Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

June 23, 2017 New Moon in Cancer today at 7:31 pm PDT – Self Love, Security and Families of All Sorts

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New Moon in Cancer today at 7:31 pm PDT as always a time of new beginnings and planting seeds for the new cycle and beyond. The New Moon occurring at 2 degrees Cancer 47 minutes emphasis on our families, home, our roots and self security. Increasing the feeling and emotional nature of Cancer we have Mercury at 5 degrees Cancer 52 minutes and Mars at 12 degrees 49 minutes. Many will feel an intensification of their need for security at this time, as Mars within the mix is opposing and applying to an opposition with Pluto from Capricorn and thus the powerful energy of Pluto is increasing our sensitivity to those in power and authority positions, and even our sensitivity to structures of our system and how we feel secure or insecure for where we are at within ourselves at this time. For the west coast (USA), this will have the New Moon in the 7th house (Placidus), while the moon will also be ruling the 8th house of death/rebirth, intimacy, sexuality and the occult. How are you feeling? Are you sharing your heart openly, taking risks to share and be vulnerable or are you feeling exposed or at risk and unable to feel secure?

These are important to keep in mind and know that it is important to share with those closest to you that have earned your trust to know a deep sense of love which strengthens our sense of security. Most importantly our sense of security is such an inside job, it’s how we on a consistent basis take care of ourselves. Every day we tend to our emotions and sense of security by a balance of vulnerability with deep sharing and the risk of not opening, being closed and thus creating an environment within us that is insecure. So many of us have experienced betrayals that have over time chipped into our shell that we keep regenerating for our inner softness needs often in a tumultuous world. It takes courage, our healthy Mars, to free ourselves from such cages to be in tune with the love available to us and our will to engage and be vulnerable. It does seem we are ever dancing in the cycle of healing the painful pieces of us in order to be unburdened from emotional weight we’ve addressed to be centered and peaceful. When we know how to take care of ourselves we can handle bigger and more robust storms that come in the flow of life. Home is our safe place, the place we feel connected and loved and loving. It’s where we nurture ourselves through meals and sharing stories of our day and let the outside world fall away as best we can.

In this New Moon in Cancer chart we have the 4th house, the house of home and family, with Uranus in Aries, bringing the unexpected into our zone of security. This may not be directly experienced, but it may be others in your life that are going through something unexpected that has shaken their sense of security on a deep level. A reminder to the fragility and preciousness of life. When we are strong it’s our strength and presence that helps others we care about when their anchor has come loose and they are floating in unknown waters until they put down their anchor once again. It’s caring for each other that makes us more secure, one of the easiest things to realize and yet one of the harder things to do on a larger perspective. Every small act of love, communication of hope and hug brings another person a new sense of security. Mars and Mercury are out of bounds at this New Moon and will increase the intensity of the emotional needs response in us and our potential for communications from the feeling nature that run a bit more wild than usual. Knowing this we can always use the old trick, count to ten before responding to something that may set you off or take a break and just put your feet in the water at the end of the day.

Jupiter in Libra square Mars in Cancer again emphasizing our relationships and social connections in our personal lives as well as social justice. Also at the moment Jupiter is inconjunct (150 degrees) of Neptune in Pisces (retrograde). The inconjunct is an aspect that is basically disconnected, they’re not in alignment or agreement, not on the same page. So our relationships may struggle with our escapism (whatever manner, food, social media, our phones, drugs, alcohol) and maybe we’re needing some solo time we’ve not been able to give ourselves in order to listen to what we need without all the external noise. Are we able to go into our quiet zone when we need to? Often when we do not get enough alone time we will seek to fill the void with distractions because of the discomfort we feel. Many people do not like to be alone because of the discomfort they feel, and yet when we have the personal breakthrough of how stabilizing it can be for our emotional well being we become empowered and understand our ability to genuinely care for ourselves and address our needs with greater clarity. Venus supports us while in Taurus reminding us we are lovable and thrive in our loving.

Saturn in Sagittarius also retrograde and is square Chiron, the wounded healer. Again an emphasis on the parts of ourselves suffering at a deep level, how we communicate it. It really requires us to commit to deepening our healing process. With patience and gentleness we can look deeply at our wounded parts that block us and meditate to release these blocks, through prayer, and self forgiveness we empower our spirital selves which opens our hearts in greater fullness. Individually some of us may not feel the tension as deeply at others at this time, which is an opportunity to reach out to others who may appreciate the connection, sometimes an unexpected conversation with a friend or an acquaintence can be quite healing and unknown to us can make a huge impact on what the person thinks about life in general that day, from a simple conversation.

Take the time to care. There’s a book I read my daughter, one of her favorites, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud, such a wonderful little book. It tells how we only fill our own bucket (happiness and joy) by filling the bucket of someone else. If we try to take from the other’s bucket we lose from ours and the other loses too. The true path of love is helping others put a little sunshine in their bucket, because we know that it will also fill ours. Sending you much love dear friends. God bless. Namaste.