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Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius Today at 11:11 AM PDT – Power and Influence


pen to paper

Today we begin the eclipses with a Lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius 15 minutes (full moon with earth’s shadow) at 11:11 am PDT.
I like to review the Sabian symbol often, gives me another view into the degree. At 16 degress Aquarius the image is, a big-businessman at his desk. With this symbol for our lunar eclipse I wonder about how personal power is used. As Blain Bovee had put it, “the image suggests a man in powerful position who, with one stroke of his pen, determines much for many.” Influence and power are suggestions in this image. Within the context of a lunar eclipse there is a revealing of the shadow nature of such. What happens when one is only guided by his/her ego? What happens within our communities if that is the driving influence, rather than the whole self, living in aligment with all? I think this is a good lesson in how we use our power. Where does spirit come in where the ego listens? How does that change our situations of power? Compelling to consider given our systems going through a lot of fluctuation right now. I do often wonder where spirit assists leadership and how those who are not solely driven by ego maneuver the current landscape. I have great faith in what Robert A. Johnson calls the “slender threads.” I’m hopeful if not certain that there are those in power (Pluto) that are listening (Mercury), listening to their inner world (Neptune/Jupiter) to be in tune with guidance that may bring important connections and information that is important to process for justice (Jupiter) and fairness. Have you ever thought of that in our current system? I wonder about that with the recent health care vote with John McCain and his life situation guiding his vote, to the push from Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska). I wonder about inner whispers that guide them to go against their party and vote with their conscience that seems deep and undeniable this year. That’s one example of power at play and how it influences many that comes to mind. There are so many others too numerous to discuss them all. My intent is to get you thinking that this is a major theme of this eclipse. Add that to the fact that the sun is in Leo, which has at it’s center to be fully expressed, which is also ego. We must consider the balance from the ego expression, the power and the benefit for all which is deeply Aquarian.

This theme of power and influence is also reflected in the square of Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter at 17 degrees Libra 57 minutes and Pluto at 17 degrees Capricorn 27 minutes retrograde is just past the exact square. We see this theme continued in the current news on John Mueller and his work on investigating the presidential campaigns and potential collusion. Mueller’s move to empanel a grand jury is not surprising, but it doesn’t mean that we will see crminial charges either. It’s the power used to get reluctant witnesses to testify under oath, how they gather documents where they may not otherwise have achieved without it. So it is compelling in that sense, again the power and how it is used. It does help us see deeper into the situation and what information does come from the investigation will likely lead to some action taken, what that is is everyone’s guess at this point in time. I’m a patient observer on this one. We’ll see how our system works at this investigation, it will give us insight into utlization of power on all sides.

We see these themes in the national news, and even the global news, but what about at the state, county and community level? Are you seeing themes of out of balance power at this time? How does it take shape? What does it influence? How does the community (the people) move to balance that power? It’s an interesting time to observe this closely.

And then to your personal individual self and the balance of your ego and your outward expression and balance with those around you. What does it look like right now? Are you in a healthy relationship with yourself to feel and be empowered? There are energies that are pushing on you to use your voice right now, especially if you have not in your life experience. You may also feel inspired (Jupiter) to step up and take on more responsibility (Capricorn). Eclipses often give us unexpected events, new directions and flipped scenarios. Just as we think we know the high probability of something, we can get a very different outcome. The moon will be within 10 degrees of the South Node, so this may indicate the past, perhaps people or information and their being a sense of fatedness to the outcome. The total solar eclipse in two weeks on August 21st will be the biggest astronomy and astrology event this year. It will be near the North Node and will be signficant for us all as a nation, as individuals and how we understand our self expression and even the shadow side of it all. Leo the sign of the great eclipse is all about self-expression and ego. What happens when it is put in the dark? What happens when we have moments of disconnect from Spirit from Higher Self? What do we know and understand about ourselves from the darkness of our inner worlds? This eclipse is prompting these questions from me, what about you? What questions are bubbling up for you? Are you dreaming a lot lately? I know I am! And what are you getting from the images, the archetypes within your dreams? They have so much to offer in understanding oneself. I leave you with these big questions and pray you keep listening and seeking within for answers to life’s big questions. Love to all. Namaste.