degrees 35 minutes just behind Saturn by 11 minutes of arc.  The sun at 21 degrees 56 minutes of Capricorn though the most powerful holds them all in its beams of light. Ceres is about mothers, the feminine consciousness, so mothers at this time may be really centered on how they are nurturing their children.  It may have a heaviness to it, some may have grief that is still present, some may be within the underworld journey.  Some may be seeking the moment their child returns. There are so many ways that Ceres can symbolize meaning for individuals.  It can be as simple as the grief of lost innocence when Persephone the maiden is stolen (and raped) into the underworld with Hades where he has made her his queen and demands she eat pomegranate seeds to keep here there.  Though Mercury (Hermes) is able to help retrieve Persephone for part of the year and returns her to Ceres.  This myth is also for the significant transition from maiden to woman.  Layers and layers peeled will reveal different insights.  It depends on who is peeling the layers what is made conscious.  What is being made conscious to you as you emerge from the underworld?  You may not be able to answer that question yet, but I share it here to remind yourself as what is made conscious is integrated and your individual life takes on more depth and meaning.

A less known asteroid, but truly important to consider in the conjunction mix is Chariklo.  In mythology, she is Chiron’s wife.  I will add a few videos worth watching to better understand Chariklo since she is rarely written about or discussed, even in the astrology community.  I am bringing her forward as it feels important to do so now.  Last year I had a huge a-ha moment with learning about Chariklo with an astrologer friend at a conference in Seattle.  I learned that in my natal chart Chariklo was positioned right on my north node in Pisces.  As an evolutionary astrologer, I could not dismiss this very important placement.  I do not yet fully understand the symbolism of her within the context of my north node (north node is where my soul is focusing on evolution).  My north node is in my 12th house, so it is connected to the collective, my unconscious, traditionally also known as a house of sorrows too.  In evolutionary astrology, the 12th house carries a different meaning than that of the ancient Hellenistic astrologers.  Chariklo’s symbolism is presence and permanence.  She is the steady companion to Chiron with his wound that he cannot heal.  She is ever-present through all his work to the point of his taking the place of Prometheus.  What happens of her after that moment is not certain, but I think the symbolism of her as his partner throughout the hundreds of years of his life is what we are to understand. There is more to understanding her symbolism, as her chart of discovery from 1997 (found in the link below) is that of an incredible star of David six planets at the sixth degree with two grand trines.  Her chart is amazing.   If you would like to explore where Chariklo is in your chart, you can create a chart at astro.com and in the Extended Charts section add the asteroid number 10199 in the manual text box.  It will come up in your chart for both natal and natal with transits or progressions whatever you select. Chariklo in your chart may be important to consider when you are tuning your awareness to your inner world.  Your Chariklo may symbolize with another person that you were the witness to their massive transformation, and you were holding sacred space for them, or the other way too, someone may have held that sacred space for you.  She reminds us that we have others in life that come in when they are called to be there.  It is another reminder that the universe is love.  Right now, that may be exactly what you need to hear and see within your own connection to life.

https://www.melaniereinhart.com/melanie/Chariklo.htm Melanie Reinhart’s website detail on Chariklo.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3WR2uoofos  Presentation video from Sue Hillyard on Eclipses, Chariklo, and Saturn-Pluto.


Yesterday I spent a few hours listening to a panel of astrologers I really respect and appreciate their work. The topic was focused on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.  It is more thorough than I ever could be in writing and for those who want more information and various insights into the moment, I encourage you to consider viewing it.  You will be glad you did.  Nightlight Astrology hosts a speaker series a few times a year and now with the incredible generosity of those who pledged to the Kickstarter, these talks are now free to the public, though a donation is encouraged for other important events (this time donation help the Australian Wildfires).  Here is the link to the panel discussion.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdf5Htv19Wc

This lunar eclipse is powerful as it is so close to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (only two degrees).  There can be moments of feeling the disconnection to the emotional body.  There may be moments of feeling quite insecure in the world as reality shows us more chaos and instability.  It can feel depressing that takes us deeper and some may feel like just staying in bed, curling up in the fetal position with hands over our ears.  It can be anxiety-provoking. It can seem like nothing significant to some people because their charts have this in a place that isn’t directly within their focus, it would happening to others and if they are witness and observer there is still an opportunity for conscious actions.  It is important to keep perspective and be mindful of the intensity of the dynamics of change not just now but that will continue throughout the year.  In astrology I’ve noticed that something that is in the closing cycle (called balsamic) tends to show an immense amount of activity.  The reason makes total sense to me, it is if the energy is touching on all the things it senses is being transformed, perhaps is dying to the way it was and the energy is dynamic as if in a frenzy to touch into expression as many things as it can before the ending point, before the transition to the new.  Also, beginnings are fraught with unknowns. Most humans are frightened of unknowns.  So put that all together and that is the mix for most of 2020. If there were ever a year I would encourage staying in the present moment, that would be this year.  The future is quite unpredictable because there will be so many pieces in change throughout the year.  Have a long-view vision, but really stay focused on the day, the week what do you want to do and what can you accomplish.  Be flexible, there will be dynamics that come in that you will have to navigate.  Time will feel slower for some people as if it takes forever for something to finally manifest or take place.  Be patient.  Even amid a lot of noise, chaos, unknowns, there is still something available to us always.  It is silence.  The ever-present awareness is there.  You may have forgotten with a busy life, but you can always go there and sit with silence.  In that embrace, you will know peace.  Namaste. Bless this moment.

Here is the second passage I pulled from a book in my inquiring with the divine via my bookshelf.  I hope you enjoy this one as well.  Perhaps you can play this as well, share what you find in your passages!   Page 247, The Gift by Hafiz.

Greeting God

I hear

The nightingale greeting


I hear

The rain speaking to the roof

Of my heart.

Like a winter blanket of snow gently

Tucking in the earth.

I let a great yearning within my ken

Lay down next

To Him.

I hear

A sorrowful lover being true

No matter what, even if the Beloved seems



There is a jeweled falcon singing in a a

Blessed pain using the tongue