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Libra New Moon Tonight – October 8, 2018 at 8:47 pm PDT — Unexpected Relationship Moments


Tonight at 8:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time we have a new moon in the sign of Libra.  Libra is a cardinal sign and in the element of air we may feel a little lighter, though there are challenges to the cardinal quality of air with this new moon that stand out in the planetary aspects.  The ruler of Libra is Venus now at 10 degrees 37 minutes Scorpio, and just beginning her retrograde transit in Scorpio she sits in a place of aversion to the new moon and sun in Libra.  Aversion basically means she in not visible to the moon and sun, so without that visibility there’s less support for the two lights (moon and sun) to receive whatever benefit they might otherwise get her domicile Libra.  Venus is also square to Mars in Aquarius, setting up for a bit a battle and she’s not in her strongest position at this new lunation.  Venus is also under high tension from Uranus in the opposite sign, also retrograde at 1 degrees 9 minutes in Taurus.  With so much tension on Venus the ruler of Libra for this new moon it speaks to some challenges for relationships coming together, and even getting along in the short term, and shows potentials for heated interactions.  Some may  be responding with jealousy or bitterness.

Mars in Aquarius (leaving the shadow of his retrograde) may venture to bring up something that seems harmless, but it may actually have the effect of poking a sensitive spot in the relationship and becomes an agitation or deep sense of frustration within the Venus nature, however while she’s in Scorpio desires may exert a powerful and passionate response.  Venus may want to retreat just to be with her deep raw feelings or she may show up to possess and obsess over her lover, but may find that what she thought she wanted turns out to be a very bad idea from where she is emotionally, especially after she enters her own domicile Libra again in a few weeks.  Use great caution in initiating new loves at this time and be mindful that an old flame may look rather enticing, but the odds are not in your favor for such connections.  For those in long term committed relationships, this new moon to the full moon is a time to better understand your needs in relationship.  Are you sharing and discussing your needs that have gone unaddressed with your spouse or partner?  Frustrations may surface at this time, just keep in mind that Mars and Venus are in a square so a discussion could lead to speaking to0 harshly with each other and adding some fuel to the fire.  The current tension in the public domain may be in the undercurrent and may trickle over into platonic and intimate relationships.

Uranus in Taurus (widely) opposite Venus (and perfecting the opposition) are in aspect to both the nodes (north node in Leo and south node of the moon in Aquarius) this is also problematic for unexpected changes in relationships and with the nodal axis of the moon square as well creates a story of potentially repeating a behavior pattern that you absolutely do not want to do, but it may feel like a magnetic connection that fails in great disappointment.  There’s even the Libra tendency to make light of a subject to keep the connection in harmony only to find it falls out balance in the fear of being intimate with their own needs.  Remain in the present moment with the highest discernment you have currently and walk away from the past coming back for a round two, three or four.  Loving the self first invites higher unions which reflect your discernment and love nature.

The new moon in Libra with the sun is also conjunct Ceres (dwarf planet).  Ceres has multiple meanings, one is our ability to take care of ourselves, she was the goddess of crops and grains especially (she carried a scythe and a torch), but the myth of Ceres also known as Demeter and her daughter Persephone is one of the more well-known myths.  Ceres of all the gods and goddesses was quite powerful; in her grief and despair of the rape and kidnapping of her daughter Persephone by Hades who took her to the underworld, Ceres (Demeter) decided to let the land go into feminine (symbolic of winter) and demanded Zeus have Hades return her daughter. Ceres’ demands ended in Hades accommodating with Zeus though Hades offered Persephone pomegranate seeds, so she would always have to return to the underworld each year for a period.  Mercury with his ability to go between the worlds helped deliver Persephone back to her mother.  One understanding of this myth is Persephone became Queen of the underworld.  My focus for this symbolism of Ceres for both her power and her grief from (feminine) the loss of innocence of Persephone, but also the power that one can see in her demands with Hades (Pluto) actually manifesting her eventual return, though with a negotiation to have Persephone return each half year.   I present this myth in viewing Ceres, Sun, Moon all square Pluto in Capricorn in the moment of this new moon.  Capricorn from an archetypal view is authority, perfection, status, the system we know in our society and culture, one may also think of the patriarchy as part of that symbolism, but it is so much broader and deeper than that, since Capricorn is the Sea Goat and many have forgotten the deeper myth of Capricorn.  Seek out Jason Holley’s talk on AstrologyUniversity.com on Capricorn the Sea Goat.  In the modern context many have framed Capricorn as icy cold, with high constrictions to allowing the self-space to emote and even some may say restriction of self in recreation and play.   So, this Libra new moon may show us more rebellion from the place of grief that is surfacing from issues with power and in the context of social justice (Libra).  One must also note that this new moon is at 15 degrees 48 minutes in the Zodiacal zone that is known for unfortunate events between 15 degrees Libra and 15 degrees Scorpio.

Saturn in Capricorn is in a trine aspect with Uranus in Taurus bringing some energy into the earth.   Our commitment in relationships may be re-claimed remembering our love over time has to be re-energized and allow for everyone to grow wherever they are.  Most marriages that have lasted for years know the truth of recommitting to their love and opening to something new in their relationship.  Sometimes it may come unexpectedly from being spontaneous.

Jupiter in Scorpio is at 23 degrees 38 minutes in a trine with Chiron that has slipped back into Pisces at 29 degrees 24 minutes retrograde.  This aspect offers us an ease in sharing our wounds with others who are close enough to our hearts to sit with us in silence but also validate us with their acknowledgement of our pain and suffering.  This kind of intimacy is precious in allowing souls to go deeper into old wounds and bring them to the surface again for light, presence and compassion.

With Mercury inconjunct Chiron, it may be difficult to hear the stories of the traumas and sufferings of our loved ones, our communications may miss their mark in our attempt to ease their pain with words that struggle what the heart and embrace understands without them. You may find it easier to simply hold your speech and offer the comfort of your presence with simple life, sharing a meal, playing cards, listening with an open heart and the simplest of responses, just re-affirming your there for them whenever they need to share from their heart.

Mercury will be opposite Uranus on October 10th and Venus and Mars also perfect their square that day too.  So Wednesday this week extra time in mediation may prove to be an excellent use of your time.  Wednesday may be a challenging day for those you love (which is like one out of three!) and that may be the day you share your dinner table or surprise card or flower of your love and support.

This new moon does invite Mars in Aquarius and Ceres, moon and sun in Libra to connect on higher ideals (Aquarius) on matters of collective interests of for justice.  Just keeping in mind that those who are on the opposite side of your ideals will light up all the challenging aspects I outlined earlier.  Speak your truth and have the courage to ask hard questions with an open mind as it may eventually lead to middle ground that unites polar opposites.  Namaste. Bless this moment.