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Jupiter Opposite Uranus One Last Time Today

Tug-O-War_Lucell Raad

Today, September 27, 2017, Jupiter and Uranus go exact one more time in their opposition from Libra and Aries tonight around 9:25 PM PDT.  In cardinal signs, this continues to stimulate activity that may be out of balance (think, tug-o-war symbolism between social harmony and being independent with a unique voice) and often the spark of rebellion or even a deep desire for individuation from the social structures we’re tied to in some way.  Personally, I’ve had a few restless nights of sleep waking several times and then back to sleep with this energy combination and heard others with similar experience.  Getting back into routine with a lot of focus on my daily work and getting organized after being away on vacation for three weeks. Truly aligning with the Virgo energy this week!  I loved Greece and Italy and will share more on my experiences in another post.  Also, tomorrow around 12:36 PM PDT Pluto stations direct, though as the slowest moving planet, probably less noticeable for many on the change in direction, however we’ve seen the Pluto (power / shadow) at play in the news lately here in the United States.

Mars and Venus will be in conjunction in the coming weeks in Virgo, emphasizing the co-worker, guru and mentor relationships. This will be strong through mid-October, so it is a good time to collaborate, improve projects and communicate with clarity.  It’s the start of a new cycle for Venus and Mars, the conjunction on October 5th, same day as the full moon in Aries.  This is all about a new cycle with our self and others.  It takes two years before a new cycle starts.  It’s a time of opportunity to give and receive in relationships, especially those with the people we work with daily.  Remember, Mars is about courage as well as action, passion and anger, while Venus is about love, but also about building rapport!  Venus energy brings us together in our socializing and is in the mix when we are inclusive with colleagues and friends.  She’s the magnet and Mars is the mover and the shaker, being bold and possibly the passionate teammate that cannot help themselves sometimes with their exuberance with an idea.  Both also influence our capacity to be brave (Mars) and be open (Venus) to show up in our genuine skin to be fully who we are with others.  I watched an interview with Brené Brown on healing shame and how important it is for our vulnerability and being in any kind of relationship.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbsRU-crgsc   It is an excellent interview and thought provoking, I highly recommend it!  I really appreciate how Lewis Howes facilitated this interview, truly genuine and with his own open heart.  Namaste


Painting by Lucelle Raad